Rheumatism patient basks in the sun, what profit is there? Here are 4 tips to help you get the sun right

At present, the temperature is gradually rising, there are many elderly people, often in the community inside the sun, a lot of people will take the sun as a method of health.
B: That’s true. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that basking in the sun can enhance Yang Qi and is good for our health.
For rheumatic patients, often basking in the sun can also get some benefits, but there are some things that need to be paid attention to, the following take you together to understand.

Rheumatism patient basks in the sun, what profit is there?

May be a lot of people do not know, the occurrence of rheumatism, mainly caused by cold damp evil.
In order to relieve the discomfort and improve the condition, patients should take medicines as prescribed by the doctor to remove the cold and dampness in the body.
And rheumatic patients, if develop the habit of sun, help to promote the body in the Yang, help drive away the cold dampness.
It is very helpful for relieving joint pain.

So for normal people, moderate exposure to the sun, can bring what benefits to the body?

(1) Moderate sun exposure can promote the synthesis of vitamin D. After sufficient vitamin D, the body can better absorb calcium, so as to prevent osteoporosis.

(2) After the body is exposed to the sun, it can also regulate people’s psychological state, help to improve bad mood and maintain an optimistic and cheerful state of mind.

(3) regular exposure to the sun, but also help to enhance the immune ability, improve the body’s ability to resist disease, inhibit the development of inflammation in the body.

From this we can see that regular exposure to the sun is good for health.
But for normal people, we must pay attention to moderate, the sun is still relatively strong in summer, it is easy to tan, dehydration phenomenon.
But for rheumatic patients, there are 4 points to pay attention to, so as to correctly bask in the sun.

Rheumatism patients, if you want to bask in the sun, which 4 points need to pay attention to?

Number one: The best time to get some sun – 10am, 3pm

To rheumatism patient character, most appropriate bask in these two time periods, because the sunshine of this paragraph of time is not very intense.
It has great help to promote blood circulation and metabolism, and is conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D.
However, we need to remind you that because in summer, the day time gets longer, the sun may be very strong at 3 PM, so it is recommended to bask in the sun at 5 or 6 PM in summer.

Number two: time spent in the sun at a time – no more than 30 minutes

Although as mentioned above, regular exposure to the sun has many health benefits, we should also pay attention to the amount of time we spend in the sun.
The best time in the sun every day within half an hour, must not be a long time in the sun, for rheumatism patients with skin diseases, but not in the sun for a long time exposure.

Number three: the best places to bask in the sun – parks, gardens, balconies with Windows open

For rheumatic patients, very suitable for the park, the garden of the community in the sun.
Do not pass for the person with a few more serious illness, daily activity can be restricted, can choose to bask in the sun on the balcony so.
But the need to remind everyone, should open the window, so that the skin is fully exposed to the sun, so that the effect of the sun is better.

Fourth point: protective measures after basking – drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables

Patients with rheumatism are advised to increase their drinking water intake after sun exposure and to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
This can not only supplement the loss of water, but also can play a nutritional effect, especially the vitamin C in fruits and vegetables, can inhibit the production of melanin.

To sum up, basking in the sun is a good way to keep healthy, especially when spring is about to end and summer is coming, it is very suitable for basking in the sun.
For rheumatic patients, the sun is good for health, but need to pay attention to the above 4 points, so as to avoid some unnecessary situations.

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