What causes HPV virus

  1. The cause of HPV virus
  2. Viruses are everywhere in our lives, they can be lurking in the air, on objects, or even in your body.
  3. Are you thinking now, if there is a virus in the body, why am I not sick? That’s because there is a strong defense system hidden in our body – the immune system. The immune system can remove the viruses that are trying to harm us and prevent the virus from doing bad things in the body, but the immune system is not omnipotent. When the immune system is weakened or the autoimmune system is weakened for some reason, it is because the number of viruses is too much, and the immune system cannot eliminate the virus, which will cause us to get sick

How is the HPV virus spread?

Existing clinical studies have found that the HPV virus is mainly transmitted in five ways. (1) Sexual transmission; (2) Skin contact transmission; (3) Indirect contact transmission, such as clothing, daily necessities, etc.; (4) Iatrogenic transmission, infection caused by improper handling by medical staff; (5) Mother-to-child transmission, fetal transmission Infection through the birth canal during natural childbirth. The most important one is sexual transmission. Because most women are infected with HPV, it is sexually transmitted, so when you have sex in the usual room, you should know whether your sexual partner is infected with HPV virus.

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