HGH Humatrope 72IU


Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 1 pack (24mg)
Dosage: 72 IU



Humatrope® (growth hormone for injection) is used to treat short or slow-growing children because they:

You can’t make enough growth hormone yourself

You have Turner’s syndrome

They suffer from idiopathic short stature, which means they are 98.8% shorter than other children of the same age and gender, and they are less likely to grow at normal adult height

The jordans have SHOX defects

Two to four years of age with less than normal weeks of gestation at birth do not reach normal height

Humatrope is used to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults.

Important security information for a HUMATROPE

What is the most important information I should know about the Humatrope?

Do not use the Humatrope if you have serious complications following open heart surgery or abdominal surgery, or if you have severe damage to many body systems, or if you have life-threatening breathing problems.

Humatrope should not be used in children with prader-willi syndrome who are severely obese and have a history of upper airway obstruction or other severe respiratory disease or sleep apnea. This condition has been reported to have died. Humatrope is not approved to treat patients with prader-willi syndrome.

If you have active cancer, do not use Humatrope. Growth hormone deficiency may be an early sign of certain brain or pituitary tumors, and doctors should rule out these types of tumors before initiating ume treatment.

Severe allergic reactions have been reported to Humatrope. If you know that you are allergic to growth hormone or any of its components, you are prohibited from using humic acid.If you have an allergic reaction, please tell your doctor.If you are allergic to iso-cresol or glycerin, do not mix the Humatrope with the provided thinner.

Your doctor should check your blood sugar regularly when using Humatrope, especially if you have a risk factor for diabetes, prediabetes, or diabetes.New cases of type 2 diabetes have been reported in patients with Humatrope.

Tell your doctor if there are visual changes associated with headache, nausea and/or vomiting when using Humatrope, which could be a sign of increased stress in the brain.

Adults may retain water during treatment with humus, which may be transient and may increase with high doses of humate.

If you have adrenocortical dysfunction and are receiving glucocorticoid replacement therapy, your doctor may increase the dose when you begin growth hormone therapy.

Your doctor should regularly check your thyroid function during Humacho treatment.Thyroid hormone therapy may require initiation or adjustment.

Children with endocrine problems and children with rapid growth may develop acetabular and medullary fractures.Any child using a Humatrope who shrinks or complains of hip or knee pain should be examined by a doctor.

Children who grow rapidly may develop scoliosis, or scoliosis, without an increase in thighbone height. If a child develops scoliosis, a physician should carefully monitor the progression of scoliosis during Humatrope treatment.

Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) has rarely been reported in children and adults treated with somatropin.Consult your doctor if you experience abdominal pain while using a Humatrope.

You should rotate the injection site to avoid damaging the skin and fat.If an allergic reaction occurs after Humatrope injection, seek medical advice immediately.

Who should not take a HUMATROPE

Who shouldn’t use a Humatrope?

Humatrope must not be used:

People who have serious complications after open heart surgery or abdominal surgery, severe damage to multiple body systems or life-threatening breathing problems

Children with severe obesity or a history of severe respiratory disease with prader-willi syndrome

Patients with active cancer

People who are allergic to growth hormone

People with diabetic retinopathy (behind the eye)

A child with a closed growth plate in the bone.

Talk to your doctor

What should I tell my doctor before using a Humatrope?

Tell your doctor about all your prescription and over-the-counter medications, including cyclosporine, hormone replacement therapy, insulin or other diabetes medications, steroid-containing medications or epilepsy medications.These drugs may need to be adjusted when using a Humatrope.

Common side effects

What side effects might Humatrope have?

Common side effects of Humatrope use in adults and children include upper respiratory infection, fever, pharyngitis, headache, inflammation of the inner ear, swelling, arthralgia, abnormal skin sensation, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling of the legs, influenza syndrome, hypothyroidism, and hyperglycemia.We encourage you to report prescription drug side effects to your food

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77 reviews for HGH Humatrope 72IU

  1. Michael Bloomer

    Within 2 days, I felt more energy. Better than other amino acid supplements I’ve used. Very satisfied.

  2. Achraf Boumariem


  3. Leon Temple

    I’ve seen gains when I woke up it really I really can’t say nothing while I’m sleeping. It works

  4. Freddy

    It’s a good product. Gives me energy. Went through it quickly

  5. Joseph

    This works quite well for me. I don’t know if anyone else uses it or had adult onset growth hormone deficiency and also developed this condition from Gulf War Syndrome. When I started taking the Humatrope, my bone density went from a -4 to a -2.3 and hopefully is still going up. My focus and concentration improved and my irritability and my energy level went way up! I have been using it for about 5 years now and didn’t know I had it until my urologist started listing reasons for severe osteoporosis and it turns out that I had adult onset growth hormone deficiency. Good luck to all. Hopefully Stem Cell technology can be used to help cure/fix us!

  6. Hardy

    very easy to use

  7. Bill

    Humatrope first started being used in 1987 I have read. I started taking daily shots in 1988. At the time I was 14 years old, 5’4″, 170lbs, and had ZERO growth hormone in my body. As it stood without treatment it appeared that I would never hit puberty. I began taking daily shots every day for two years. During that time I only missed two days. I grew from 5’4″ to 6′ by 16 years of age and weighed the same weight that I had before I began the shots. My body developed normally and I noticed no side effects. Even after I stopped taking the shots I still continued to grow an additional inch. My farther is 5’10”, my older brother is 5’11” and I am 6’1″. It worked PERFECTLY for me.

  8. Scott Thornton

    My son was about 7 when he started taking Humatrope. He was extremely small for his age and was not even on the growth curve. Although he had maintained his own small growth curve. When that curve started to invert, we put him on this. He gets a shot every night. He is now 9 years old and growing at twice the velocity that he had been growing at. He is still small, but he does not stand out so drastically among his peers. We have been very happy with the results and plan to continue the medication.

  9. pueblo jujitsu

    My son began taking Humatrope at the age of 5 and in almost 3 years he has grown just over 10 inches and gained around 10 lbs. When he began he was not on the growth chart at all and was not moving up as he should. After testing found him to be growth hormone deficent he began the daily shots and now is in the 25% on the growth chart! He will continue to take Humatrope until he is finished growing so we still have years of shots ahead of us but for us AND HIM they are proving to be worth it.

  10. Harry

    My daughter has Turners. She has been on this since she was 2 – she is 4 now. It is working great.

  11. Taylor Rigney

    The product was received quickly and in excellent fresh condition!

  12. john dufour


  13. Reagan

    Nice …. Fast shipping..


    actually helped with my mood as well. Very reputable brand who I’ve bought from in the past. Highly recommended!

  15. Andres

    I recommend this great product to everyone who wants to get taller in a fast and good way. I love this product to improve your health quality, helping to your height too, in other words, this product is awesome!!!

  16. Blas Martínez

    I bought this product for my son, he was born prematurely, now he’s 7 yrs old, he’s small in size after this product he became more robust, eat more and gain some weight and some height!!!

  17. Tracy Street

    Great for bone support.

  18. Shelly

    Effective growth hormone

  19. StaceyBommer

    Great Product makes me taller

  20. JCM

    My son has been taking this for the last few weeks and I can see the difference. He will continue taking it in the future. Thank you.

  21. Kevin Chan

    I bought humatrope for my nephew which is 15 years old. After finished 4 boxes, he gain 5 inches. He want to take it again I bough another 4 boxes him.

  22. Rajendra Nauth

    great product

  23. Geovanny agudelo

    Highly recommend

  24. dawson

    good product

  25. Angie K

    Great Product

  26. Beth


  27. Rust

    we finished the 6 months worth. My 14yr old son gained 4 inches(5’9) and 45lbs during his 8th grade year. We will continue to use the hgh until he stops growing. ***I’m 6’1 and my wife is 5’6***

  28. FelicityP

    great ingredients

  29. Bearded

    My son has no problem taking them, there is no negative side effects. He has gained some confidence which is a definite plus!

  30. Nicole Johnson

    My kid turned 12 and his height percentile has dropped significantly since last checkup. His doctor recommended maybe taking HGH because I’m worried he won’t be as tall as his peers.so we bought humatrope, We have been taking for a few months and he has really hit a strong growth spurt because of it. I’m so happy i found this and will give it to my other kids too.

  31. youhee lee

    Worth Trying !!!

  32. Angela Whitecotton

    A bone density booster

  33. Whitney

    I usually don’t leave reviews but this product works so good I have to! Since I started taking humatrope I’ve been getting better sleep and more energy throughout the day. I’ve been taking these pills for a couple months so far and haven’t experienced any side effects so far!

  34. Alyssa P

    I will continue to use these to get the best results! Great product!

  35. c c

    Great quality product.

  36. Cindy A

    Very good and effective!

  37. Sherry B.

    Will purchase over and over again!

  38. Emil Kobina

    I’m a 14 girl (will be 15 in 02/2022), im 5’7, I was 5’5.6 at 13. I’ll be taking along humatrope with exercising, dairy and protein increase, and 9 hr sleep. I’ll update

  39. Ronald A. Birke


  40. Dawn Desantis

    My son has been taking humatrope since July and we can tell that he grew a little already. One thing that I really like is that taking humatrope every day also is helping him to be diligent with his sleeping hours, he knows that they go hand in hand. It is not an easy task to make your teenager to go to bed early. We still have a while to go but hopefully the progress will continue.

  41. Caroline

    Great Somatropin

  42. Markita Newman

    Great results

  43. Thuy Ph

    I brought these for my children who are almost 18 years old and I could still see they are growing higher! Recommend these for any family!

  44. Tu Thanh Hoang

    I have bought this bottle for my nephew. He is getting 2 inches taller after taking 1 box.

  45. Long Nguyen

    Kids just been throu first 3 month with a inch increase each.

  46. Rachelle

    This product, humatrope, is working for my sons. Best use for age 12-16.

  47. B. A. Mccartney


  48. Patricia Woodburn

    Five Stars

  49. Mike

    Actually works!

  50. Natalie

    This product has worked! I’ve been trying to decompress my lower back vertebrae for about 2 years; this had given me a booster. With exercise, these supplements have assisted in elongating my lower spine, which was very much needed! I have less lower back pain as a result. Very happy with this product!!

  51. Nikki Peters


  52. Desiree O.

    For my son

  53. J Sherman

    My boys are currently taking this hgh and we notice the difference! We chart their height and they’ve all grown a few Centimeters in less than a couple of
    Months. It works!

  54. Renee

    The online assistance answers on time.
    The product came on time.

  55. tony p.


  56. Pavithra

    Good product

  57. Yamin

    my son noticed he grew taller. It may take months to see the last results

  58. Soulhealings

    April 2021 is his 4th box and so far we have already seen some inches growth (even with once a day), he was not growing as fast prior to taking the hgh. Before taking humatrope he was shorter than me and now he is some inches taller than me.

    My husband who after seeing so much growth now becomes an avid reminder to remind our son to take humatrope.

    we like it so far and would continue.

  59. Kelly Maloy

    great product

  60. J Mc

    I can see changes on my niece. She becomes more focused on study, sleeps well and feel healthier. Time is needed to see the height growth results because she’s just on the first box. However, the initial results are so impressive. Thanks.

  61. Randall B. Coapstick

    Great Product

  62. J. Bowman

    It has boosted my height like no other product has ever done. I have grown at least 1 inch taller and I’ve seen I have better appearance. Also for the way these products actually work the prices are great..not cheap but not super expensive..plus they actually work..

  63. PQW

    Excellent product

  64. Steezy

    Amazing for soar muscles after a touch workout.


    I lost weight which I didn’t expect to and gained definition!

  66. Bettyjane

    humatrope is an Amazing product and it works really well. Never imagined I could increase my height. Consistency is the key it took me 60 days to see results and I’m so happy I took a risk and tried this product.

  67. Jae Val

    I was skeptical when I purchased this hgh as I believe that growth likely depends on one’s genes but surprisingly it did helped my son grew by 1.5 inch after taking for a month. I ordered again and hopefully he will grow more taller .

  68. Bill

    Good so far

  69. Jedidiah

    I love it.

  70. Darryl Poh

    I just started using it

  71. hmccray

    I like this product, because this product made with the good quality

  72. Heater

    This product is very good

  73. Vereinigte

    I just recommended it to my friend yesterday and he is ready to buy it

  74. Lulu mo

    Value a product that works and is affordable

  75. Bridgett church

    My son is 15 and needs these hgh for growth.

  76. Courtney S.


  77. Jonah Vinas

    Thank you for the product so much.

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