Just take vitamin B12, can you relieve insomnia?

Good sleep plays a key role in human body. The importance of sleep has been put forward as early as in the “Emperor’s Neijing”.
But modern people, with their fast-paced lifestyles, work and family pressures, are increasingly neglecting the pursuit of good sleep.
Going to bed late and staying up all night is something almost everyone has experienced. More and more people are suffering from sleep disorders, which are painful but still difficult to resolve.
Some people say that vitamin B12 can regulate sleep, is it true?

Adequate and regular sleep is extremely important to a person’s body.

Following the laws of nature, the normal bedtime and sleep time is generally before 10 p.m., but how many people can do that now?
For a large number of people, this time may be just the beginning of the evening life, eating and drinking little is equally unpleasant, psychological satisfaction but the body is increasingly consumed.
Good sleep can help us relieve the tiredness of the day, keep our energy and the food we eat can be better absorbed.

After a whole day’s work and study, our brains will be very tired, and when we have enough sleep, our brains will be much more awake and relaxed.
For minors, a good sleep is also the basis of their physical growth and development.
Usually we will find that after staying up late, the body will be very weak, memory loss, weakened immunity, in the long run, the body will be in a state of sub-health.
If you can’t catch up on sleep during the day, chronic sleep deprivation can take a huge toll on your body and mind.

Some people say that taking vitamin B12 can help insomnia. Many people hear this and take B12 every day, but is this true?
Researchers in Japan have found that taking vitamin B12 can help you sleep, but not because of the vitamin itself.
Many people because of insomnia, become poor appetite, so the body gradually lack of nutrition, taking vitamin B can help the body supplement nutrition, but for people with insomnia, their most critical problem is that the body’s internal system has some disorders, such as endocrine disorders, anxiety and tension.

So what better way can you relieve insomnia?

  1. Find out what type of insomnia you have

Many people suffer from insomnia, but not everyone has the same causes and types of insomnia.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia is mainly divided into the following types, heart fire, liver qi depression, spleen and stomach imbalance, malnutrition, blood heat.
Each type of person should find the treatment that works best for them.
For example, malnourished people should supplement their own Qi and blood, and work hard on eating, such as jujube and lily are good food materials.
And the heart fire people should go ahead decrease internal heat, this kind of people easily upset irritable temper big, sleep like a fire block in the heart, weekdays can drink rose tea, eat less spicy food.

  1. Give your sleep a ritual

Many people nowadays ignore the importance of sleep, not to mention the ritual of sleep.
But sleep is a very important thing in our life, we put a little effort on it, may get a different surprise.
For those who suffer from insomnia, put sleep at the top of your list.
Just before you go to sleep, keep your body on an even keel. Don’t eat too much or go to bed with an empty stomach.
Try not to play with electronic devices before going to bed, and dim the light.
If you can’t fall asleep immediately, listen to soothing music.
Try not to do mental tasks before going to bed. Try not to do exercise before going to bed to get your body excited.
Stick to a period of time to adjust their own schedule, the state of mind put peace, believe that good sleep will find you.

Conclusion: Taking vitamin B12 alone is not a good way to relieve sleep.
We should find out the key root cause of our insomnia, the appropriate medicine.
Take care of your body and give your body more time to rest. I believe you will have better and better changes with enough sleep.

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