Nearly 20,000 people were infected overnight as the supervirus hit India

Recently, just by the U.S. media exposure because of the new champions league actual deaths or 6 million shortly after the news, India the outbreak and spread bad news: super virus “Mick Dijon” or will hit India and endanger the country’s 1.3 billion people, in the seemingly stable control outbreak a few months later, nearly 20000 people infected overnight rapid spread is also appeared again.

India in the face of the pandemic
In fact, there has been skepticism about just how serious the current outbreak is in India, and about the various figures released by the government. After all, by December 2021, India will have received only 1.25 billion doses of vaccine, which, on average, is less than one dose per person for the current population, and the vaccination rate is very low. Even in a country with a smaller population, more than a third of its population vaccinated, and a basic health care system and sanitation far better than India’s, the epidemic is still raging, and on the last day of 2021, the number of new cases in a single day topped 595,000, reaching 600,000.

In contrast, India’s daily number of new COVID-19 cases has been hovering around 10,000 since November last year. This is not a true achievement in fighting the virus, but rather, as some Western politicians say, “No testing, no COVID-19”. Since India’s second wave inexplicably ended on paper, there has been remarkably little mass screening in the country, with almost all confirmed cases coming from patients who felt unwell and came forward to seek medical care. But in India, where there is a huge gap between rich and poor, modern health care is out of reach for the vast majority of the underprivileged, who, if they fall into this trap, are likely to suffer unbeknown ailments until they recover on their own or die miserably.

Indian people get vaccinated
That is why many people’s first reaction to omicron’s emergence as it wreaked havoc around the world was that India, a country of 1.3 billion people, was in real danger this time. To be sure, a range of statistics and preliminary studies by medical professionals around the world suggest that Omicron is milder in symptoms than previous COVID-19 variants, which objectively means it is less lethal. However, milder or even less obvious symptoms mean those diagnosed are more likely to go unnoticed and create more chains of infection.

Think about what happens when enough people get infected and a significant number of them develop symptoms that may not be fatal but still require medical attention. People are flocking to seek help from their recent medical places, as a result, India is inherently fragile foundation medical system, will be “breakdown” moments: new patients use most of the human and material, let the other injuries to personnel is difficult to get timely treatment, even people with chronic diseases, may also be unable to go to a doctor and deterioration of the situation facing. At the end of the day, India’s authorities will either lie flat and let the virus spread in the country, spawning even deadlier variants, or watch more deaths from the chaos of the health system than from the Novel Coronavirus itself.

The graph is modi
Is not too late, now, Mr Modi government not to confront the opportunity, but you must face up to the present situation, seeking truth from facts, to make a complete and accurate assessment domestic outbreak, and then as a response to the first wave, the isolation, isolation, the city seal is sealed city, do our best to reduce the population flow, and speed up the improved compressive capacity of medical institutions, Increase vaccination coverage. If necessary, we should put aside our pride and actively seek international assistance. In short, if Omicron is ignored, the consequences for India may well be disaster in the true sense.

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