A world first! Women who have recovered from AIDS or have appeared, the blood has no HIV virus

Speaking of AIDS, it is a retreat, this is a disease that can not be cured, can only take medicine to control, once the infection, want to heal, it is almost impossible, at least with the current level of medicine, AIDS this disease, or helpless, so far, there is no cure for AIDS specific drug.

In this context, there was the world’s first female AIDS “cure”, it was a boiling, you know, by 2020, a total of 37.7 million people living with HIV worldwide, died of AIDS every year there are hundreds of thousands of patients, in such cases, the world’s first female “cured” of HIV/AIDS, can not surprising?

What does that mean?

This news, is published by American researchers, since it is “cured”, does it mean that the United States has broken through the treatment of AIDS?

In fact, although this is the first case of women “cured”, but in fact this is the third case of AIDS patients have been “cured”, although this number compared to the total number, it is pitiful, but it is undoubtedly to bring hope to AIDS patients.

We need to know that AIDS is a very dangerous infectious disease, HIV will attack the immune system of the human body, resulting in the loss of immune function of the human body, so that it will be infected with various diseases, there will be a lot of disgusting tumors, and the fatality rate is very high.

Terrible is that THE AIDS virus has an incubation period of 8-9 years, and in the latent period, can live and work without any symptoms, and normal people, mainly through X contact, blood and mother-to-child transmission, so under normal circumstances, is not contagious, which we do not have to worry about.

This middle-aged woman is not only the world’s first female “cure”, but also the first successful AIDS case through the transplantation of umbilical cord stem cells.

According to the report, the woman was diagnosed with HIV in 2013 and acute myeloid leukemia four years later.

The weill Cornell Medical College team had just developed a haploid cord blood transplant, so the woman took the treatment not only for her own sake, but also for the sake of AIDS research.

She received a special umbilical cord blood from a donor, which contained the mutations necessary to fight HIV, and received an adult stem cell transplant.

Only two men had been cured in this way before, but the ripple effect was unpredictable.

For example, these two men, although their bodies are free of HIV, due to the collapse of their own immune system, resulting in serious sequelae, including the donor cells, are still attacking the body, the two men are also in very bad condition.

But the end result unexpectedly, this woman after transplantation, no cells against itself, which is graft versus host disease, and transplant 3 years later, to stop the treatment for HIV/AIDS, 14 months passed, and still no relapse, and the testing of many times, has not the existence of the HIV virus in the blood.

So the woman became the first “cured” of HIV/AIDS cases by transplantation of umbilical cord stem cells, could be a real “recovery”, although is healed, the future is unknown, but for the moment, it is absolutely a good result, for HIV/AIDS patients, is undoubtedly a save “rice line”.

So, this kind of umbilical cord blood transplantation, can be promoted?

In fact, however, because of the need is specific to the fight against HIV/AIDS virus of cord blood, so that the number of umbilical cord blood is very little, coupled with the result of the treatment is not guarantee success, popularizing the scope is too small, can only say to HIV/AIDS patients, offers a new curative therapy, also has brought more promising, in short too much better than before.

Because the treatment cannot be widely promoted and the woman’s condition is still under observation, the American research team only called it a “remission” of AIDS, and waited to see if the word “cure” could be used.

So how long do people with AIDS live?

Earlier, China’s CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2020, The number of AIDS patients in China reached 1,053,000, and the death toll was as high as 351,000. This death rate is very terrible. What is terrible is that the infection rate of our students is increasing at a rate of 35% every year.

It can be seen that THE mortality rate of AIDS is very high, so many people are curious about how long they can live after suffering from AIDS, which also has individual differences. However, according to the clinical data, the longest survival time of AIDS patients recorded has been 27 years, so this time is not too short.

Of course, if their high-risk behavior, doubt themselves likely infected with AIDS, so after the high-risk behavior, 72 hours, immediately seek medical help, to carry on the block, this time, there is a great chance to block a success, the biggest problem, is promiscuous, X partner more, must be extremely seriously.

Nevertheless, it is a great thing that such a treatment has been developed, and it is a great breakthrough in the field of medicine.

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