3 ways to reasonably enhance “immunity”

Some people run to the hospital every three to five times and take a lot of medicine every day. In the eyes of the older generation, these people tend to live a long and healthy life. The reason is that “Lai Lai has been hailing for nearly a hundred years”, and this kind of people who never get sick, If you get sick, it is usually a major disease, that is, “illness comes like a mountain,” and such people are very likely to die early. Does that view really make sense? Is it not good to be as strong as a cow? Today, let’s talk about who has stronger immunity.

Can people who get sick from time to time develop more immune antibodies?

The child at home has a cold, and the parents rush to the hospital. The elders always say that they don’t need to go to the hospital. It is to exercise immunity. When the illness is over, more immune antibodies can be formed. From a professional point of view, the disease can be Stimulate immunity and enhance their ability to identify harmful somatic cells. However, this does not mean that it is a good thing to get sick from time to time.

Often exercise immunity, usually will produce two conclusions, one type is tired, can not do it, and another type is the more you kill, the more courageous you kill, and you will not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. Excessive immunity is not a good thing, such as skin allergies, and may even cause lupus erythematosus and other diseases. In addition, you also need to see what kind of disease you are born with. Frequent fever and colds indicate that the body is really bad, and it is very easy to get serious diseases. Frequent diarrhea and stomach pain indicate that the gastrointestinal is not good. This kind of small problem may cause serious diseases if it drags on for a long time. , Or very worthy of attention.

Is there any reasonable and effective way to enhance immunity?

The most direct way

Vaccination should be an acquired method of enhancing immunity. Normally, with cellular immunity “training”, you can show your skills in critical situations. You can also vaccinate according to your own requirements.

Less expensive way

Exercise moderately, walk, run, and run once a day when you have nothing to do to improve the vitality of your body cells, and you can also exercise your immune system. You can do any exercise you like without being limited to the place. It is important to let your body move.

The most scientific and reasonable way

Eat a balanced diet, don’t eat health products indiscriminately, eat meat, vegetables and fruits, cultivate the habit of nap and early bedtime, beat your legs and rub your abdomen every day, smile in the mirror every day, make sure from the inside out If you are healthy, your immune system will naturally improve.

When it comes to immunity, many people think of probiotics and nutritional health products, and think they can strengthen their bodies. Although probiotics have corresponding effects, they are not suitable for long-term use. They are easy to destroy the balance of the body. If you stop it one day, the gastrointestinal tract will “play temper”, which is likely to cause worse conditions. Long-term supplementation is not recommended for children.

The same is true for nutrition and health products. Some elderly people often eat them. In fact, most of them are over-promoted. They are not so wonderful. It is far better to eat more meat and vegetables. It is still a good deal. I hope that the elderly will take good care of their wallets and cannot fall into them. The pit of nutraceuticals.

All in all, it is normal to get sick. As long as it is within the scope of scientific reasoning, there is no major problem. If the sickness lasts for one or two months, it can be cured properly. In addition, very few people who are sick should not feel that the body Very good. I like to carry it hard. It is very useful to check on time. Going to the hospital to check does not mean that your immunity is poor. It can help you spot many problems that you don’t know, and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

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