Should “patients with heart disease” rest? Or should we be active?

Introduction: heart disease is a kind of disease with high mortality, which is a great threat to people’s health and even life. Heart disease is divided into congenital and postnatal. The incidence rate of heart disease has been increasing gradually in recent years, and even younger.
People suffering from heart disease should not only take heart protecting pills, but also pay attention not to strenuous exercise, so as not to cause sudden death.
But some people have said that their heart disease is not serious, and they don’t feel too uncomfortable after exercising occasionally. Can they take part in some slightly strenuous sports like running? Is it more harmful to your health to have a regular rest?
Is exercise suitable for heart disease patients
We all know that a healthy lifestyle is to eat less and exercise more. For patients with heart disease, proper exercise does not increase the burden on the heart.
But intense exercise, such as long-distance running, such as a variety of difficult single parallel bars somersault, intense exercise will make the heart rate faster, damage the heart muscle. When the rate of care reaches a certain limit, it is easy to cause sudden death.
Proper exercise can mobilize the function of the whole body, speed up blood circulation and metabolism, make the body garbage timely out of the body, is good for the body.
But some patients will feel that after exercise, they will feel chest tightness and breathlessness. If you have this kind of situation, you must go to the hospital to have a careful examination first. What’s the problem.
Keeping your mouth in check and keeping your legs open are generally accepted healthy lifestyles in today’s society
For patients with heart disease, usually you can choose some less intensive exercise to promote cardiopulmonary function. Such as jogging, jogging, Taijiquan and so on. But the time of exercise must be decided according to their own physical condition. If you feel chest tightness, you should stop immediately.
Chest tightness is due to oxygen can not enter the body in time for circulation, a long time will lead to faster heart rate, myocardial hypoxia. So moderate exercise, not only to pay attention to the intensity of exercise, but also to pay attention to exercise time.
Patients with heart disease is also a normal organism, rest and exercise, need to find a balance point. Appropriate and appropriate exercise, not only can exercise cardiopulmonary function, help faster discharge of garbage in the body, but also can improve the mood, avoid osteoporosis, and make yourself more resistant.
For patients with heart disease, regular physical examination is very important
Regular physical examination can help you to understand your recent physical condition, or decide what you can do, what you can do, and how much you can bear. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice.
Usually at home can be appropriate to do housework, cleaning, mopping, is also a way of exercise. If the blood sugar and blood pressure are normal after working with your head down, you can do some simple low-intensity outdoor exercise.
If you have ever had a major operation such as bypass surgery, you have to listen to the doctor’s advice. Daily medication and health care is one aspect. You should also carry out rehabilitation exercise in a professional place according to the doctor’s advice, rather than blindly according to your own temperament.
In daily life, we should also learn some knowledge about heart disease and learn self-examination. If the body appeared palpitation, arrhythmia, chest tightness and other serious conditions, must go to the hospital in time to do a check, don’t because love money and delay the best treatment time.
To sum up, heart disease patients don’t need to treat themselves as a person who can’t do anything, let alone stay in bed all day.
Proper exercise is the most correct and healthy way of life. But remember to follow the doctor’s advice, be appropriate and appropriate. The right exercise, the right time.

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