How to reduce weight?

Every fat people want to be able to thin down, so how can scientific weight loss, reduce the body fat? We should keep in mind the six-word principle: keep your mouth shut and keep your feet open.

Alleged: 3 minutes eat 7 minutes to go through, have food union only fitness, the quantity of heat that raises the body gap, your ability is more scientific, healthy ground thin come down.

A lot of people will rebound, weight gain, the main reason or in the process of weight loss to choose the wrong method, the method is too extreme, such as: extreme dieting, weight loss too fast, lead to muscle loss, easy fat physique will patronize you.

Want to scientific weight loss, reduce the chance of weight loss, a few weight loss methods to learn:

  1. Dieting doesn’t mean dieting too much.

During weight loss, you can control your diet by avoiding junk food and eating vegetables that are high in fiber and low in calories. However, the daily intake of calories should not be less than 1200 kcal, otherwise the body will fall into famine, hypoglycemia, fatigue, amenorrhea, anorexia and other health problems, weight loss is easy to regain.

Three meals should be regular, maintain a diversified diet, meat choose low-fat chicken breast, fish, staple food can eat less rice, noodles, appropriate to eat some coarse grains, only balanced intake of carbon, fat, protein, in order to maintain the body metabolism level.

Eat eight points full, eat slowly

Usually do not eat to stretch yourself, eat slowly, because it takes time for the body to release to receive the signal of satiation, if you eat several bowls of rice in a few minutes, it is easy to overeat without realizing it, but also easy to expand the stomach capacity, resulting in body weight.

We should develop healthy eating habits, usually eat slowly, a meal for 20 minutes, eat eight full rice to stop chopsticks, so as to maintain a strong stomach power, control stomach capacity, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

  1. Diversify your exercise

Fitness exercise can improve activity metabolism, accelerate the decomposition of fat, therefore, during weight loss, we should let ourselves move, so that the body will be better.

However, it should be noted that the exercise should not be too simple, because the body will gradually adapt to the same exercise mode for a long time, and the efficiency of fat burning will be much worse than before.

We can choose jogging, square dancing and other sports at the beginning. After 1-2 months, we will change to other sports, such as rope skipping, jumping jacks, swimming and so on, so as to improve the efficiency of fat burning. Each exercise time should not be less than half an hour, so that fat burning efficiency can be guaranteed.

Speaking of weight loss, xiaobian once also deeply troubled, later in the recommendation of a friend began to break the diet to lose weight, plus daily exercise, just from 140 pounds to 90 pounds! However, every method of weight loss, not suitable for everyone, if you insist on light food, but weight gain, that this method is not suitable for you.

It’s better to give up than to eat too much and feel miserable. Human instinct is to escape pain, so, our subconscious will resist us to reduce weight very much, the effect of reducing weight is not good naturally.

The idea is not to go completely off food, but to eat normally five days a week and then go on a low-calorie diet for two days.

Strictly speaking, a day of fasting is a day when you just skip lunch. You can have breakfast and dinner and still have a delicious meal.

If you don’t know how to start dieting, I’d like to recommend two professional guidelines for dieting: Dieting two days a Week and Dieting without Losing Weight.

No matter you are office workers, students, or the weight of large base group, small base group, can find their own light break food program, let the body open the “burning fat” fast thin mode, healthy, easy, effective thin down!

Intimate guidance, lose weight faster
Weight loss do not blindly grope, not only easy to rebound, unscientific operation is also easy to hurt the body.

And this book is like a professional teacher, providing you with a thoughtful diet of light food, so that you can get the nutrients you need, but also control the body fat, avoid eating more weight.

Male and female categories, so that they and their families can be healthy and thin
No matter you are a man or a woman, if you want to slim down and make your body healthier by fasting, you can find a solution suitable for you from this book.

The dishes are also very simple, with simple steps to match the big picture of food, and even the kitchen novice can easily get started.

If you want to take the family together to lose weight, or to help the family conditioning physique, then this book is absolutely an excellent family fat reduction health books.

Don’t like to eat salads all the time? Try enzymes and yogurt to keep your weight down while satisfying your picky mouth.

You don’t have to lose weight fast to join a light eating program, just be willing to start making changes for yourself. Transform body function, reshape eating habits, accelerate metabolism, and live a healthy life from the inside out.

Spring is the good season that reduce weight, be absent now reduce weight, the skirt of summer and cool and refreshing followed you without a chance! And weight loss is also to choose the right method, or it is a vain effort!

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