Russia-ukraine conflict reveals another hidden danger! A possible virus leak from 15 US biochemical LABS in Ukraine?

As the war between Russia and Ukraine entered its fifth day, 15 US biochemical laboratories in Ukraine were found to be at risk of leaking virus.

After the russia-Ukraine conflict, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on Wednesday deleted documents related to the U.S. opening of biological laboratories in Kiev and Odessa.

Russian experts see the LABS as a major threat to Russia, with biological weapons developed that could end up in the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

Russia and Ukraine exchange of fire clashes may cause

Pathogen leak at LAB in Ukraine

The United States has about 400 biological laboratories controlled by the Pentagon around the world where it develops biological weapons, including 15 in Ukraine, the Global Times quoted the Website of Russia’s Strategic Cultural Foundation as saying on Tuesday.

Russia’s military actions against Ukraine could endanger US-related laboratories in Ukraine and lead to the release of dangerous pathogens, Robert Pope, director of the Biosynergy Program of the United States, said on Thursday.

He explained that these laboratory pathogens are not replicable or infectious in their cryopreserved state. But if the lab is damaged in the conflict and power is not guaranteed, the risk will increase. Once power is lost, pathogens stored in refrigerators heat up. If the ventilation system is damaged, or the lab building itself is damaged, “pathogens at room temperature can leak out of the lab and cause infection in the surrounding area.”

According to Mr Pope, some Ukrainian laboratories may hold strains of pathogens left over from the Soviet biological weapons programme, kept in freezers for “research purposes”. There are also pathogens collected from the nearby environment to conduct research, monitor diseases and develop vaccines against them. But he insisted that the LABS in Ukraine were mainly for “peaceful scientific research and disease surveillance” and were not biological weapons development facilities.

Worried about being known?

Us embassy deletes lab info

The US Embassy in Ukraine on Thursday deleted from its website documents related to the opening of us biological laboratories in Kiev and Odessa following Russia’s special military operation against Ukraine.

Russian experts see the LABS in Ukraine as a major threat to Russia, with biological weapons developed that could end up in the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

According to The Global Times, Bulgarian investigative journalist Getanjieva, who has been investigating us biological laboratories overseas, believes that the deleted information will shed light on the international community about the us government’s biological laboratories in Ukraine, especially those set up by the Pentagon.

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine realized that Russia could now locate all the LABS and investigate them. The embassy’s reaction suggests they are worried about the outside world learning about what the United States is doing at these LABS.

The United States has 15 laboratories in Ukraine

Research biological weapons and dangerous viruses

Zhao Lijian, Deputy Director general of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry, pointed out on October 21, 2020 that the United States has many biological laboratories in 25 countries and regions, including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union. In Ukraine alone, the United States has 16 biological laboratories, some of which have been located in the past by outbreaks of major infectious diseases.

In October 2021, DTRA announced two new biological laboratories in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine, which are scheduled to be launched in spring 2022. The two LABS are also used to research biological weapons and dangerous viruses, Russian media reported.

Putin’s announcement of a special military operation in Ukraine coincides with the planned opening of two new military biology laboratories in Kiev and Odessa, according to Defense Times, citing Russian experts.

Since 2003, there have been hundreds of accidental human contact with deadly microorganisms in biological laboratories in the US and abroad, CCTV reported, citing USA Today. These contact can lead to direct contact with deadly viruses, which can spread to the community through these individuals and form epidemic outbreaks.

Us laboratory area in Ukraine

He’s been hit multiple times by a mysterious virus

In recent years, it is quite a coincidence that the countries and regions where the OVERSEAS BIOLOGICAL laboratories of the United States are located have repeatedly experienced “accidental” outbreaks of rare epidemics, such as African swine fever, SARS and other infectious viral diseases with great harm to human body.

Ukraine, which has also repeatedly suffered mysterious outbreaks of the virus, is one of the countries most affected. In 2016, for example, more than 200 soldiers in the eastern Ukrainian border city of Kharkiv were hospitalized with a deadly viral virus, killing more than 20 of them. Since then, the mysterious virus has continued to spread, killing hundreds. And the city of Kharkiv happens to have a biological laboratory run by the United States military.

The Global Times reported that in November 2019, the Russian Federal Epidemic Prevention Department released two maps, one showing the locations of more than 200 biological laboratories set up by the United States around the world, and the other showing the locations where infectious diseases and viruses spread around the world in recent years. After comparing the two pictures, it was found that there were striking similarities.

The United States has denied the allegations and accused Russia of spreading disinformation.

However, Pope himself acknowledged the presence of the virus “causing concern” in the Ukrainian laboratory on Sunday. The African Swine fever virus, for example, has been linked to hundreds of outbreaks in Ukraine since 2012.

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