Novel Coronavirus is just the beginning

Spanish media published an article entitled “The next pandemic has Begun: COVID – 19 accelerate the emergence of superbugs, issued a warning, in this paper because of the new champions league during the outbreak of the overuse of antibiotics and incorrect use, lead to many antibiotics are no longer effective, resistant, it makes the human to any wound is likely to be deadly in the future, at the same time, human health care back in 100.

Novel coronavirus may cause transmission of super fungus

In 2009, a new pathogenic fungus candida species ears are found, it is a kind of can and exposure wound infection ear fungus, has the characteristics of multiple drug resistance and high fatality rate, referred to as “superbugs”, the new crown during transmission, the hospital of the new champions league a surge of patients suffering from ear candida cases, after the use of antibodies, many patients show drug resistance to antibiotics.

In fact, “superbug” does not refer to any single bacteria, but refers to bacteria and viruses that are resistant to most vitamin medicines and can cause pneumonia, urinary tract infections and skin infections.

During the period of COVID-19 infection, the accelerated genetic mutation of “superbugs” and the abuse of antibiotics have made it difficult for most antibiotics to destroy bacteria, causing great harm to the human body after superbugs enter the body.

Antibiotics wear off, and any infection can be fatal

The development of “superbugs” has become so serious that antibiotics are gradually losing their effect, a Spanish expert said, without antibiotics, human society would be a terrible world, any infection would be fatal.

Imagine a child fell down, but after he was taken to hospital, the doctor to do, some bacterial diseases, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and salmonellosis or will lose the effective treatment method, in addition, chemotherapy this medical technology in the absence of antibiotics, also became a high-risk therapy.

At this rate, human beings will not be able to cure diseases, nor cure other animals, nor even produce healthy and harmless food, and ultimately lead to the regression of human civilization.

Ten million early deaths are not an exaggeration

In 2016, the British government released a report saying that bacteria and drug-resistant microbes are already causing 700,000 deaths a year and could kill 10 million people by 2050, more than cancer. But as the Novel Coronavirus outbreak has led to the silent spread of the superbug, Spanish researchers have warned that 10 million deaths could occur sooner, in 2040 or 2030, than in 2050. Most worryingly, these bacteria pass on the genes for new antibodies to other bacteria, causing the more antibiotics humans use, the faster they evolve antibodies to them.

Therefore, all countries around the world should raise awareness of antibiotics, and all people should take antibiotics strictly as prescribed, and should not buy them without medical advice. At the same time, antibiotics should not be given to animals without veterinary advice and can be reduced by vaccination.

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