Space virus threatens the world. It’s worse than COVID-19

Outbreak, all countries in the world into an unprecedented strike, this not only seriously affected the life of people of all countries, also, to some extent hindered the economic development of countries, even the superpower the United States, because of the outbreak also affect economic development is restricted, of course, even in this case, the United States still attaches great importance to the development in the field of military, military spending is still very high, However, the DEVELOPMENT of the United States in the field of advanced military weapons and equipment is still not a small impact, before, many people questioned that the F-35 plan of the United States is probably due to the military expenditure problem. Of course, despite the existing problems, COVID-19 still threatens the lives of many people around the world. In addition to the impact of COVID-19, there are new crises to confront. According to experts, the world’s 7 billion people will face a major challenge for survival. What’s going on?

In fact, since the outbreak of COVID-19, mankind has never stopped searching for the source of the virus. Although there has been no significant success, new discoveries have been made after investigation. According to experts, there may be extraterrestrial pollution around us, after all, some viruses and bacteria can survive in space, the news has caused a lot of confusion and even disbelief, after all, no one would think that human living environment could be contaminated by space. In fact, scientists have long pointed out that mankind’s “intensive” space exploration is likely to bring crisis to mankind, and the most obvious is that the Earth is likely to be invaded by viruses and microorganisms in space, which has sounded alarm bells around the world.

However, others are skeptical of this idea, arguing that space is too far away for these viruses and bacteria to harm humans. This, it must be said, is too optimistic. Previously, the United States space agency had found a special bacterial strain in the spacecraft clean room, since then the United States also took relevant means to study and eliminate it, the results said that ionizing radiation, fungicide have no effect on it.

In this regard, experts said, these virus particles can be easily adsorb to the universe, once the virus attached to the meteorite, at that time, the whole earth will face great disaster, the world’s more than 7 billion people will be threatened with life. It is worth mentioning that since these virus particles can attach to the body of the space object, will the astronauts bring back the virus when they return to Earth? Experts have long explained that astronauts’ advanced protective equipment can not only resist radiation and high temperatures, but also insulate them from all contact with the outside world, including breathing. Therefore, the astronauts’ lives are not threatened.

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