Novel coronavirus infection was found in hospital visits

For novel coronavirus infection patients, fever, fatigue and dry cough are the main symptoms, and upper respiratory symptoms such as nasal congestion and runny nose are rare. But with the constant mutation of the virus, many foreign patients also appeared the loss of smell and taste.

According to media reports, fujian Anxi reported a nucleic acid test positive case of an overseas immigrant in Anxi County, Quanzhou. According to the wife of the case, the novel coronavirus infection was found only when the husband went to the hospital for treatment because he had lost his sense of smell and taste when he returned.

The wife of the positive case said her husband came back and said he had lost his sense of smell and taste, so he planned to go to the hospital to have his nose examined. But go to the hospital all need to do nucleic acid test, let her husband do nucleic acid test first.

On December 4, the man took nucleic acid samples at anxi County Hospital. On December 5, the nucleic acid test result was positive after rechecking.


In addition, the positive case went to a local clinic to buy medicine on the day of her return. According to the clinic staff, when the patient came to buy gunpowder, said he had no discomfort symptoms, then bought banlangen.

There are six people in his family, including his wife, sister and three children, but the patient’s parents also had contact with him. At present, contacts with the positive case have been isolated.

It is worth mentioning that the loss of smell and taste seems to have become another feature of novel coronavirus patients, but the mechanism behind the failure of smell in infected persons is still not fully understood.

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