These small bumps indicate the arrival of tumors, for yourself and your family to see!

According to the data released by the National Cancer Center, one person in China gets cancer every 6 minutes, and the probability of getting cancer in his lifetime is 22%. Behind the high incidence of cancer, there is also a high mortality rate, with 7,700 people losing their lives to cancer every day.
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Cervical cancer: there are more than 400,000 new cases of cervical cancer in the world every year, and about 130,000 new cases of cervical cancer in China every year, accounting for 1/3 of the world’s incidence.
Esophageal cancer: the incidence of esophageal cancer in China ranks the fifth malignant tumor, the fourth mortality, is one of the high incidence of esophageal cancer in the world!
Nasopharyngeal cancer: Nasopharyngeal cancer is a malignant tumor occurring at the apex and lateral wall of the nasopharyngeal cavity. According to a 2015 survey by the World Health Organization, 80% of nasopharyngeal cancer patients in the world are in China!
Lung cancer: According to data in 2015, the annual incidence of lung cancer in China is about 650,000 people, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world! Among them, smoking is still the most important cause of its morbidity
Wait, wait, wait! In recent years, the incidence of various malignant cancers in China has been gradually rising, experts said, in fact, from the first cancer cell emergence, to uncontrolled growth of a threat to human life, it takes a short or long time in the early development of cancer. There are always some abnormal signals, clues.
People as long as careful attention or regular examination, cancer in early detection early treatment, 90% of cancer can be completely cured, experts point out, want to seize the early warning signal of cancer, quickly see the body have these changes.
These little bumps on the body indicate a tumor
How to find tumor clues? How do you tell when a tumor is coming from physical symptoms? The following small make up for you to explain!
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There are generally five stages of tumor development:

  1. Precancerous stage: the cells have changed, but they are still not cancerous and can develop bidirectionally.
  2. Carcinoma in situ (STAGE T0) : Cells have just undergone malignant changes (e.g., the upper cortex).
  3. Infiltrating cancer (usually represented by T) : cells have infiltrated from the site of occurrence to the depth (such as submucosa).
  4. Local or regional lymph node metastasis (usually represented by N) : the spread of cells from the tissue to the lymph node along the lymphatic vessels.
  5. Distant spread (generally represented by M) : the metastasis of tumor cells to distant organs along with blood flow.
    How to find tumor clues
    It is far from enough to rely only on the health examination. If you have any discomfort, you should be vigilant and inform the doctor in detail during the physical examination, or see a doctor in time when the following symptoms occur:
    (1) Breast or other parts of the body can be touched or long-term swelling.
    (2) warts or moles change significantly.
    (3) persistent dyspepsia.
    (4) long-term chest pain, dry cough or bloody sputum.
    (5) dysphagia, abdominal pain, change in stool habit, blood in stool, hematuria.
    (6) abnormal increase of menstruation and abnormal bleeding after menopause.
    (7) persistent hoarseness, tinnitus, hearing loss, bloody nasopharyngeal secretion, headache.
    (8) An ulcer from a wound that has not healed for a long time.
    (9) Unexplained weight loss.
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    Symptoms men need to be aware of —
    The first is the change of testicular, testicular cancer is 20-39 years old, men should self-check the testicular situation every month, including testicular size change, obvious enlargement or reduction, scrotal mass, scrotal pain, etc. Blood tests and an ultrasound are required.
    Then there is the problem of urination. As men get older, prostate cancer becomes more common. Frequent urination, urgent urination, or unclean urination are more common. At this time, we should be aware of prostate cancer.
    Symptoms women should be aware of —
    The most common is bloating. If the abdomen continues to swell, feel pressure and pain, stomach upset, have trouble eating or feel full easily for several weeks, it could be a sign of ovarian cancer.
    In addition, irregular bleeding, such as abnormal vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles and bleeding in urine and feces, is easily overlooked by women. They are likely to be endometrial cancers, a common gynecological cancer. Bleeding in the stools can be a sign of colon cancer.
    Early self-detection of tumors
  6. If you have hoarseness for a long time, you should look in the mirror, open your mouth and take a deep breath to observe whether there are swollen tonsils and other masses in the throat.
  7. In case of fever due to unknown long-term reasons, attention should be paid to the measurement of body temperature, 4 times a day, once in the morning, in the middle, at night and at night, for 3 days, and records should be made. If necessary, check blood routine and esR.
    3, men should pay attention to whether the penis foreskin is too long, whether the urethral opening has ulcer nodules, whether the penis coronal groove is prone to bleeding vegetable pattern mass.
  8. When loss of appetite and emaciation and epigastric pain occur, if accompanied by nausea and vomiting, pay attention to observe whether there are black and brown contents in the vomit, pay attention to observe whether the stool is tar or bloody, and whether the shape of the stool is changed.
    5, women menstruation after a week, the mirror to observe their breast shape has no change, whether the nipple depression, the opposite side of the finger together, touch the breast whether there is a lump; The hardness and activity of the mass, and whether it adhered to the skin; Whether breast surface skin has “orange skin” change; Whether the ipsilateral axilla of the breast that has bump has intumescent lymph node.
    6, women every day or every week to observe whether there is blood discharge mixed in the leucorrhea, whether there is a foul smell.
  9. Whether the habit of urinating and defecating has changed every day, especially whether there is pain, falling sensation and whether the appearance of stool has changed. When urinating, observe whether the range is shortened, whether there is white discharge, whether there is hematuria, whether there is discomfort in perineum, etc.
  10. If there is pain and limited activity in the limbs after strenuous activity, attention should be paid to whether there are masses in the joints of the limbs and whether the masses can be touched under the skin. If the place of long bone appears painless sex bump, should go to the hospital orthopaedic department to see a doctor in time.
    9, long-term cough, should pay attention to cough sputum whether there is blood doping, pay attention to the time of cough, chest pain, how much blood, blood color, etc..
  11. Pay attention to the changes of moles on the surface of the body at any time, and pay attention to whether they grow rapidly and collapse in a short time. Note the presence of chronic ulcers on the surface of the body that do not heal.
    11, at least once a month to touch the neck, armpit, groin (thigh socket) and other places, check whether there are swollen lymph nodes (generally believed that lymph nodes smaller than the size of peanuts belong to normal), swollen lymph node texture, whether fixed, whether tenderness.
    The real case
    Case one: Xiao Zhang, a senior executive of a certain company, began to feel a dull itch on his back a few months ago, which sometimes made him wake up in the middle of the night. Although I felt very strange, I did not care about it because I was too busy. Until a few days ago, I suddenly fainted in the office. When I was sent to the hospital for examination, I found it was lymphatic cancer.
    Case 2: more than 70 – year – old uncle li six months ago occurrence skin itching, his thought is senile skin disease, went to the hospital to take orally, external use directly on skin diseases, but the effect is not significant, then the body appeared in succession food obstruction symptoms, anemia, abdominal distension and check to the hospital late found that turned out to be suffering from esophageal cancer, the cancer had already transferred.
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    1, why can tumor also have the feeling of skin itching?
    In the process of occurrence and development, many malignant tumors are accompanied by skin lesions. Early malignant tumors are too small to cause clinical symptoms, but many cancer patients will have unexplained itching for a long time before the onset of the disease. Skin itching is generally due to the production of histamine, protein decomposition enzymes and other substances in tumor cells, will follow the blood circulation to the skin, stimulate the skin sensory nerve endings, causing different degrees of skin itching, the onset of the initial performance is obvious, but more patients with liver cancer. If the skin erythema, rash, blackening, thickening and so on should also pay more attention to.
  12. What diseases accompany intense itchy skin?
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    In Hodgkin’s disease, the skin develops an early burning sensation and persistent itching; Patients with lung cancer, leukemia and uremia also often appear systemic skin itching; Cancer patients who have done radiation and chemotherapy are prone to “herpes zoster”; Anal itch, it is the expression of cancer of rectum, sigmoid colon likely, the patient of 50% rectum malignant tumor, can appear the skin urticant of different degree.
  13. What is the difference between itch caused by cancer and general itching?
    1, before no itching history of people suddenly stubborn systemic itching;
    2, the skin surface generally can not see any changes, only unbearable very intense itching, and stubborn lingering;
  14. Recurrent or persistent itching when there is no stimulation of drug allergy, food allergy or other factors;
    4, climate change has nothing to do with any anti-pruritic drugs are ineffective.
    Therefore, the occurrence of unknown skin itching must cause attention! You can’t just grab it. As early as possible to find out what causes, also do not get sick, unauthorized use of folk prescription drugs.
  15. How to prevent it?
    A. “Shut up”
    Is the so-called disease in the mouth, many diseases are closely related to eating, eat wrong, eat badly, it is easy to hoard toxins to the body. If gastric cancer patients usually like to eat pickled vegetables, barbecue, smoking and other food, it can be imagined that a lot of salt often stimulate gastric mucosa, long-term excessive consumption, will make gastric mucosa in the process of continuous damage, continuous repair. And in the repair, the cell is likely to appear gene mutation, gene mutation cells, also may occur cancer.
    In addition, change life habits is also very important, correct bad habits, such as control drinking, maintain exercise, regular work and rest, light diet, can effectively prevent cancer. More importantly, regular detoxification to the body, through channels and collaterals.
    B, dredge the meridians
    The human body has 12 serious and ren Du meridian, with the help of tools, dredge these meridians every week, with moxibustion cupping scraping and other methods dredge bladder meridian, sanjiao meridian; The pericardium through; Du… Not only prevent heat stagnation, but also quickly discharge the garbage deposited in the blood vessel wall, purifying the blood. After the bladder is unobstructed, the accumulated toxins will have an outlet for excretion, and the body will be much cleaner. So dredge these meridians, clean up the garbage in the body, the body a, discharge toxins, a relaxed.
    1, the back is du meridian and bladder meridian
  16. There are also 6 meridians on the legs
  17. The last pulse of the abdomen and 6 normal meridians
  18. Six meridians on the arm
  19. The neck is the place where nodules are easy to focus

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