If you don’t lose weight, you’ll ruin your body!

Lose weight, the more fat, said you?
You must be the Internet spread “fast thin” weight loss method pit. That’s why you’re going farther and farther on the way to a good figure.

  1. think eating less can reduce stomach
    The reason why this understanding, many fat friends think, fat is because of eating more, belly fat is also more. According to this logic, eating less can become thin, and the belly of the fat is naturally gone.
    The truth, however, is the opposite.
    The fact is that those who eat less and diet all the year round tend to get fatter and fatter. In a short time, although eating less will make weight loss, but most of the loss is muscle and water, and does not lose fat. In addition, because of the low energy intake, the body will enter the state of self-protection, thus opening the “power saving mode”. In other words, it can lead to a reduction in basic metabolism.
    Because of the long-term low energy intake, when you can’t help resuming your diet, the body will be crazy about absorbing energy and nutrition, and when you’re going to rebound, fat will be more stubborn.
    Suggestion: in the aspect of diet control, do not pursue low calorie intake all the time. According to the dietary guidelines of Chinese residents, the minimum energy intake should not be less than 1200 kcal. Or take their own basic metabolism as a reference, not lower than the basic metabolism value.
  2. think the more sweat, the faster you lose weight
    Once upon a time, the weight loss circle spread such a sentence: sweat is the tears of fat. Translation, that is, the above meaning, sweat, that means that thin fast.
    So, what is the relationship between sweating and weight loss, or, in other words, sweating and burning fat? First, conclusion: sweating and weight loss have no direct relationship. To understand this, you need to understand why people sweat to cool down.
    When the body produces heat more than heat dissipation (muscle activity will produce a lot of heat), the body temperature rises, the body uses sweat evaporation to take away excess heat, in order to maintain the temperature balance. That is, whether you’re exercising or sweating hot, it’s one thing.
    However, the main component of sweat is water, so when a large amount of sweat evaporates, it will cause weight loss. However, after you add water, your weight will recover.
    So much, not only to tell you that there is no direct relationship between sweating and weight loss. Reducing girls also wants to say that if you pursue sweating, such as wearing sweaty clothes or steaming sauna, it may cause temperature imbalance and dehydration.
  3. sedentary habit of subconscious
    Modern people, especially the workers, have a habit of sitting for a long time. Driving, working and eating… Most of them are subconscious. However, who has long been listed as one of the top ten causes of death and disease. It is hardly too harmful to health.
    Sitting long can lead to the blood circulation of the lower body is not smooth, edema, lower body obesity, are closely related to this. Because of lack of activity, the body is in a low metabolism state for a long time, which is also adverse to weight loss. Moreover, because the body oppresses the stomach for a long time, the peristalsis speed of the stomach is reduced, and constipation is more likely.
    According to the relevant research, sedentary will increase the risk of death of 14 diseases; People who sit more than four hours a day are 80 percent more at risk of cerebrovascular disease than those who are 2 hours a day.
    So now that’s the question that you and I are all concerned about is how long is it going to take? Generally, it is considered to be a long sitting if there is no activity for 1-2 hours in a row, or if it is awake, it is more than 5 days a week and more than 8 hours / day.
    In summary, in order to alleviate the harm of sitting for a long time, in addition to maintaining a proper sitting position (sitting for a long time is also the enemy of spinal cord injury), it is better to get up and move once every 60-90 minutes, and stand or walk around to avoid sitting for a long time.
  4. think you can be thin without dinner
    Many people don’t have the habit of eating dinner. When asked why, they will say “not eating at noon” can lose weight. But the reality is that not eating dinner is equivalent to reducing calories. This method is not essentially different from eating less per meal.
    Moreover, if you are used to three meals a day, in order to lose weight, you suddenly become two meals a day. The change of this diet habit, considering that you can eat only at noon of the previous day and the morning after the next day, the accumulation of hunger will increase the risk of overeating.
    Others, in order not to eat dinner, in the morning or at noon eat especially much, open up belly to eat, the calories may be ingested beyond the standard, maybe will become fat Oh.
    It is suggested that the heat intake for dinner should be controlled at 30% of the energy per day. On this basis, the main food should be controlled within 100g. Then, according to the personal situation, it is advisable to eat some low-fat meat and fruits and vegetables. Eat about 7 minutes to fill, it is better to eat before sleeping 3 hours.

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