Midsummer health, avoid these mistakes!

In the middle of summer in June, the weather became hotter, coupled with the increasing rain, hot and humid weather appeared in most parts of the country, easy to make people feel tired limbs, listless and sleepy, the sense of discomfort greatly increased.

Some sugar friends in the summer, often appear dizzy distension, fatigue, meat pain, heavy limbs, tiredness and lethargy, chest sulky short, even low fever does not retreat, accompanied by tasteless, poor appetite and other uncomfortable symptoms, this is often said by people “bitter summer”.
In addition, because climate change will bring a series of problems, whether for health maintenance or disease control, may have a negative impact.

Grain in Ear before and after, what health mistakes are worth the majority of sugar friends alert it?
Famous sugar diabetes health education that we should pay attention to the following points.

First, poor appetite, easy to hypoglycemia

Affected by the “bitter summer” and the high temperature, many sugar friends will have a poor appetite, diet may reduce the situation.
But in summer, when the body’s metabolism is more active and the need for energy is greater, sugar lovers are more likely to suffer from low blood sugar.
How do you avoid it?

  1. Adjust your diet

Recuperate in food respect, food wants less greasy, notice light, qualitative soft, digestible.
Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter gourds, winter gourds, loofah and so on, can not only meet the required nutrition, but also can prevent heat stroke.

Diabetes health education of sugar masters
Sugar friends can also eat more food, such as coix seed, red beans, white lentils, wax gourd skin and so on, to prevent the evil of heat and humidity from harming the human body.

  1. Monitor blood sugar frequently

Summer blood glucose measurement should be more frequent, in order to timely understand the changes in blood glucose.
Some sugar friends often have nocturnal hypoglycemia. You might as well measure your blood sugar before going to bed. If it is lower than 5.6mmol/ L, you can eat a proper amount of food, such as cookies, milk, etc.

In order to protect your health, it is best to consult your doctor and follow your doctor’s instructions if you need to adjust your medication.

Two, excessive greed cool, easy to get sick

Summer is hot, many sugar friends like cool, especially some overweight, obese diabetes patients.
But too greedy cool is actually harmful to health, especially these mistakes, must be avoided.

1, avoid excessive air conditioning

Some sugar friends are used to staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time to enjoy the cool.
However, this may lead to their symptoms of decreased cold tolerance, and some patients may also experience significant elevated blood sugar due to lack of body heat.
This is also very easy to induce “air sickness”.
Once the immunity decreases, it will affect the control of the disease.

Diabetes health education of sugar masters
In summer, it is recommended that sugar friends do not stay in air-conditioned rooms for too long. The air conditioning temperature should be maintained at more than 26 ° C. Remember to ventilate every one or two hours.

2, avoid cold bath

When summer is hot, many people like to shower directly in cold water.
But when the skin comes into contact with cold water, the blood vessels constrict sharply, and a lot of blood rushes back to the viscera, causing the already high blood pressure to rise again.
Serious can cause cerebrovascular rupture, bleeding, stroke, coma and even death.

The healthy thing to do is to bathe in warm water.
Warm water keeps your skin clean and cool, and helps to cool down the heat and prevent illness.

  1. Avoid drinking lots of cold drinks

Sugar friends are used to eating cold drinks to cool off, which is not correct.
First of all, raw and cold food is easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, diarrhea and other problems, great harm to sugar friends.

Diabetes health education of sugar masters
Secondly, some common cool drinks, such as ice cream, ice cream and so on, most of them contain a lot of sugar, sugar friends are not suitable to drink.

Finally, cold beer should never be drunk too much.
Because beer is known as “liquid bread”, said the heat is quite high, not conducive to sugar friends to protect health.

Third, too little sleep, blood sugar instability

Don’t stay up late

Before and after Grain in Ear, the day is long and the night is short. Many sugar friends get busy late at night and unconsciously start to stay up late.
This can easily lead to lack of sleep and psychological stress.
This stimulates the cerebral cortex and activates it.
Furthermore, the sympathetic nerve center of the hypothalamus is excited and the secretion of catecholamine increases, which can lead to the increase of glucagon content in the blood and inhibit the secretion of insulin, thus causing the increase of blood sugar.

Therefore, even in summer, sugar friends should also work and rest regularly, can not sleep too late, more can not get up too late, affecting the normal rhythm of sugar control.

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