The virus mutated suddenly!

Another “new coronavirus variant” is coming!
This is the latest super virus – “Omicron”.
Previously, we thought delta was very fierce. After all, the world has learned the power of delta.
However, in front of the latest Omicron, delta is completely a weak chicken – the spread of delta in 100 days and Omicron completed in less than 25 days.
Some people have even made an image metaphor – “Omicron variant has mutated so that mom doesn’t know it. The gap between it and delta is as big or even bigger as delta and the original virus”!
Last Friday, South Africa’s minister of health, Joe phaahla, announced——
A new coronavirus variant has been found in South Africa! Moreover, it has spread rapidly among young people in Gauteng Province, the most populous province in the country!
Later, a new variant of COVID-19 was discovered in South Africa and officially named it by the WHO.
Moreover, according to the latest news: many countries in Europe have found people infected with the Omicron strain, and the world is highly nervous. Europe and the United States quickly cut off air links with eight African countries such as South Africa. Israel’s response was particularly thorough. It announced that its borders would be closed for 14 days and all foreigners would not be allowed to enter.
▲ O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. On the 27th local time, Britain, Germany, Italy, Israel and other countries and regions discovered the new crown new variety “Omicron”. At present, many countries around the world have tightened epidemic prevention measures to varying degrees.
Therefore, we can see that western countries are actually very flustered in the face of the latest variant that is even stronger than Delta!
However, just a few days ago, they even accused us of our “clearing policy” and even shouted “learn to coexist with the virus”!
In short, advocating “coexistence with the virus”, is the virus willing to coexist with you?! The virus is to destroy you!
Think how shameless and ridiculous it is!
When the “Omicron” was killed, the western countries were immediately frightened——
Many countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Britain, the European Union, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, Morocco, France, Germany, Britain, China and Hongkong have implemented immigration restrictions on South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Swati and other African countries.
At this time, the “ban” came so fast! What are you doing?!
In addition, American epidemiologist fudge said that the Omicron strain may have appeared in the United States, but it has not been found.
The reason why Mr Fauci is so “calm” is that COVID-19 gene sequencing in the US is progressing slowly.
In addition, according to the judgment of the CDC, today’s Americans are preparing to transition from a busy Thanksgiving holiday to the next busy Christmas holiday. Therefore, the number of confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths of new coronavirus in the United States will increase rapidly in the next four weeks!
The impact of the new poison King’s raid on the market is obvious!
Worried about the new variants, the US stock market, crude oil prices, bitcoin and other digital assets fell in response;
The vaccine and pharmaceutical stocks led by Modena rose sharply against the trend! Modena rose 20%, Pfizer rose 6%, stocks related to tourism and travel in the U.S. stock market were sold off, and concept stocks related to home and remote rose one after another!
Americans and Westerners alike, most of the time they don’t cry when they don’t see the coffin!
I still remember that at the beginning of this year, Karen Pierce, British ambassador to the United States, said arrogantly——
In fighting the COVID-19 World War, only the “open society” can qualify as a winner. China and Russia must not win the battle.
Now, a new super variant is coming. Who is swimming naked? Do you want to say more?
Westerners should quickly close their mouths to accuse China, put down their fingers to accuse us, honestly put on their masks, isolate each other, and don’t punish those useless moths!
After two years of anti epidemic, China’s strict “clearance policy” has achieved remarkable results in the world.
When the new poison king comes, we are still calm and unhurried! Why can you do this?
Because we have been implementing strict epidemic prevention measures!
From the beginning to the present, we have responded to challenges with a realistic attitude and are not kidnapped by anything a priori. We can do what is most effective to protect people’s lives, health and safety, and adjust what is most beneficial to maintaining normal economic operation!
So, at the moment, the world is afraid, but China is really calm!
Facts have proved, and will continue to prove, that our anti epidemic line is completely correct!
Up to now, the United States and the West have no other way to go except to honestly copy China’s homework.
If you have to take another road, it’s not impossible. It’s just a dead end!

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