Medical students steal narcotic drugs to kill their girlfriend

Xiaomeng, after all, failed to usher in the first ray of sunshine in 2020.
This girl in the Department of anesthesia in a medical college in Sichuan Province, in order to celebrate the cross-year celebration on the evening of December 31, 2019, boyfriend Han Mou and she discussed to go to a hospital to steal heptane. It is reported that heptane is an inhaled anesthetic, which will aggravate hypotension and respiratory dysfunction when anesthesia deepens, and can only be used if there is a professional doctor.
Previously, boyfriend Han Mou once used the opportunity of internship in hospital, stole a bottle of heptane and girlfriend Xiao Meng for many times. During the period, Xiao Meng had a respiratory difficulty due to the ingestion of heptane, so he was able to escape from danger after an emergency rescue by Han.
But in that cross night, Meng never woke up again. After being identified by the Western China forensic science identification center of Sichuan Province, the cause of Xiaomeng’s death was in line with the death of heptane poisoning.
Recently, China judicial documents network has published a verdict on the crime of death caused by a fault of Han, who was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and compensated the family of the dead for more than 83000 yuan.
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And my girlfriend in the rental room and took drugs
Wake up in the morning and find my girlfriend dead
At about 7:30 in the morning, Han was waken up by the alarm clock at the head of the bed. When he woke up, he found his girlfriend Meng had died.
At that time, in the morning of January 1, 2020, Han Mou cried to call his mother: “sorry, something happened.” Han father then called and asked his son what happened. Han told his father on the phone that he and his girlfriend Meng had taken an anesthetic before they went to bed and found their girlfriend dead in the morning.
Han told his father that the drug is not a drug, it is an anesthetic… On the phone, Han father asked his son to call the police.
That morning, after receiving a police call from Han, the police in the district immediately arrived at the scene. Han was detained by police on the same day for stealing heptane, and was detained for criminal detention on January 10, 2020, and arrested on August 5, the same year. After being identified by the Western China forensic science identification center of Sichuan Province, the cause of Xiaomeng’s death was in line with the death of heptane poisoning.
Han and his girlfriend are taking an anesthetic called heptane. It is reported that heptane can cause the dose-related cardiopulmonary function to be low, and the deepening of anesthesia will aggravate the low blood pressure and low respiratory function. It should be used by special calibrated volatiles to accurately control its concentration, and excessive concentration will lead to blood pressure reduction, heart rate slowing down, severe respiratory inhibition and even death. Only personnel trained in the anesthesiology department can use it. Equipment for maintaining airway unobstructed, artificial oxygen, oxygen supply and circulating reproduction must be ready for use at any time.
A few days before the tragedy, Han had just taken the postgraduate examination. Han Mou, born in 1997, is a 2015 grade anesthesiologist in a medical college in Sichuan Province, and his girlfriend, Xiaomeng, is his junior sister. In the eyes of classmates, Han Mou has a good performance in learning. On Christmas night, 2019, Han sent a wechat to his mother, announcing his love with Xiao Meng, and also sent some photos of their lives.
Xiao Meng also studied Anesthesiology, and was a younger sister of Han, who decided their relationship on Christmas Day 2018. Han recalled that before the tragedy, Han mentioned that he was going to Xi’an for a tour with his girlfriend from January 14 to January 17, 2020, when he asked his family what was interesting in Xi’an.
At about 0 on January 1, 2020, in order to meet the new year, Xiao Meng sent a red envelope to his mother; On the other hand, Han also expressed his new year’s wishes to his family in his family group.
Han said that in the early morning of January 1, because of numbness, he and his girlfriend Xiao Meng both took seven x-alkane at the same time, and fell asleep
When Han woke up in the morning, he found his girlfriend Meng had died.

Boyfriend stole narcotics from an intern hospital twice
My girlfriend had difficulty breathing because of her ingestion
Han and his girlfriend took the heptane, which Han Mou stole from the hospital where he had been practicing.
According to Han, on December 31, 2019, he and his girlfriend discussed to steal heptane and then take food to celebrate the cross-year. That night, he went to the hospital anesthesia department, where he had previously practiced, and stole two bottles of heptane. It’s not the first time Han stole seven x-alkanes in a hospital, or the first time he and his girlfriend had taken food.
Han said that during June November 2019, he had been an intern in the anesthesia department of the hospital, and he had been exposed to heptane in the operating room and knew where the heptane was stored. Han said that heptane is a volatile drug. During the operation, he was a little bit drunk after passive inhalation. He told his girlfriend Xiaomeng who was learning anesthesia.
“She (girlfriend) also knows heptane, also mentioned that the anesthetist will take these drugs online, and inhale heptane will have a kind of pleasure, like after drinking a little drunk, half asleep, she let me get some back.” Han said that he also wanted that kind of feeling of being drunk, and he did not object.
On a day in mid October 2019, Han took a bottle of seven x alkanes in his internship hospital, and then took food with his girlfriend in a rental house. The next few days, the two took food several times together.
As a student of Anesthesiology Department of Medical College, Han Mou knew the consequences of heptane intake“ In operation, the dosage of narcotic drugs is calculated according to the patient’s weight. Excessive amount will cause respiratory inhibition. If no one is under supervision, it will endanger life and cause respiratory tract occlusion, and thus lead to death. I and Meng both know the harm of narcotic drugs, but out of luck, we want to experience the sense of hunting. In addition, we think that one person sucks, and one person will not be able to see it by the side. ” Han told me that he took three bottles of seven x-alkane twice in the hospital, all of which were taken in the hospital room during the off work time.
In fact, in the process of taking heptane by Han and his girlfriend, there was no danger signal. Han said that once, when his girlfriend little Meng was alone, he looked at her, and found that her girlfriend had shortness of breath and shortness of breath and other difficult breathing conditions after she was inhaled. He immediately gave her first aid. “After that, I told her not to take any more, and threw away the remaining third.”
According to Han, a former anesthesiologist in a hospital, heptane can only be used by the operation personnel, not for sale, special equipment and can not be used by itself, and can only be used if there is a professional doctor.

3 years of imprisonment for the crime of death caused by negligence
Compensation for the family members of the victim is more than RMB 83000
Afterwards, the people’s Procuratorate of Shunqing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, charged Han Mou for the crime of death caused by negligence and filed a public prosecution.
According to the law, Han was a student of anesthesia major 2015 in a medical college before the case was committed, and was exposed to inhalation anesthetics heptane during the internship of the Department of anesthesia in the hospital. In mid October 2019, Han stole a bottle of seven x alkane from the hospital anesthetic preparation room, and then took food with his girlfriend Xiaomeng in the rental house several times. During one of the sucking, Xiao Meng had difficulty breathing, and was out of danger after emergency rescue by Han.
After dinner on December 31st, 2019, the two people discussed the theft of heptane for co-feeding, and the defendant Han Mou stole two bottles of heptane from the hospital and took them in their rental room. On January 1, 2020, Han found that Xiao Meng died. After the examination by the physical evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security, heptane and hexafluoroisopropanol were detected from liver tissue, heart blood and urine samples of Xiaomeng, and heptane and hexafluoroisopropanol were detected from a blood sample of Han.
The people’s Court of Shunqing District, Nanchong City, considered that Han, as a student of Anesthesiology Department of Medical College, knew that heptane intake was dangerous and needed to be operated by professionals with special devices. Heptane in the hospital was stolen and taken by the victim Xiaomeng. During the course of ingestion, he failed to pay full attention to the obligation, which resulted in the death of Xiaomeng, The act constitutes the crime of death caused by negligence, and the public prosecution organ charges facts and charges.
In court, Han expressed his willingness to compensate, pleaded guilty and punished, and said he was very sorry now. He deeply realized that the great pain caused by his behavior to the family of small Meng would never be compensated, and that the pain caused by himself and his family also needs to be compensated with his life.
Recently, China judicial document network released the first trial decision of the case. The court sentenced han to three years in prison for the crime of death caused by negligence. The total amount of compensation for the funeral expenses and death compensation of the victim’s family members was more than 83000 yuan.

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