Analysis of antiviral drugs commonly used in pig farms: many of them are useless in fact. Pig breeders should not be cheated again

In pig farm, the real difficult to cure pig disease is usually viral disease. Because of the bacterial disease of pigs, antibiotics can be used, but there is no legal western medicine for swine virus disease. However, it can not be said that it is useless to treat swine virus disease with traditional Chinese medicine. However, the effect is how, in fact, the hearts of the farmers should be clear.
The truth is also very simple. Chinese medicine for the treatment of swine virus diseases, such as swine fever, blue ear and even Xiaofei, is the same as the treatment of new crown virus with products such as isatidis root and Shuanghuanglian. The effect may be available, but one is that there is no specific scientific argument; the second is that the effect can not be guaranteed. In addition, pig farm use of traditional Chinese medicine has actually been flooding, too many, drug resistance is also more serious.
At present, in the pig industry, when pigs meet some serious viral diseases, the core of treatment is to use antibiotics to prevent secondary infection, and then use Chinese medicine to kill horses and become a living horse doctor. This can also save some pigs’ lives. Many times manufacturers will boast that this is how powerful their traditional Chinese medicine is so that the casualty rate will be reduced. I don’t know if these Chinese medicines are not used, the results may not be too poor.
I believe in traditional Chinese medicine personally, but TCM is dialectical, that is, each individual is different, need to be different to apply drugs. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is actually an empirical study. But in the treatment of pig disease, there is no dialectical condition first. In addition, although pigs and humans are mammals, after all, there are many differences. The effectiveness of the traditional Chinese medicine directly used for pigs can not be promoted. Moreover, some traditional Chinese medicine used by animals may still be the residue left by the Chinese medicine factory, and the efficacy has been greatly reduced.
Western antiviral products are not allowed to be used, and it is illegal to use them. The antiviral effect of traditional Chinese medicine is difficult to guarantee. Pig breeders and veterinary medicine manufacturers are in a hurry: is there any solution? At present, the industry is better used for antiviral alternatives: glucoterpene, glycerin monolaurate, oligosaccharide, etc. First, they are formal and legal, and then they are new products, and there are no problems existing in traditional Chinese medicine. Different manufacturers also launch more products, currently more common in the market: Qingwen Taibao, blue circle not too much protection. Of course, most of these products are complex products that cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine, and the effect is to make up for the advantages and disadvantages. The feedback effect of the farmers in the practical application process is good and the reputation is good.

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