A supervirus is sweeping America, and Joe Biden is one of them?

Recently, according to media reports, the President of the United States Joe biden was recently exposure with a will be confirmed coronavirus infection had close contact, the infection is a working staff in the White House, before the onset of biden had close contact with, in recent period of time the new strain of the super dense gram si virus sweeping across the United States, the daily number of new diagnosed in the United States still maintain high in more than 100000 people, This time, it was revealed that Biden was in close contact with the patient. Is biden about to fall for the same trick? Are you about to get infected with a virus? And to the White House recently, emergency response, although said biden was identified close contact with an infected person, but in recent times the President’s nucleic acid detection results are positive, so there is no evidence that biden has been infected, but the new crown after virus infection such as dense gram si will take some time to get a more accurate test results, so it doesn’t give a final conclusion.

The graph is Joe biden

According to American media, who was diagnosed with the White House staff is a middle-level officials don’t often contact with the President, but just before the shortly be detected infection, with Joe biden, who on the U.S. air force plane 1 had 30 minutes of close contact, therefore, in accordance with relevant provisions of the epidemic prevention, biden should be classified as infected with close contacts, This news was just sensation all over the world, because according to the will of coronavirus infection ability, if it is true, then I’m afraid there will be a larger biden may be infected, because according to the United States, Joe biden, contact with the infected person’s position on air force one plane, air force one plane is specifically for the President of the United States air travel office building plane, With a modified Boeing 747 aircraft, and there is a lot of special communications equipment installation, can be real-time army each kind of contact with the United States armed forces, with anti-radiation coating appearance at the same time, equipped with ir decoy flare, anti-missile interference equipment such as electronic warfare system, even by a nuclear strike also has the ability to protect the security of the President and other senior officials in the United States.

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Air force 1, although have outstanding external defense capability, internal defense might not be as perfect, but this kind of equipment is used to protect important officials and commanders tend to install three proofing devices, can enter the cabin to the outside of the gas filter cleaning, removal of radioactive substances or virus, when necessary, can also be completely cut off the gas exchange with the outside world, However, there is no evidence that Air Force one used sophisticated equipment to filter air from the cabin. In other words, the virus breathed by an infected person aboard Air Force One might not have been intercepted by air Force One’s filter system and could have infected Biden.

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Although the White House says biden nucleic acid test results were negative, but according to the will of coronavirus characteristics, biden still have a greater risk of infection, may reflect the results of detection of nucleic acids in the next few days, will be coronavirus to middle-aged and old people is a killer virus than young people, about 1% ~ 2% fatality rate of youth, But the fatality rate for the middle-aged and elderly is 10 percent, and biden, who is 79 years old, is still at risk of dying if the U.S. president does catch the virus, even with the help of powerful U.S. medical technology.

The graph is Joe biden

So what would happen if Biden were diagnosed and even killed? How does this affect China? In fact can be seen from the present reality, because of the outbreak, level of economic recession, tear, and the influence of such factors as the disorder degree of American society has higher, at this time the need most is a strong central government pick up the pieces, and then biden if really unfortunate infection even killed, will give the stability of the United States, It would also give biden’s opponents a chance to act, so even if Biden does get sick, the White House is likely to try to keep the news under wraps until he recovers or dies.

Assuming that biden really died, according to the current political situation and legal provisions, vice President of Harris will host become the first female President in American history, although now biden and Harris remains on the surface of the peace, but in fact there are already a deep rift between two people, once Harris, Biden now carry out some policies will be affected by the larger, such as Harris argues that a tougher attitude to China, if really epigyny Harris, America will move more advanced weapons deployed in the Pacific Ocean, and increasing investment in research and development a hypersonic missiles and other advanced weapons, lead to greater pressure on strategy for China, we have to prevent such consequences.

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