US nuclear submarine found virus

According to media reports, four Navy special forces were confirmed to be infected with the virus at Kitzep-Bangor Base, one of the major nuclear submarine bases of the US Navy in the United States. For training purposes, these soldiers will use U.S. submarine special operations small submarines, so it is suspected that they may have had contact with nuclear submariners. to infect the virus.

According to reports, the USS Tennessee nuclear submarine infected with the virus has been at sea for 119 days and has just arrived at the US Kitzep-Bangor nuclear submarine base for rest. The virus infection was discovered on about April 10.

The U.S. Navy “Ohio” class ballistic missile submarine “Tennessee” (SSBN734) is a strategic nuclear missile submarine that the U.S. Navy mainly participates in on strategic duty. It can carry 24 submarine-launched Trident 1 nuclear intercontinental missiles, which is also the most powerful on earth. nuclear weapons. This kind of strategic nuclear submarine is at sea most of the year, even when it is close to the dock, it will have very strict protection.

Not only are the decks guarded by armed sentries in body armor, but there are specially trained dolphins and sea lions patrolling underwater, making the submarine inaccessible to any hostile divers.

U.S. sailors once said that nuclear submarines entering the port for rest are 100 times more tiring than patrolling the sea, because they have to make all preparations for going to sea again within 35 days. Generally speaking, U.S. nuclear submarines will perform missions at sea for 3 months, and then rotate. A nuclear submarine has two groups of blue and gold personnel, and it is rotated about once every 100 days.

Modern U.S. submarines provide three meals a day for their crews when they go to sea without supplies for weeks or even months. Sysco Food Delivery feeds the submarines of the Pacific Fleet, while another company feeds the submarines on the East Coast of the United States.

Well, if the submarine has been out at sea for 119 days, as said on social media, then he was out at sea on December 14, 2019. In other words, in fact, the sailors on this nuclear submarine were infected in December last year. Later, after returning to the base on April 10 this year, it was infected with the members of the Naval Special Forces who participated in the training of the nuclear submarine.

Because the physical fitness of the nuclear submarine sailors was relatively good, and the virus toxicity was relatively weak at that time, it lasted for more than 3 months. Of course, it is also possible that the personnel who supplied supplies for the nuclear submarine infected the members of the nuclear submarine. But no matter what, the virus has been contagious in the U.S. Navy for a long time.

You know, the USS Theodore Roosevelt departed from the west coast of the United States, and now infected people have also been found at the San Diego Naval Base on the west coast. And according to the minimum standard, the U.S. nuclear submarine is rotated every 70-80 days, and this nuclear submarine has already gone to sea in January.

We can see that the truth is slowly emerging. U.S. intelligence agencies had already issued reports in November 2019 warning of a “virus catastrophe”. A November 2019 intelligence report from the U.S. Military Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) detailed concerns about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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