World Day to Fight Obesity

World Obesity Day

As the global obesity problem is becoming more and more serious, the World Health Organization has identified “obesity” as one of the ten chronic diseases, and the prevention and treatment of obesity has become a major international event.
For this reason, the World Health Organization has designated May 11 as World Obesity Day every year.
The pronunciation of “5·11” is similar to “I want one”, and the final “1” stands for slim, which means “I want to be thin” in colloquial terms.

That’s what we did last time

Have you made a move?

On the eve of World Obesity Day

Learn more about the dangers of obesity

The hazards of obesity

Obesity is often associated with diseases such as dyslipidemia, fatty liver, hypertension, coronary heart disease, abnormal glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus. It can also be accompanied or complicated with obstructive sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, hyperuricemia and gout, osteoarthropathy, venous thrombosis, impaired reproductive function and some cancers.
Obesity may be a cause and risk factor for these health problems, or may share a common basis with these diseases.

Some researchers have suggested that obesity may even be a risk factor for the severity of novel coronavirus pneumonia, especially in younger patients.
Data from the US and France show that obesity is associated with a higher likelihood of hospital admission and severe illness among COVID-19 patients.

How to lose weight healthily

Intake, consume, both

  1. Stop eating and reduce your intake

To overweight fat person, food adjustment should be on the basis of controlling intake of total energy, maintain balanced diet.

In general, it is recommended to reduce energy intake by 300~500 kilocalories a day, strictly control the intake of edible oil and fat, moderate control of white rice noodles and meat, and ensure adequate intake of vegetables, fruits and milk.

Minimum amount of diet

What’s 1200 kilocalories?

3 two staple food

Two lean

One egg

1 cup milk (300 ml)

1 catty vegetables

1 point of oil

Why do you eat like this?
The energy of food mainly comes from the carbohydrate, protein and fat contained in food (these three substances are known as the “three productive nutrients” in nutrition).
Human intake of animal and plant food, digestion and decomposition into these three nutrients, produce a lot of energy.
In addition, dietary fiber, ethanol, organic acids, sugar alcohols can also provide a certain amount of energy for the body.

The level of food energy is related to its own nutritional composition. The more fat the food contains, the higher the converted energy will be. For example, fatty meat has a higher fat content than lean meat, and fried food has a high fat content.
Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber and water, low in fat and protein, and therefore, low in energy.

Move legs, more consumption

Among the four ways of energy consumption, the consumption of physical activity is the only one that can self-regulate energy consumption. With the increase of physical activity, the energy consumption will increase significantly.
So, pay attention to exercise, increase the consumption of physical activity, get rid of excess fat.


Aerobic exercise, to walk fast as the main form, it is recommended that 2 times a day, 30 minutes each time, can be put in lunch and dinner after half an hour, its main points have three: (1) stride: stride is larger than usual walking, walking stride.
② Brisk pace: take 1000-1200 steps every 10 minutes.
③ Long time: walk continuously for 30 minutes per unit.

Resistance training: recommended 1 times a day, 20 minutes each time, with moderate dumbbell exercises, etc., can design their own movements, step by step, according to one’s ability.

Be physically active whenever and wherever possible
Use your commute time

Reduce the amount of driving, car riding and sitting, increase the amount of walking, biking and climbing stairs, and increase the amount of physical activity.

Reduce sedentary time

During the work process, we can stand up and do more activities. We should get up every hour and do stretching exercises or aerobics. We should reduce screen time such as watching TV and playing mobile phones and do more outdoor walking and exercise.

Integrating Sports into Life

Diversified forms of sports combine housework, sports and exercise organically to make life colorful and enjoy sports.

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