Us army virus outbreak has become a foregone conclusion, a large number of soldiers into panic

According to the American “the star-spangled banner” for the latest news, the pentagon said, by the 24th, 174 soldiers and 150 American families and the contractor has already confirmed will be coronavirus, and confirmed the scope of all over the world around us, it shows that in the internal virus outbreak has become a foregone conclusion, but to the large number of soldiers in a panic, although the number of confirmed linear increase, But the serious shortage of epidemic prevention materials, many American soldiers perform dangerous contact task doesn’t even have a mask, only face to face with the virus may threaten, the pentagon said the have enough protective supplies, tough ordered a large number of us troops deployed across the country, military experts say, strong ability of new the spread of the virus, Many U.S. troops deployed in hard-hit states such as New York, California and Washington do not have proper protection, raising the possibility that U.S. troops could become infected. Given the surge in confirmed cases, it may be too late to wear masks now.

U.S. defense secretary mark – ace pearl and the chairman admiral mark – he said, from the experience of other countries, it will take about 3 months the outbreak will be effectively controlled, if the guess is correct, then the epidemics in the United States in May and June or July to get most effectively, and the U.S. will take all means to help put out the spread of the virus, Us Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy has ordered the us army to relocate three field hospitals to the hardest-hit states of New York, California and Washington. A spokesman for the US Army said the deployment could be completed in as little as seven days. Each hospital can provide up to 250 beds.

But thought, considering as of March 25, at 6 o ‘clock, confirmed the number has reached 53268 people in the United States, its new number broken, in fact the several field hospital or hospital ship into it simply can’t afford to turn what waves, what’s more, American is own yourself, armed forces have begun a wide range of screening, Even the NUCLEAR-powered aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt, which had been deployed at sea before, reported three confirmed cases, indicating that the US military has been seriously affected by the epidemic. Even so, senior US military officials still said that the impact of the epidemic on the US military is “very limited” so far, and the US military is able to complete the set military mission.

But at the top of blind confidence cannot make us at ease at the grass-roots level, many American troops have complained that they were ordered to travel to the disaster zone, “to help stabilize the situation, but it doesn’t even have basic protective supplies, from the perspective of a public photos, many outbreaks, such as deployment of U.S. troops in New York even not wearing masks, said the army, there are already suspected cases, Considering within the organization form of army is very close, each other of a soldier is also very intense and frequent contact, once appear, therefore not controlled transmission phenomenon, so the effectiveness will be severely affected, although the top announced to enlarge the production of medical supplies, even to South Korea and other countries for help, but it is also far hydrolyze not close thirsty. The lack of medical supplies for American troops will not ease in the short term.

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