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Manufacturer: Fulmen Pharma Europe
Substance: Thymosin beta-4
Pack: 4 vials x 2 mg




It is a synthetic version of T kind 4 (thymosin Beta4).
Thymosin is a protein encoded by the human TMSB4X gene.
The protein consists of 43 amino acids that regulate actin polymerization.
Thymosin Beta4 is the main cellular component in many tissues, and its intracellular concentration can reach 0.5 mM.
Furthermore, the protein is used to slowly improve the healing of acute injuries during recovery.

Another common use for tb-500 is to be administered after a heart attack because of its ability to repair damaged heart tissue through activation of cardiac progenitor cells, a function that provides your body with a recovery system.

How does it work

Actin is a family of globulins that form filaments.
It’s found in almost every eukaryotic cell.
Cell building proteins play an important role in maintaining cell shape and connections, vesicle movement, cell division and cytokinesis, and muscle contraction.

Thymosin is involved in the polymerization and regulation of actin and encodes actin chelating protein in cells called eukaryotic cells, which contain organelles and nuclei and are surrounded by plasma membranes.
It is highly sequenced and located in tissues and circulating cells of the human body.

Advantages of thymosin (TB4) tb-500

• although the peptide is known to be a synthetic protein that mimics the natural functions of T kind 4, people who have taken it have not reported any abnormal side effects.
The protein’s natural function prevents damage to organs where drugs have a similar effect.
• thymosin increases your red blood cell count and the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles.
As a result, this can improve your body’s energy expenditure, which is useful for reducing feelings of weakness and lethargy.
In addition, the protein promotes the growth of new blood cells in existing blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis.
Thus, this causes organisms to grow and wounds to heal.
• peptides speed up injury repair, promote tissue repair, and increase joint mobility, an effect that injured high performance athletes want to achieve because they don’t like to go through long recovery periods.
However, you should not take this peptide at official sports events because it improves athletic performance while increasing recovery from injury.
• thymosin is involved in cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation due to specific interactions between actin and actin in the cytoskeleton, which is present in the cell (giving the cell shape and mechanical resistance to deformation).
In addition, thymosin can increase cellular respiration, enabling cells to obtain beneficial energy to promote cellular activity.
• bodybuilders can benefit from this peptide to increase endurance and strength, promote muscle growth, and improve muscle tone, thereby helping to maintain muscle posture.
All of these benefits can be achieved in a better way than with anabolic androgen steroids (AAS), which can lead to undesirable side effects.
The importance of muscular endurance lies in the ability of athletes to improve their performance during long periods of activity.


• frequency of use: 1-2 times per week for 4-6 weeks
• vial size: 2 mg
• injection site: stomach fat or shoulder, thigh, buttocks.
• dose per injection: 2 mg per injection

24 reviews for TB-500 Peptides & Hormones – Fulmen Pharma

  1. Lynette M Roulier

    My body feels stronger when using this product. Thank You.

  2. Anthony

    I’ve been taking this directly after workouts (for me that is physical therapy appointments at the moment) and it seems like it’s helping with muscle recovery. I usually have to fully rest the next day after a physical therapy appointment because I am so sore, but since starting this I have seen an improvement in soreness and have been able to be more active the next day. It’s a small step, but it makes me really happy. I am taking this with the full knowledge and approval of my medical team, so they see the positive results as well. Highly recommend!

  3. Robert


  4. Ford

    a better choice for bulking up and increasing performance

  5. Franklin

    this product contains ingredients that are proven to help increase muscle growth and stamina. the difference in this versus other products is obviously the HGH, i haven’t tried any other HGH containing supplements before these so i cant speak to their efficacy.

    since taking these I’ve noticed an increase in muscle mass as well as a boost in strength and stamina. the added amino acids also help with recovery and increased blood flow, an added bonus in other activities.

    for the price to performance ratio I’d say these are definitely worth it, especially considering the scientifically proven components in them.

  6. Craig

    I feel like Popeye with my new muscles!

  7. Ryder Licata

    This product works great! I notice an increase in my strength and endurance within 1-2 days . Definitely a great buy!

  8. Karthom

    This has been an amazing alternative to the bad stuff! It helps to give extra energy and really help to boost muscle growth without negative side effects! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make serious progress without sacrificing your health.

  9. Chicken mama

    Great product

  10. ODD TV

    t this product was definitely a win! Supprisingly enough I saw some significant muscle mass gain, and it gave me the motivation to keep pushing for more. Would highly recommend!

  11. John Haden

    Good product

  12. Mohammed Abudayya

    Been on it for a week now and I’m excited for the process

  13. Jayne A. Palmer


  14. Rae

    quick shipment

  15. MB

    My younger sister has rickets & little appetite. She struggled with her nutritional problems. What a relief to see her eat well and improve her height after 4 months taking this product, we’ll get her taking more to sustain this.

  16. Linda Gutierrez

    I do notice I grow taller. It’s gentle. I hope it continues to work. Like I said, give it time, it’s good

  17. KatleighD


  18. gilberto rincon

    I feel like tb500 does whats advertised. I don’t have the muscle fatigue during, or nearly as much soreness afterwards as I normally have, even when stepping up the workout or weights.

  19. ALEX

    I love this brand! It’s good amount for the value. I recommend

  20. Reginald White Jr.

    Quality Product

  21. JC

    First “back at it” workout, I was really sore… but NOT anymore!! My trainer encouraged me to try this product after that first workout and viola!! No soreness… and I am working my buns off!! Thanks

  22. Warriorheart

    Bench Press Increase 5 Pounds In The First Week!

  23. Matt Wood

    Thus lean weight gain/ mucsle builder is everything, and worth every penny .

  24. juan

    Tengo mas músculo ahora
    Lo mejor

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