3 ways to reasonably enhance “immunity”

Some people run to the hospital every three to five times and take a lot of medicine every day. In the eyes of the older generation, these people tend to live a long and healthy life. The reason is that “Lai Lai has been hailing for nearly a hundred years”, and this kind of people who never get sick, If you get sick, it is usually a major disease, that is, “illness comes like a mountain,” and such people are very likely to die early. Does that view really make sense? Is it not good to be as strong as a cow? Today, let’s talk about who has stronger immunity.

Can people who get sick from time to time develop more immune antibodies?

The child at home has a cold, and the parents rush to the hospital. The elders always say that they don’t need to go to the hospital. It is to exercise immunity. When the illness is over, more immune antibodies can be formed. From a professional point of view, the disease can be Stimulate immunity and enhance their ability to identify harmful somatic cells. However, this does not mean that it is a good thing to get sick from time to time.

Often exercise immunity, usually will produce two conclusions, one type is tired, can not do it, and another type is the more you kill, the more courageous you kill, and you will not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy. Excessive immunity is not a good thing, such as skin allergies, and may even cause lupus erythematosus and other diseases. In addition, you also need to see what kind of disease you are born with. Frequent fever and colds indicate that the body is really bad, and it is very easy to get serious diseases. Frequent diarrhea and stomach pain indicate that the gastrointestinal is not good. This kind of small problem may cause serious diseases if it drags on for a long time. , Or very worthy of attention.

Is there any reasonable and effective way to enhance immunity?

The most direct way

Vaccination should be an acquired method of enhancing immunity. Normally, with cellular immunity “training”, you can show your skills in critical situations. You can also vaccinate according to your own requirements.

Less expensive way

Exercise moderately, walk, run, and run once a day when you have nothing to do to improve the vitality of your body cells, and you can also exercise your immune system. You can do any exercise you like without being limited to the place. It is important to let your body move.

The most scientific and reasonable way

Eat a balanced diet, don’t eat health products indiscriminately, eat meat, vegetables and fruits, cultivate the habit of nap and early bedtime, beat your legs and rub your abdomen every day, smile in the mirror every day, make sure from the inside out If you are healthy, your immune system will naturally improve.

When it comes to immunity, many people think of probiotics and nutritional health products, and think they can strengthen their bodies. Although probiotics have corresponding effects, they are not suitable for long-term use. They are easy to destroy the balance of the body. If you stop it one day, the gastrointestinal tract will “play temper”, which is likely to cause worse conditions. Long-term supplementation is not recommended for children.

The same is true for nutrition and health products. Some elderly people often eat them. In fact, most of them are over-promoted. They are not so wonderful. It is far better to eat more meat and vegetables. It is still a good deal. I hope that the elderly will take good care of their wallets and cannot fall into them. The pit of nutraceuticals.

All in all, it is normal to get sick. As long as it is within the scope of scientific reasoning, there is no major problem. If the sickness lasts for one or two months, it can be cured properly. In addition, very few people who are sick should not feel that the body Very good. I like to carry it hard. It is very useful to check on time. Going to the hospital to check does not mean that your immunity is poor. It can help you spot many problems that you don’t know, and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

Why are more and more elderly people suffering from AIDS?

If it were not for the children’s unit to bring family members for free physical examination, 78-year-old Grandpa Wang would never have thought that he actually contracted AIDS.

At this moment, Grandpa Wang was holding a diagnosis report, sitting in front of the doctor with his hands covering his face and sobbing. He had no intention of caring about whether he had coronary heart disease or diabetes. This great sense of shame and despair of future life made him suddenly seem to fall. Into the abyss.

After a long time, he slowly raised his head and asked the doctor: “How much time do I have?”

It is surprising that more than 70 years of age suffers from AIDS, but it can actually trigger our thinking.

The elderly, not far from AIDS

Statistics from the United Nations AIDS Programme (UNIAIDS) show that there were approximately 35.3 million AIDS patients worldwide in 2014, of which nearly 4.2 million were elderly patients. In 2012, the total number of elderly AIDS patients in my country increased by more than five times compared with 2005.

According to data released by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2016, there were 13,000 elderly male AIDS patients in my country, 3.6 times the number in 2010.

At the beginning of 2017, the State Council included the elderly as key missionary groups for the first time in the “China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Containment and Prevention of AIDS.

If you still think that AIDS is a disease of young people, you are very wrong! Once the elderly suffer from AIDS, the two major hazards caused should not be underestimated, and they should arouse our attention!

Harm 1: AIDS increases the mortality rate of the elderly

Once the elderly are infected with AIDS, their resistance is significantly reduced, so they are more likely to suffer from various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Especially the elderly have poor physical fitness. If the elderly with basic diseases are infected with AIDS, then the condition The development will be faster, and the fatality rate will increase accordingly!

Harm 2: The elderly suffer from AIDS and cannot get adequate treatment when they go to the doctor

Earlier, there was news that the elderly unintentionally found AIDS when they went to the hospital for physical examination, but they were rejected by the doctor. Although there are a minority of people who discriminate against AIDS, there are still most general hospitals that directly refuse treatment or transfer them to other infectious disease hospitals after receiving AIDS patients. Some infectious disease hospitals have a low comprehensive level, which is very effective for AIDS patients. Treatment is also quite unfavorable.

As most elderly people grow older, both their physical strength and physique are not as good as before. If unfortunately, they are infected with AIDS. Compared with younger people, treatment becomes more difficult and tricky. However, the number of elderly people infected with AIDS has been increasing year by year, which also tells us that the attention of AIDS health education should also be placed on the elderly.

Why are more and more elderly people suffering from AIDS?

AIDS is a disease that is very harmful and easily attacks the human immune system. Currently, there is no complete cure. In the past, we always focused on young men and women. We did not know that the elderly are also prone to AIDS! So why are more and more elderly people infected with AIDS?

  1. Desire still exists

With age the organs of the human body will gradually degenerate, but the desire for sex has always been there. For the elderly, we always put the label of “asexuality” naturally, thinking that playing mahjong, dancing square dancing, and bringing grandchildren are their lives. We will not take the initiative to pay attention to the “sex” of the elderly, or think that the elderly There is no need for “sex” and “desire”, and even more so that older people are not allowed to have sex.

When the elderly reveal a little bit of “sexual affairs”, they are easily discriminated against or ridiculed as “irregular” and “perverted.” In this atmosphere of neglect and discrimination, a gray area has gradually emerged-the elderly have improper sexual behavior. It is understood that there are now easily accessible and cheap “sexual services” in some hidden corners of cities and villages. People as an audience group naturally join the AIDS-infected army.

  1. No sense of protection, or even disapproval

It is difficult for most people to associate AIDS with the elderly, so the elderly naturally think that AIDS is very far away from them, and even the vast majority of the elderly do not know how AIDS is spread.

Condoms are an important way to prevent the spread of AIDS, and in the eyes of the elderly, pregnant condoms are only used for contraception. Therefore, the elderly do not actively use condoms when they have sex. This kind of unprotected sex is The lack of awareness of protection eventually allowed AIDS to spread among the elderly.

  1. The elderly have poor immunity and are more likely to get AIDS

When the elderly get older, their immune system is not as good as before, so they are also very prone to diseases, especially when they have chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, the chance of contracting AIDS is higher, and most of them The elderly do not think about being infected with AIDS, and they may have reached a more serious stage when they are diagnosed, or they have already transmitted AIDS to more people.

Please stop talking about Ai Sebian

AIDS is a relatively long and complex process from the initial to the end of infection, and the clinical manifestations caused by different stages in this infection process are also different. The clinical process of AIDS infection is subdivided into acute phase, asymptomatic phase and AIDS phase. Among them, patients in the first two stages are called AIDS patients, and they are called AIDS patients until they develop into AIDS.

Acute phase: Two to four weeks after HIV infection is the acute phase, there are obvious symptoms of fever, accompanied by sore throat, night sweats, diarrhea, joint pain, skin rash, and lymphatic enlargement.

Asymptomatic period: The asymptomatic period of AIDS lasts for six to eight years, during which HIV replicates in the patient’s body and damages the immune system, resulting in a decrease in CD4+ T lymphocyte count and is infectious.

AIDS stage: The final stage of AIDS infection becomes the AIDS stage. At this time, the patient’s HIV plasma viral load increases, with persistent fever and recurrent oral ulcers, especially herpes on the skin, accompanied by pneumonia, enteritis, etc. A variety of complex clinical symptoms.

Many people are afraid of AIDS because they think that being infected with AIDS is equivalent to getting a terminal illness. In fact, this idea is not correct. Although there is no complete cure for AIDS, AIDS is a preventable and controllable chronic disease. Clinical scientific prevention methods can greatly reduce the infection rate of AIDS. At the same time, the early detection and treatment of AIDS is also extremely important. Once AIDS is diagnosed As long as you receive standardized treatment as soon as possible, your life expectancy and quality of life are almost the same as ordinary people.

At present, the country is gradually increasing its attention and investment in AIDS, among which measures such as increasing medical insurance investment and increasing medical insurance drugs are obvious to all, giving more AIDS patients more and better treatment options. And patients infected with AIDS need not be afraid, as long as they receive regular treatment and standardized medication, start antiretroviral treatment as soon as possible to suppress HIV, effectively reduce the spread of HIV and help AIDS patients continue their lives.

Infecting AIDS is an extremely painful thing for the patient himself and his family. Therefore, it is especially important to stay away from unclean sex and take protective measures in life. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the elderly. Not only can we not ignore their sexual needs, but also actively promote their knowledge of safe sex and AIDS!

Should “patients with heart disease” rest? Or should we be active?

Introduction: heart disease is a kind of disease with high mortality, which is a great threat to people’s health and even life. Heart disease is divided into congenital and postnatal. The incidence rate of heart disease has been increasing gradually in recent years, and even younger.
People suffering from heart disease should not only take heart protecting pills, but also pay attention not to strenuous exercise, so as not to cause sudden death.
But some people have said that their heart disease is not serious, and they don’t feel too uncomfortable after exercising occasionally. Can they take part in some slightly strenuous sports like running? Is it more harmful to your health to have a regular rest?
Is exercise suitable for heart disease patients
We all know that a healthy lifestyle is to eat less and exercise more. For patients with heart disease, proper exercise does not increase the burden on the heart.
But intense exercise, such as long-distance running, such as a variety of difficult single parallel bars somersault, intense exercise will make the heart rate faster, damage the heart muscle. When the rate of care reaches a certain limit, it is easy to cause sudden death.
Proper exercise can mobilize the function of the whole body, speed up blood circulation and metabolism, make the body garbage timely out of the body, is good for the body.
But some patients will feel that after exercise, they will feel chest tightness and breathlessness. If you have this kind of situation, you must go to the hospital to have a careful examination first. What’s the problem.
Keeping your mouth in check and keeping your legs open are generally accepted healthy lifestyles in today’s society
For patients with heart disease, usually you can choose some less intensive exercise to promote cardiopulmonary function. Such as jogging, jogging, Taijiquan and so on. But the time of exercise must be decided according to their own physical condition. If you feel chest tightness, you should stop immediately.
Chest tightness is due to oxygen can not enter the body in time for circulation, a long time will lead to faster heart rate, myocardial hypoxia. So moderate exercise, not only to pay attention to the intensity of exercise, but also to pay attention to exercise time.
Patients with heart disease is also a normal organism, rest and exercise, need to find a balance point. Appropriate and appropriate exercise, not only can exercise cardiopulmonary function, help faster discharge of garbage in the body, but also can improve the mood, avoid osteoporosis, and make yourself more resistant.
For patients with heart disease, regular physical examination is very important
Regular physical examination can help you to understand your recent physical condition, or decide what you can do, what you can do, and how much you can bear. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice.
Usually at home can be appropriate to do housework, cleaning, mopping, is also a way of exercise. If the blood sugar and blood pressure are normal after working with your head down, you can do some simple low-intensity outdoor exercise.
If you have ever had a major operation such as bypass surgery, you have to listen to the doctor’s advice. Daily medication and health care is one aspect. You should also carry out rehabilitation exercise in a professional place according to the doctor’s advice, rather than blindly according to your own temperament.
In daily life, we should also learn some knowledge about heart disease and learn self-examination. If the body appeared palpitation, arrhythmia, chest tightness and other serious conditions, must go to the hospital in time to do a check, don’t because love money and delay the best treatment time.
To sum up, heart disease patients don’t need to treat themselves as a person who can’t do anything, let alone stay in bed all day.
Proper exercise is the most correct and healthy way of life. But remember to follow the doctor’s advice, be appropriate and appropriate. The right exercise, the right time.

Asthma with allergic rhinitis, experts teach you safe and rational drug use

More than 40% of children are suffering from allergy, and the popularization of allergy science needs to be strengthened
Epidemiological survey shows that at present, the proportion of children with allergy problems in China is more than 40%, of which the incidence rate of allergic rhinitis in children is as high as 15.79%.
Professor Chen zhuanggui, vice chairman of Youth Committee of allergy branch of Chinese Medical Association, director of Pediatrics of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, and deputy director of Department of allergy, pointed out that “allergic rhinitis is divided into seasonal and perennial. Perennial rhinitis is often associated with indoor allergens, such as house dust mites, so parents need to pay more attention to it.
Professor Chen Zhuang GUI answered the parents’ questions about how to judge the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. “Sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose and stuffy nose are the four typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis. In addition, itchy eyes, chronic cough and even nosebleed are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis that children are different from adults. Parents should be vigilant when children have these symptoms. “
Professor Chen Zhuang GUI said that allergic rhinitis can cause many complications, such as conjunctivitis, sinusitis, and asthma is one of the major hidden dangers. From the clinical point of view, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma are interlinked, the basis is the same, so patients with allergic rhinitis, the probability of asthma as high as 40% – 60%. In the long run, the complications caused by allergic rhinitis will have a great impact on children’s height, appearance, etc., which will not be conducive to the physical and mental health development of teenagers.
At the same time, Professor Chen zhuanggui also called for timely medical treatment and synchronous treatment for children with allergic rhinitis and asthma. Early intervention and standardized drug treatment can effectively control symptoms.
Rational use of drugs to prevent recurrence, prevention as the first prevention source
According to the characteristics of recurrent allergic rhinitis in children, experts especially emphasized the importance of rational drug use: not only to “choose the right medicine”, but also to “use enough medicine for full treatment”.
Professor Chen zhuanggui pointed out that according to the treatment recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and the World Allergy Organization, whether it is allergic rhinitis or asthma, we should first clarify the causes of allergy and avoid allergens. In terms of medication, symptomatic treatment should be adopted, such as anti-inflammatory treatment and precision treatment. For mild patients, second-generation oral antihistamines are the first-line drugs; For moderate to severe patients, the second generation of oral antihistamines and nasal hormones can better control symptoms.
In addition, allergic rhinitis and asthma belong to chronic diseases, which need to be adjusted step by step. The course of treatment is generally 3 months, and then the patients are evaluated, and then the treatment plan of “descending step” or “ascending step” is adopted according to the condition. Professor Chen zhuanggui stressed that in the treatment of children with allergic rhinitis and asthma, we must maximize the control of symptoms and minimize the impact on children’s growth and development.
During the activity, Professor Chen zhuanggui taught parents how to prevent allergy in daily life
1、 In the pollen season, wear masks when traveling, and take measures to eliminate mites at home;
2、 Nasal cavity should be flushed to reduce allergen load;
3、 When allergic symptoms appear, standardize the use of drugs to control;
4、 Take desensitization treatment. From avoiding allergens, to using anti allergic drugs and other measures to prevent and control allergic symptoms.

Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug, is often used in orthopedic patients with low back and leg pain

Time: early 21st century
Setting: Department of orthopedics, XX Hospital
Characters: an orthopedic doctor and his dear patient
Scene one: pain relief without addiction
“…” (the previous text is abbreviated, which is supplemented by the officials themselves)
“In this way, I’ll give you some ibuprofen. This medicine can relieve knee pain, and the effect is quite obvious.”
“Wait a minute, doctor. What’s this, ibuprofen, a painkiller?”
“Yes, what’s the matter?”
“Won’t you be addicted to this medicine?”
“No, what are you talking about?”
“Isn’t this the same kind of drug as morphine or codeine?”
“Why? It’s a big difference. “
“Aha? What’s the difference between them? “
“Don’t worry, just listen to me…”
The doctor said:
Morphine and codeine are opioids. This kind of medicine has excellent analgesic effect, but also can calm, antitussive, antidiarrheal, has high clinical application value in medicine, but generally only used to relieve severe pain such as cancer pain, as well as stubborn severe cough.
Because of its excessive use, it will produce acute poisoning, such as coma, needle pupil, cyanosis, shallow breathing, and decreased blood pressure (naloxone for rescue); Withdrawal reaction is easy to occur when drug withdrawal; And there will be constipation and other adverse reactions, which are listed as controlled drugs. Most importantly, because of its strong addiction, it is often prohibitive.
Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Ibuprofen, also known as Fenbid, ibuprofen and so on, is a more commonly used non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Ibuprofen also has analgesic effect, but the analgesic effect is relatively weak, but at the same time, because of its non addiction, low toxicity, less side effects, it is widely used in the treatment of headache, toothache, joint muscle pain, dysmenorrhea and other chronic pain; Because of its convenient, safe and effective use, it can be used as an analgesic for children’s burns; In addition, ibuprofen can effectively relieve the pain caused by anal surgery. In addition to ibuprofen, common NSAIDs include aspirin, paracetamol, diclofenac, indomethacin, rofecoxib, celecoxib, etc. Another popular science, ibuprofen is an OTC drug (over-the-counter drug). Patients can buy ibuprofen by themselves in pharmacies, which is enough to see that ibuprofen is safe and convenient.
You must ask, what is NSAID? This steroid is a kind of chemical structure. Here, it looks like this——
To tell you simply and rudely, it is composed of four rings (three benzene rings + one pentane ring) and three bars on the head. The overall shape is especially like the word “steroid”, so this structure is called “steroid”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t quite understand it. Just know about it.
Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are mainly different from anti-inflammatory drugs with steroidal structure, that is, steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are mainly steroid drugs, among which glucocorticoids are the most common. Glucocorticoid is a kind of adrenocortical hormone, which is secreted by the columnar cells in the middle layer of adrenal gland. It can inhibit the expansion of blood vessels, reduce edema and play an anti-inflammatory role.
Glucocorticoids used in clinic include natural products and synthetic drugs. The common ones are short acting cortisone and hydrocortisone, medium acting prednisone and prednisolone, and long acting dexamethasone and betamethasone.
These drugs can inhibit the thermoregulatory center, and can play a better antipyretic effect. This kind of medicine can also be used to relieve pain, but it has less effect and is not its main function.
Doctors generally don’t prescribe glucocorticoid drugs easily, because long-term use of such drugs will inevitably produce more side effects, such as: 1) destruction of lymphocytes, so that the human body’s immunity is reduced; ② It leads to the disorder of fat metabolism and the appearance of “centripetal obesity”, that is, “full moon face, buffalo back”; ③ Promote gluconeogenesis, promote glycogen decomposition, inhibit glycogen synthesis and increase blood glucose; ④ Promoting gluconeogenesis, that is, transforming non sugar substances into sugars, including proteins. Due to promoting the decomposition of proteins, long-term use of these drugs will inhibit wound healing.
To sum up, the most suitable analgesic is non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can relieve pain without addiction and has less side effects.
Scene 2: pain relief, but not just pain relief
(the following dialogue continues)
“Oh, I see. But, doctor, this ibuprofen can only relieve pain, only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. It has no therapeutic effect. Is it really worth using it? “
“It seems that you have fallen into another misunderstanding. Ibuprofen is a commonly used analgesic, in people’s subconscious, its role is simple pain. But listen, ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, so… “
“So it’s also anti-inflammatory!”
“You’re right this time.”
Anti inflammatory
Ibuprofen, since it is called non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, then this kind of drugs must have a very important function, that is anti-inflammatory. Prostaglandins are important inflammatory factors. The release of prostaglandins can cause tissue congestion and edema. The release of prostaglandins is inseparable from cyclooxygenase, and ibuprofen plays an anti-inflammatory role by inhibiting cyclooxygenase and reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins.
Relieving fever
Ibuprofen can also inhibit the production of prostaglandin E in hypothalamus and stimulate the production of endogenous “cryogen” in human body, so it also has antipyretic effect. Bloven is often used for have a fever caused by common cold or influenza. Ibuprofen is the first choice for the treatment of fever in children because of its low side effects and safety.
Anti rheumatism
Ibuprofen can also treat the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and has good effect in the treatment of low back and leg pain, cervical spondylosis and shoulder pain. This effect also has high clinical significance in orthopedics. However, it should be noted that ibuprofen is not effective in the treatment of pain caused by nerve compression.
In conclusion, the clinical application value of ibuprofen includes antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti rheumatic.
Scene 3 pain relief but not abuse
“Ah! This ibuprofen is really a good medicine. I have to prepare more
“Don’t mention it. I haven’t finished yet. Humanitarianism is: it’s a drug with three poisons. This ibuprofen is good, but if you abuse it indiscriminately, the side effects will be enough for you. “
“Oh, I’m not thoughtful again. I’d like to hear more about it.”
As a whole, ibuprofen has less side effects, but there are still some adverse reactions to a certain extent.
① Digestive tract: peptic ulcer, gastritis, diarrhea, dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting, etc( Use with caution for patients with poor gastrointestinal function)
② Skin: nonspecific rash, urticaria, pruritus, bullous rash, etc.
③ Central nervous system: dizziness, headache, insomnia, vertigo, severe can appear coma.
Cardiovascular system: induce water and sodium retention, aggravate heart failure, and cause tachycardia. * Caution for patients with heart disease)
⑤ Respiratory system: can cause asthma.
Metabolism can alter glucose metabolism, induce or aggravate diabetes.
Note: ibuprofen should be used with caution in patients with the above basic diseases.
This article focuses on people’s concerns about the use of ibuprofen and other painkillers, and explains that ibuprofen is not addictive. In addition to the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs belonging to ibuprofen, the other two kinds of related drugs are analyzed and explained to readers. A large part of ibuprofen’s role is to relieve pain, but in addition to pain, it can also relieve fever, anti-inflammatory, anti rheumatism, clinical application is more extensive. Although ibuprofen is convenient and safe to use, we should be alert to its possible side effects.

Improve the effect of cancer vaccine through bacterial plasma membrane to prevent tumor recurrence

Cancer, one of the biggest nightmare in the history of human diseases, is also known as the king of diseases because of its complexity and incurable nature. Even in today’s highly developed medical technology, when it comes to cancer, it is always natural to associate it with death, especially advanced cancer.
In recent years, the emergence of cancer immunotherapy has completely changed the current pattern of cancer treatment. However, the immunocheckpoint blocking therapy has not been effective for most cancers, and car-t cell therapy has not been able to overcome solid tumors. Therefore, for solid tumor patients, surgery is still the first treatment, but many patients will still have tumor recurrence and metastasis after operation.
The recurrence and metastasis of tumor after operation are closely related to the anti-tumor immune state of the body. Therefore, cancer vaccine has become a promising treatment method for tumor resection patients. However, because the tumor tissue is often not very immunogenic, this limits the efficacy of cancer vaccine. It is a promising strategy to overcome this limitation to use bacterial components as adjuvant to enhance immunogenicity. However, this nonspecific stimulation of the immune system may cause adverse reactions.
Recently, researcher Nie Guangjun and researcher Wu Yan of national Nano Science Center, in cooperation with Academician zhaoyuliang, published a research paper entitled “scientific cytolasmic MEMS synergy enhancement the anti activity of automatic cancer success” in the journal Science Translation medicine, Important progress has been made in the design of personalized nano tumor vaccine.
The team creatively integrated the plasma membrane of E.coli cells and the tumor cell membrane into nanoparticles, and developed a new personalized cancer vaccine. The experimental results showed that after the tumor resection, these hybrid membrane nanoparticles induced strong tumor specific immunity response and improved the survival rate of mice, It can protect mice from tumor attack again for a long time.
Moreover, no side effects such as over stimulation of immune system caused by bacterial cell wall pollution were found. The results show that the personalized autotumor antigen vaccine based on the bacterial membrane can activate the innate immune system effectively, which has great potential in personalized treatment of patients after cancer surgery.
Cancer vaccine is to induce the immune response of the body to kill tumor cells. Because of the systemic and systemic characteristics of the immune response, this therapy can not only kill the tumor lesions remaining after operation, but also can effectively act on the cells transferred from the far end, and the range of action is more specific and extensive than other treatment methods.
According to the cell structure of tumor cells and bacteria, the team skillfully used nanotechnology to display the tumor cell membrane containing tumor antigen information and bacterial intima containing adjuvant information on the surface of polymer nanoparticles to prepare personalized hybrid membrane nano tumor vaccine.
In order to trigger enough anti-tumor response specifically without significant side effects, the team presented tumor cell membrane (TM) containing tumor antigen information and E.coli cell membrane (EM) containing adjuvant information on the surface of polymer nanoparticles, and developed co delivery nanoparticles vaccine based on antigen and adjuvant.
As an external adjuvant, the bacterial membrane component in the co delivery nanoparticles vaccine can be recognized by the immune system rapidly, which makes nanoparticles absorbed by dendritic cells, and thus improves the delivery and presentation efficiency of tumor antigens.
Next, the team tested the efficacy of the vaccine in a mouse model of colorectal cancer, breast cancer and melanoma. The results showed that the vaccine could induce strong specific anti-tumor immune response, effectively inhibit tumor recurrence, and even effectively induce tumor regression and prolong survival time.
More importantly, the vaccine can effectively induce the production of CD8 + T cells and natural killer (NK) cells, and prevent tumor invasion again.
In general, the study shows that the personalized autotumor antigen vaccine based on the bacterial membrane can activate the innate immune system effectively, which has great potential in personalized treatment of patients after cancer surgery.
The preparation process and mechanism of hybrid membrane nanotumor vaccine
Chen long, Qin Hao and Zhao Ruifang, the National Center for nanotechnology, are co authors of the article. The co authors of the article are deputy researcher zhaoruifang, researcher Wuyan, academician zhaoyuliang and researcher Nie Guangjun.

Stomachache took painkillers to endure, 47 – year – old patient gastric horn ulcer has become cancerous

“I thought it was a huge ulcer, but I couldn’t believe I had cancer.” After seeing the report, the patient had no expression on his face, but the hand holding the report was shaking. Later, he kept telling his accompanying family members that he didn’t want to be hospitalized, he didn’t want chemotherapy, and he was afraid that the operation would drag down his family if he had to be hospitalized all the time. (Gastroscopic report of the patient)
It is understood that the patient has been smoking and drinking constantly. As early as three years ago, the symptoms of acid reflux in the stomach began to appear repeatedly, and later even accompanied by vomiting and black stool. Every time the symptoms could be relieved after taking medicine, he did not go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment. Two days ago, she was admitted to the hospital due to hematesis. After doing gastroscopy in ICU, she learned that the gastric ulcer had become cancerous. As for the two key points of stomachache, we should not blindly take analgesics and we must pay attention to our living habits. I have been stressing all the time that we hope there will be fewer such delayed patients. It is a pity that they are only over 40 years old.
Why can’t stomachache take analgesic?
A lot of people do not know stomach pains and hurt oneself buy painkillers to eat, when I was in fact a painkiller will directly erosion in gastric acid gastric mucosa, destroy the lipoprotein layers of epithelial cells of gastric mucosa, causing gastric mucosa barrier damage, cause gastritis and peptic ulcer, and painkillers may inhibit the formation of prostaglandins in the body, lose gastric mucosa protection, The acidic digestive fluid in the stomach invades the stomach wall, causing ulcers, erosion, and even perforations. If the person taking the medicine has a stomach problem, taking painkillers will make it worse.
How old do smoking and drinking harm to the stomach?
Some people think that when smoking smoke only passes through the respiratory system, it will only damage the health of the lungs, and other tissues and organs of the body will not be affected. In fact, smoke will also enter the stomach along with the digestive tract, and nicotine directly stimulates the gastric mucosa. In the long run, it is more likely to induce gastric ulcers. There are alcoholic drinks at more than 20 degrees, if drinking more than 100 milliliters per hour, it will directly destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, induce gastric congestion and edema, long-term, serious cases will occur erosion, and even bleeding.
Remind again to protect gastrointestinal health, pay attention to develop a good living habits. When stomachache, it is best to do a gastroscope, find out the cause of symptomatic treatment, do not blindly use drugs, to avoid greater harm to the stomach. |

Osteoporosis and hyperosteogeny are “twin diseases”?

Osteoporosis is a systemic disease characterized by low bone mass, destruction of bone microstructure, increase of bone fragility and easy fracture.
In the process of bone metabolism, a certain amount of bone tissue is dissolved and absorbed every day, and a certain amount of bone tissue is formed. The balance between bone absorption and bone formation maintains the stability of bone. With the growth of human age, due to lack of exercise, less sunshine, malnutrition, smoking and drinking, and the decline of sex hormone (such as estrogen, androgen, etc.), calcium absorption decreases, bone formation is less than bone absorption, and bone tissue will become thinner, thinner and even broken, just like a complete wood, which is full of holes by termites, In case of slight collision, fracture will occur.
Hyperosteogeny, also known as proliferative osteoarthritis, is caused by the mechanical stimulation of bone spur on soft tissue and the injury, bleeding and swelling of soft tissue after trauma. It is a common degenerative disease in human body, and also a common chronic disease in clinic. It mostly occurs in the middle-aged and elderly people. The neck, waist, knee joint, heel and other parts of the human body with heavy load and more activities, with the growth of age, due to the decline of muscle strength, joint ligament relaxation, articular cartilage aging, cause joint instability, or young adults due to long-term intense activities and excessive physical exercise, cause ligament muscle bone attachment point damage, This kind of chronic wear and tear will be repaired spontaneously in human body, resulting in hyperosteogeny, which is often called “bone spur”.
Osteoporosis is characterized by low back pain or general bone pain, and may be accompanied by muscle spasm, height shortening and hunchback, spinal deformity and limited extension. In severe cases, brittle fracture of vertebral body and hip may occur. However, many patients often have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and often find osteoporosis only after fracture. Therefore, osteoporosis is also known as the “silent killer”.
There was no abnormality in the appearance of mild hyperosteogeny, but only pain in the rigid movement of the joint. With the continuation of the activity, the pain could be gradually alleviated and disappeared. If the condition worsens, there will be joint swelling, effusion, and even deformation, with the aggravation of pain, joint activity is limited, leading to osteoarthritis.
Why is osteoporosis easy to be accompanied by osteoporosis?
Sometimes, osteoporosis is compensated by the body. After the occurrence of osteoporosis, articular cartilage will become uneven. When under pressure, the force distribution on the cartilage surface is uneven, which is easy to cause damage. And the repair of injury is often manifested as local hyperplasia, so osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia, sometimes a melon on the same vine, often coexist, may occur in the same person.
The treatment of osteoporosis is not simply calcium, but according to the condition, choose basic treatment or drug treatment. For the people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is necessary to take basic treatment and drug treatment to control.
Basic treatment is mainly to supplement calcium and vitamin D. At present, western medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis can be roughly divided into three categories: one is drugs that inhibit the activity of osteoclasts, such as bisphosphonates (Fosamax, miguda, etc.), which can reduce the rate of bone metabolism and the loss of calcium by inhibiting the activity of osteoclasts. The second is the drugs that enhance the activity of osteoblasts, such as parathyroid analogues (such as tripatide), which can improve the activity of osteoblasts to achieve the purpose of treatment. The third kind of drugs with the above dual effects, such as active vitamin D and so on.
As long as bone hyperplasia does not cause pathological changes, it can coexist peacefully with it. If it causes pain and numbness, it should be treated, mainly to control its development, eliminate inflammation, promote the healing of damaged tissue, relieve pain and so on. Drug treatment is mainly symptomatic treatment, including oral analgesic drugs, external analgesic plaster. In addition, cartilage protective drugs such as glucosamine sulfate can also be used.
Can osteoporosis patients take calcium tablets to aggravate osteoporosis?
No, for the people with osteoporosis and local osteoporosis, under the guidance of doctors, the correct use of calcium, active treatment of osteoporosis, not only will not aggravate osteoporosis, but is beneficial to it.
Clinical studies have found that the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of osteoporosis often has half the effect. Osteoporosis is called “bone withering, bone wilting, bone arthralgia” in traditional Chinese medicine. We can understand the pathogenesis of osteoporosis from the aspects of liver and kidney yin deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, kidney deficiency and blood stasis. By nourishing liver and kidney, warming kidney yang, supplementing qi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, we can not only significantly improve the clinical symptoms of patients, but also improve bone density, increase bone strength and prevent the occurrence of brittle fracture.
Hyperosteogeny belongs to the category of “bone arthralgia” in traditional Chinese medicine, which holds that “liver governs tendons” and “kidney governs bone”. Tendons and bones are closely related to the liver and kidney. The liver is mainly used to store blood, and the liver blood filling can make tendons have sufficient nourishment. Liver and kidney function gradually decline with the growth of age, flexion and extension is not good, vulnerable to trauma and cold and dampness invasion, numbness, pain and other symptoms of bone hyperplasia. Kidney essence deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, bone dystrophy, exogenous pathogens invade the body, blocking the meridians, Qi and blood operation is not smooth. The treatment includes tonifying liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, dredging collaterals and relieving pain, dispelling wind, removing dampness, dispersing cold and so on.
Therefore, osteoporosis and osteoporosis have something in common in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Taking traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis also has a positive therapeutic effect on osteoporosis.

Is insulin addictive?

Insulin, as a kind of protein hormone produced by human body itself, needs exogenous supplement when it is absolutely or relatively deficient in the body. There is no saying that “medicine is divided into three poisons”. Insulin is not a drug, there will be no addiction, withdrawal syndrome will not appear after discontinuation.
In recent years, more and more people with diabetes are coming. According to the latest epidemiological study of diabetes in China, the prevalence of diabetes in adults in China has been increasing continuously, reaching 12.8%. This has undoubtedly sounded an alarm for us. Today, I’d like to answer some questions about the use of insulin.
What is insulin
Insulin is an acidic protein, which is produced by islets β Cells secreted for clinical use in diabetic patients; Diabetes mellitus complicated with pregnancy and ketoacidosis. Patients with acute diseases such as myocardial infarction, major surgery, trauma and burns will also be treated with insulin for a short time( See the table below for insulin classification.)
Insulin injection three piece set
An injectable insulin consists of an insulin pen, an insulin refill and a needle, just as a pistol needs a gun body (pen), a bullet (Refill) and a trigger (needle).
Below are ten common misconceptions commonly used by diabetics when they use insulin. Ask your friends to see if these misconceptions occur on your body, change the wrong way as soon as possible, and use insulin correctly.
Myth 1: insulin addiction
Addictive concerns are often the first candies before diabetes patients use insulin. Insulin, as a kind of protein hormone produced by human body itself, needs exogenous supplement when it is absolutely or relatively deficient in the body. There is no saying that “medicine is divided into three poisons”. Insulin is not a drug and will not be addictive. Withdrawal syndrome will not appear after withdrawal (such as long-term drug addiction, craving, nausea or vomiting, muscle pain, tears and runny nose, pupil dilation, hair erect or sweating, diarrhea, yawn, fever, insomnia and other addiction syndromes).
After using insulin for a period of time, due to the supplement of exogenous insulin, the patient’s islets were damaged β The cells were rested to help protect the remaining islets in type 2 diabetic patients. β Cell function, thereby slowing down the development of diabetes.
Myth 2: insulin is the last resort. The later you use it, the better
It is wrong for some diabetics to use insulin to procrastinate and drag. During the treatment of diabetes, doctors should be advised to use insulin regularly, regularly and according to the condition. The timely use of insulin can control blood glucose early, and reduce the possibility of diabetic complications.
Mistake 3: oral hypoglycemic drugs are better than insulin
Some patients believe that they can not take medicine while they are taking medicine. They hope to use oral hypoglycemic drugs instead of insulin. But for patients with type 1 diabetes, it is necessary to use insulin replacement therapy for life. For patients with type 2 diabetes, if they can not control blood sugar after improving their lifestyle and oral hypoglycemic agents, it is necessary to combine oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin.
Mistake 4: insulin is very painful
Insulin injection needle is short and thin, as long as the standard injection, basically no pain. If you have pain, you should pay attention to the following points: new Kaifeng insulin should be warm to room temperature before injection; Avoid injecting at the root of body hair; Use a special insulin needle and change it every time.
Myth 5: for convenience, insulin is injected at the same place for a long time
Repeated use of insulin at the same location can cause subcutaneous fat hyperplasia (induration), resulting in a decrease in drug absorption rate, leading to blood glucose fluctuations.
According to the order of absorption speed, the suitable parts for insulin injection are abdomen > arm > buttock > thigh. Therefore, the best choice for short acting insulin injection is abdomen, and the best choice for medium and long acting insulin injection is buttock. In addition, the injection site should be rotated regularly.
Myth six: in order to save money, 2 or more diabetic patients in the family use the same insulin pen (core).
In some families, there are a number of diabetics. It is very dangerous to use insulin pen with each other in order to save money. Trace blood is easy to backflow to the refill, even if a new needle is used, it will also lead to the spread of blood diseases and infectious diseases.
Myth 7: do not shake the premixed insulin before injection
Premixed insulin is a mixture of two kinds of insulin with different onset and maintenance time, also known as biphasic insulin. Shake and mix well before injection. If the mixing is not enough, the insulin concentration will be unstable, which will affect the hypoglycemic effect and cause hypoglycemia. The correct mixing method is turning and rolling, and the bubbles produced by violent shaking must be avoided.
Error 8: keep the needle perpendicular to the skin surface during injection
This is related to the length of the needle and the thickness of subcutaneous fat. If the length of the needle is less than 4mm, it is usually injected vertically; If the needle is larger than 4mm, or the body is thin, it is necessary to lift and pinch the skin, incline the needle at a certain angle, so as to prevent the needle from penetrating into the subcutaneous layer.
Mistake 9: always keep insulin in refrigerator
The unopened insulin injection should be stored at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ in cold storage to avoid direct sunlight and repeated vibration, and should not be frozen. The unsealed insulin can be stored at room temperature.
When taking a plane, patients should put insulin in their carry on luggage, which must not be checked in. Because in flight, the luggage compartment will be in the environment of dozens of degrees below zero, which is equivalent to putting insulin into the freezer. After freezing insulin, transparent liquid will crystallize. Even after thawing, turbidity in these liquid will form a large number of granular substances, leading to insulin failure.
Mistake 10: reduce or stop the drug after the blood sugar is stable
More insulin is easy to hypoglycemia, less insulin will fluctuate, must be injected according to the doctor’s advice. Insulin can only help control blood sugar, but can not cure diabetes. Even if the blood sugar is stable for a long time, we should continue to use insulin. It is strictly forbidden to reduce or stop the use of insulin without the consent of the doctor.

The coronavirus vaccine is not the only competition

As the world power, the United States has in recent years wantonly suppressed countries that it considers to be a threat to it, including Russia, which has been one of the targets of the Western camp. In addition, China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has made the United States and other Western countries envious. And this has become one of the main reasons for the United States to suppress China.

China presents itself as a great power
During the epidemic period, China was the first country to recover from the epidemic. At the same time, it continued to assist other countries in the epidemic prevention and control, which can be said to be a good demonstration of China’s great power style and, to a certain extent, further deepen China’s influence in the world.

The United States wants to further consolidate its position by suppressing China. In fact, this move itself is wrong. Until now, the United States still pursues hegemonism and tries to continue to follow this hegemonism path in this multi-polar world. However, many countries have expressed their anger towards the United States, and the hegemonism of the United States is no longer appropriate.

US executives are alarmed
During the epidemic period, after China successfully developed the new coronavirus, it not only met its own needs, but also made relevant donations to other countries without vaccine production capacity, in order to make contributions to the world’s anti-epidemic achievements. In addition, China’s production of epidemic prevention equipment can be said to have seen an explosive growth, in which masks, as the main protective equipment, are produced in large quantities in China, and have been recognized by the people of the world. Chinese masks are of high quality and low price, and American people are very fond of Chinese masks.

In the United States, by contrast, after the vaccine was developed, donations were meagre, even meagre. On top of that, face masks made by American face mask suppliers cost 10 times more than those made in China. Meanwhile, Premium-PPE, a mask maker in the US, saw its workforce plummet when no masks were being sold. No one wants to buy its expensive masks, and its executives say they will never sell them for less than a cent, a sign of their desperation.

Biden did not think that the new coronavirus vaccine is not the only one, and the senior executives of the US companies were anxious before the Chinese side made the offer. In addition, they want the U.S. government to purchase their stockpiled stock to ease the current plight of U.S. mask suppliers. But in fact, whether it’s vaccines or face masks, China is already doing a pretty good job.