Delta virus in sudden retreat?

Delta virus gone in US? The international community has been debating how the Delta strain has suddenly disappeared from a situation so severe in the United States. Never thought, found a big problem, the United States should be so bold, as experts predicted, as expected, there was a big problem, pit miserable world.

Faced this menacing outbreak, the United States at that time was to panic, started completely unaware of the danger of the disaster degree, regardless of the local epidemic situation, busy around the pan, smear, also for disease resistance measures in other countries, not the outbreak should have a heart of fear, but will it as a political tool, to suppress the emerging national development, The result? Novel Coronavirus pillage has struck the United States in the face, but as for the “trace to the source” that has always been emphasized, it has been ambiguous and delayed in its own fort Detrick, which is a sign that something is wrong with Fort Detrick.

Delta virus disappearing things and come back, appears to be a good news, but after investigation found that this is a deadly bad news, the delta has disappeared because Mr Mick Dijon, replace the delta virus continues to wreak havoc, and this is also the case for those who want to be “like cures like” jeopardy, seemed to laugh at their “failed”. Despite their different names, they are both novel Coronavirus variants of the coronavirus. What is even scarier is that Omicron has the unique advantage of being able to automatically evade the immune system in the human body, and if it is detected, it is terminal, and it is confirmed in a picture, which is terrifying.

Under the influence of this situation, many countries finally felt the fear, such as Britain, Germany and France as the “city”, as far as calling for “herd immunity”, before they know it is a lie, can’t rely on this to get the victory of the outbreak, but, after all, they still underestimate Mr Mick Dijon, want to know, The United States cut off flights as soon as Omicron was detected in South Africa, but it spread anyway, and it was very bad, with an infection rate of 70 percent. In addition, the epidemic prevention measures in the United States were really bad, and the virus spread everywhere, causing a large number of people infected.

Medical experts in the United States had long anticipated the problem, but were ill-prepared and underestimated the speed of omicron’s spread until they realized it too late. Or spread the good news, however, and although Mr Mick Dijon is bad to find, but its toxicity is relatively weaker, the cure rate is very high, but Mr Mick Dijon took only 10 days let us all 50 states, propagation speed really let a person got a fright, for, or it is necessary to develop will be coronavirus vaccine, overcome the disaster as soon as possible, back to the calm of the past life.

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