Qomatropin HGH Somatropin – Pharmaqo


Manufacturer: Pharmaqo Labs
Substance: Somatropine – 191 Amino Acid
Pack: 10 x 10 IU



Qomatropin is a mixture of two herbs – comfrey root and Quassia, used as a tonic for stress and depression.They help to cure bad and destructive habits, such as drinking, taking drugs, pornography, smoking and so on.This combination of the two herbs helps increase energy levels.This is the best way to control the nervous system, which is a major cause of inattention and nervous tension.These herbs act as neurotransmitters and contribute to the production of hormones such as DHEA and epinephrine.

109 reviews for Qomatropin HGH Somatropin – Pharmaqo

  1. Angel Semidey

    Product works well as described

  2. SFKNM

    First my results were how my body felt, my recovery time. I am an avid cyclist and currently training for a 300mile rides. I have notice my recovery time cut in half since using this products.

    Visual results took about 1 week for me to start noticing. But I am already seeing better definition and bulk building. Can definitely feel the difference in my strength and performance during a workout.

  3. Randy

    wake up now more well rested full of new energy and am able to get ready and to the gym faster. It really hasn’t been long enough to tell but I know you produce GH in deep/rem sleep and according to my watch I get longer rem sleep

  4. Jensen

    Great product

  5. beth

    It helped with my Skin’s elasticity. Help me sleep a lot better and help my muscles not hurt as much

  6. Wilson

    I have more energy

  7. Ron P.

    I like that I have more energy. My work outs are getting longer. I like the product.

  8. Alan

    Definitely a boost in energy

  9. Robert


  10. johntours

    product looks great.

  11. Laura Vargas


  12. dana_ws

    It works for my 9 year old

  13. Tremaine Glover

    Really great 👍🏽 product. Been using this since August. Recently went to the doctors. I was 5’1 before now I’m 5’4.

  14. rey hall

    I seen the results after a month, even though I’m fully grown adult. If it’s price lower a bit then would be perfect.

  15. TryNSeek

    I enjoyed the item it invigorated my bones and joints. it was conveyed and bundled well overall and shown up in really quick time. it should assist with forestalling more bone misfortune

  16. cathy

    Help a lot to my teenager!!! Really progress

  17. Adilene Morales

    This has all the ingredients needed for maximum height growth and bone development. I’m excited to have my siblings try this, including myself! Competitive price as well! Thank you!

  18. tammy brooks


  19. Rayson Hong

    Hopefully this should make progress for myself as a 17 year old… Will update after my 2nd box.

  20. Jas

    Good product

  21. batangfabie

    It’s a very good product, and it also works like a charm. I saw an inch growth in my height after 2 months of using it.

  22. Nic Foster


  23. david j ortiz

    Work fantastically

  24. sergio

    Very good product. Bought 5 kits this time.

  25. gerlee

    My daughter likes these HEIGHT GROWTH formula. not pricy.

  26. Eddie J Berrian

    All very good

  27. Beatriz Hernandez

    Very good product, a good investment

  28. Greg C.

    Waiting for results, so far people have noticed height changes

  29. Rebecca

    Very good

  30. Alex

    Thumbs up

  31. Angel

    Actually works

  32. Meme

    Thanks to this my brother went from 5ft7 to 6ft, of course it took loads of effort and expense on hgh, but it was worth after all. He tried several height pills and calcium supplements before this one, and qomatropin stands out to make the most remarkable changes. Taking it alongside with stretches, basketball and an athlete-like diet every day brought such a good result after a year.

  33. Nancy Gibson

    Good products for growing taller

  34. Teresa L Bluel

    I found qomatropin is so good, effective and safe for my kids. I will certainly buy more boxes for them.

  35. Don

    Works very well! Does the job it’s supposed to! Highly recommend

  36. Leon

    Worth every penny!

  37. Gene

    Absolutely amazing.

  38. Jay

    Product works

  39. Sunil

    I have used a lot of different supplements but this one was AMAZING. With just a complete 1 month use I gained notable strength in all the major power lifts. I also generated size and good muscle density with a lean appearance and not just fluffy mass (for lack of a better term). I did not change my workout plan or diet during use. the results are for sure if you put in the work. I had been working out for a long time so I was definitely at the plateau phase and this blew by it. I would recommend this to anyone.

  40. Bob Reynolds

    I finished my 1st 30 days of the qomatropin. I was very impressed, but at the same time, disappointed in myself.
    I didnt fully commit to my exercise routine these past 30 days, whether work, family, fighting to find my fitness passion.
    However, I do see results and I will continue taking it, and now I am back mentally prepared for battle.
    Unlike the majority, i dont workout traditionally. I do Ninja Warrior workouts, calisthenics bodyweight exercises.
    But, before I started the qomatropin, my 1-arm bodyweight dead hang was :20 seconds. Day 28, my 1-arm bodyweight+35lb weight plate(which I pinched grip held) is :40 seconds.

  41. Demi Kay

    You need to invest in this

  42. Vustadumas

    I have been using qomatropin for a few months. It gives me a boost of energy and helps control my appetite

  43. Mister Smith

    For me, it is worth every penny!

  44. Mackerman

    With each passing year, I have found it more and more difficult to add lean muscle. After 2 weeks using qomatropin, I have seen more positive changes than the last 5 years combined. It sounds unbelievable, I know, but there’s nothing else I’ve done differently. I am excited I finally decided to give this product a try

  45. Andrea Wurmstein

    This one helped with huge gains in muscle. Fell energized in the gym after taking, and I keep putting more weights in the workout.

  46. dcstraz7

    I ve been using this product during a cutting phase; I truly believe it s been instrumental in GAINING strength and has had something of a recomp effect on my physique despite being in a caloric deficit. can t wait to try this on a bulk

  47. Nigel

    I definitely feel like I’ve been able to push harder and my body is more often sore after workouts. I’m also seeing obvious gains in a shorter time period than normal.

  48. Samuel R. Cook

    Great product!! Worth the price!!

  49. J. Brown

    If you’re skinny like me, this helps muscle to continue to grow and makes it easier for people with higher metabolisms to show gains.

  50. BARRY A

    Crazy stuff !

  51. Robert Ludlum

    well worth it

  52. Warren M.


  53. Nelsia W. Loraine-smith

    Gets you goin!

  54. FresnoArmo

    Awesome product

  55. J. Zeiger

    I have been using this product over last 2 months and have noticeable strength gains and body composition transformation.it feels awesome! Terrific product with quality ingredients.

  56. Paul Cisko


  57. Hannah Bush

    Does what it advertises


    I’ve been using this product for a couple months now. Couldn’t be happier with this product. After taking a long time off from weightlifting I needed something that would help me regain my strength. After about three months of using this product I went from struggling with 225 pounds to now pressing 315 for reps and maxing out at 405. This product definitely helped get my strength back and I will forever be a customer

  59. Richard Strasbaugh

    Works right away

  60. Tracie Atchley

    Maintained muscle in a deficit

  61. John Buehler

    more energy

  62. Bill

    Very good stuff works well
    I feel great
    I highly recommend

  63. Jessica B.

    Good somatropin

  64. Logan T. Hudson

    Solid stuff

  65. S. Gowin

    Try it! You’ll love it!

  66. Bruce

    I love it I’ve been working out non stop for a year and the month I’ve used Qomatropin I’ve seen huge gains!

  67. K. D. Neal

    Great results!! Buying another one soon!!!!

  68. Jeffery C.White

    Sustainable work out

  69. Dave

    Works well – Great results

  70. FRED

    This is by far the best product I have received. I feel great and look better, I was sceptical because the claims were outrageous, but it did what it did 2 times over! I absolutely love this!

  71. Stephen K. Rogers

    Great for muscle gain

  72. Kjdiesel

    I have so much energy now. My workouts are a little easier with the help of this supplement.

  73. Steven Panowyk

    I feel like this product is working. I can feel that my muscles are getting harder. I also feel a difference when I do not take the product.

  74. Anthony

    Felt an extra boost while doing strength training I haven’t felt in a few years. Will continue to use, worth the money!

  75. J. Huynh

    sustainable muscle gains

  76. James

    Great so far

  77. Ricardo Cardona

    Great Product

  78. Kevi Hernandez

    Feeling Bigger & Stronger

  79. Neeraj Bhatia

    2 weeks to lose 2% body fat and gain some great muscle tone I think yes!

  80. T.J.Doyle

    Great product!! Recommend 💯

  81. Tony L

    It definitely works!

  82. Bs

    This is a great product! It gives you the focus that you need before working out!

  83. Steph


  84. Mort Tucker

    It made a noticable difference in my endurance.

  85. pablo


  86. Dustin

    Great product!

  87. Steve See

    Needed for energy as we age!


    great product, thank you.

  89. M. Carol Osburn

    Promotes energy. A fountain of youth.

  90. Danielle G

    I must tell you that I’m full of energy and “drive”!

  91. HColes

    I use this for energy levels
    It has helped

  92. Tom

    Will buy again

  93. Melanie

    really works as described

  94. Tanisha Johnson

    Great product.. works well . I have placed another order.

  95. Anne Fleuriot

    Pleasantly surprised!

  96. Alysia B.

    Would recommend this product

  97. Chris

    Very Good Solid Recovery Product

  98. Vlad

    Definitely faster recovery. Simply more gains in less time.

  99. Jkmonsterman


  100. Mark Quintanilla

    Great muscle building HGH.

  101. Adam Simon

    It works

  102. M. Marshall

    Helps recovery

  103. mikewav

    I like it

  104. Kevin Mazzeo

    Love this stuff, I’ve always had a hard time gaining weight and of course 90% of the battle is outside of the gym but I started using this and ended up seeing my weight increase and my BMI dropped

  105. J. Washum

    Great product!!

  106. Chris Porter

    Five Stars

  107. BigGinge

    Great product, easy to use, and I ve seen great results while using it. I m on my second purchase

  108. Luis


  109. Hectory Almagro

    had a buddy let me try this on deployment a few times and noticed results instantly. Increases in size, strength and recovery. I d definitely recommend this

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