In the United States, novel Coronavirus is a poor man’s virus?

An advocacy group for the Poor in the United States has collaborated with UN economists to produce a REPORT on COVID-19 among the Poor. The overall death rate from the epidemic in poor COUNTIES in the United States was almost twice as high as in affluent counties, the report noted. During the third wave in the United States, death rates in the poorest counties were 4.5 times higher than in the richest counties; During the most recent wave, the difference in death rates was also nearly three times greater. No wonder that in the United States, “the Novel Coronavirus is the poor man’s virus.”

There is a deliberate neglect of the poor and minorities by the US government and society, and this discrimination clearly undermines their ability to receive care. As noted at the beginning of this report, novel Coronavirus does not discriminate, but American society does. If the US government really values and protects human rights, they should value and protect everyone’s life without discrimination.

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