Eight out of 10 cases of liver cancer are caused by this virus infection

March 18th is National Liver Day.
How’s your liver?

Liver, assume human body numerous important function, wait like metabolic function, detoxification function and immune function, it work with one mind, even if some common little pressure, also won’t complain (pain), even if had produced canceration, still be cautious and conscientious to work!

This is the main reason why liver cancer, once found, is at an advanced stage.

According to the latest data on the global cancer burden in 2020 released by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, liver cancer was the second most deadly cancer in China last year.

Source: Analysis of Malignant Tumor Epidemiology in China in 2015

In addition to the well-known bad habits of staying up late and drinking, which damage the liver, virus infection is one of the important causes of liver cancer in patients around the world.

What viral infections cause liver cancer?

In China, it is mainly caused by hepatitis B virus, which accounts for up to 84% of liver cancer in China.

For hepatitis B, vaccination against hepatitis B is the most effective way to prevent hepatitis B virus infection (none).

What person does second liver vaccine recommend vaccinate?

The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for newborns, infants, unimmunized people under the age of 15, and high-risk groups of all ages.

High-risk population of hepatitis B

Because China belongs to the hepatitis B epidemic area, that is, the carrier or patient base is relatively large, so from the safety point of view, it is suggested that high-risk groups are vaccinated against hepatitis B.

  • It is estimated that 1 in 20 people in China are carriers of the hepatitis B virus and 1 in 50 are patients with chronic hepatitis B.

After all, hepatitis B virus is transmitted by means of mother-to-child, blood (including minor wounds to the skin and mucous membrane) and sexual contact, although it does not pass through the respiratory and digestive tracts.
Such as having sex with an infected partner or accidentally touching an infected person’s wounds or blood.

Of course, only when the blood of patient of infected second liver virus or deep body fluid, when contact with the blood photograph of infected person, second liver virus just spreads likely, everybody need not be overly anxious.

Vaccine against hepatitis B

You might even want to ask these questions!

Finally, for hepatitis B vaccine, you may still have some high-frequency questions, we invited experts to focus on the answer:

Q: Does a single vaccination give you a lifetime benefit?
Is it necessary to vaccinate again?

A: After the entire course of vaccination and the production of effective antibodies, it generally lasts for 30 years.
(The duration of the effect is controversial. Some data show that within 10 to 15 years after inoculation, 20% to 60% of the vaccinated patients have HBV surface antibody < 10 mIU/mL)

The general population is inoculated whole course, can produce higher antibody level, need not inoculate again.

High-risk crowd or the person that immune function has a problem, can check antibody of second liver surface regularly, if hemodialysis patient recommends to check every year, antibody of second liver surface < 10 mIU/mL recommends to vaccinate again.

Ask: vaccinate second liver vaccine, need to detect to have to produce effective antibody?

After average person is inoculated second liver vaccine, need not check second liver surface antibody.

Infants born to infected or infected mothers should be tested for HBV surface antibodies 7 to 12 months after birth (1 to 6 months after the third dose).

High-risk crowd, 1 ~ 2 months after inoculation is completed, can detect antibody of second liver surface.
If the surface antibody of hepatitis B is less than 10 mIU/mL, the protective effect is not enough, and immunization should be strengthened.

Ask: already be infected person of second liver virus, can you still make vaccine?
What do you need to pay attention to, and what do you need to remind the people around you?

A: No need to play.

Chronic B virus infection of the population, need to be clear hepatitis B virus DNA situation, if can detect infectious, it is recommended to follow up 3 to 6 months 1 time, liver function, hepatitis B DNA, hepatitis B three system quantitative, a fetoprotein, liver and spleen B ultrasound, blood routine and other examinations, when necessary to improve the liver hardness value.

Image source: Tuworm Creative

If HBV DNA cannot be detected, it is recommended to follow up once from 6 to 12 months, the same item as above.

Close contacts of HBV infected persons are advised to be vaccinated against HBV.

Ask: had not hit vaccine, need not need to check second liver first two half, determine to hit again not hit?

Answer: according to their own situation choice.

There is no need for routine screening prior to HBV vaccination. Even for those who are already infected and have antibodies, vaccination is safe, although not prophylactic, and can be cost-effectively eliminated from screening.

But to individual character, a lot of inoculation person is willing to undertake second liver infection at his own expense before inoculation detect, determine how to inoculate second liver vaccine according to detection result next, it is completely possible.

There is no need to take HBV carriers, chronic hepatitis B, HBV surface antibody ≥ 10 mIU/mL.

Ask: What distinction does chronic second liver virus carrier and chronic hepatitis B have?
Does hepatitis B virus need to be treated?

Answer: the carrier of chronic second liver virus, simple understanding has a virus on the body namely, but this virus and autoimmune system do not have fierce fight, also won’t affect liver function, can serve as a source of infection only.

Chronic hepatitis B is hepatitis, where the virus fights furiously with the body’s immune system, causing an inflammatory response that may require treatment.

Image source: Tuworm Creative

Not all hepatitis B patients need treatment.

In adults with normal immunity, acute hepatitis B mostly resolves itself without treatment.

Chronic hepatitis B virus carriers, when there is no treatment indications, only regular follow-up can be required, treatment after the appearance of treatment indications, through treatment can control the virus and stabilize the state of liver function.

Finally, since 2002, China has officially included the hepatitis B vaccine in the national immunization program for children, which means that the hepatitis B vaccine is free at birth.

But be born before 2002, do not know oneself whether had inoculated the small partner of second liver vaccine, can choose to inoculate directly, it may be to check quantitative second liver two half, judge whether to need inoculation again according to the result!

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