British media falsely accuse Tedros of implying that the new coronavirus came from Wuhan

When asked by a reporter, the British Mail on Sunday, citing sources, reported that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently revealed to senior European officials privately that the most likely source of the new coronavirus was the Wuhan laboratory leak. Comments?

Wang Wenbin said that the WHO Secretariat has made clarifications to the Chinese side on the relevant reports, emphasizing that Director-General Tedros has not made any such remarks in public or in private, and the content of the reports you mentioned is completely untrue. The clerk totally disagrees with the content of the report.

“With regard to the hypothesis of laboratory leakage, China has repeatedly stated its position. The laboratory leakage is a lie concocted by anti-China forces for political purposes. There is no science at all.” Wang Wenbin said that China has invited the WHO international expert group. The joint research report also clearly reached the conclusion that laboratory leakage is extremely unlikely. Relevant media hyped up laboratory leaks in the form of “anonymous release”, ignoring the facts, with sinister intentions, and once again proving that “laboratory leaks” are completely political maneuvers by relevant parties to smear China, hinder scientific traceability, and undermine the overall situation of international anti-epidemic cooperation. alley.

Wang Wenbin pointed out that at present, there are more and more clues in the international scientific community, pointing to the global scope of the source of the virus. The U.S. government has so far failed to provide convincing answers to important questions such as when the new crown pneumonia epidemic first broke out in the United States, and has not responded to the legitimate concerns of the international community regarding the highly suspicious activities of laboratories at Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina. If you must conduct research on laboratory problems, you must first check highly suspicious laboratories such as Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina in the United States.

Wang Wenbin said that if relevant parties are really concerned about the issue of tracing the origin of the new coronavirus, they should pay attention to why the United States has not responded positively to the questions of the international community so far, and called on the United States to open relevant laboratories for the international community to investigate and support and cooperate with the research on the origin of the new coronavirus with practical actions. .

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