Vaccines don’t work at all! U.S. mutated virus upgrades

Recently, a new variant virus has been discovered in California, which makes American scientists afraid. According to the report of reference news network, according to the research on the variant strain, this variant strain has more obvious transmissibility than the previously found variant strain. It is worth noting that the U.S. mutant virus has been completely upgraded, and the vaccine may not be used at all for the improvement of vaccine resistance.
Characteristics of new mutation virus in USA
The research shows that the mutant virus appeared very early, but was found very late. It was only found in winter. Because winter makes the transmission of the virus enhanced, the corresponding cases of natural increase in infection, the mutation of the virus caused attention. At the time of initial discovery, there was no clear evidence to prove that the mutant virus might have stronger transmissibility.
However, after several months of development, the danger of the virus is gradually emerging, and its serious infectivity is also gradually reflected. In just one quarter, with the corresponding strengthening of epidemic prevention and control in the United States, the mutant virus has become the main mutant virus in California. This result makes the researchers concerned, through the research and analysis of the mutant virus, the researchers found that the mutant virus has stronger infectivity.
Risk of mutated virus
After comparing with the mutated viruses in Brazil and South Africa, virus experts exclaimed that the devil had come. The stronger adaptability of the mutated virus makes it more effective to evade the vaccine, and the effect of the vaccine will naturally decline or even disappear. In addition, the mutant virus may have a better “binding” function with human cells, in other words, it has a more efficient infection rate. The reason why the mutant virus is called the devil is that if this characteristic of the virus is contacted and fused, it is very likely to form a new virus that is more dangerous than the mutant virus.
Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed
The new mutation virus found in the United States has brought new challenges to the epidemic prevention and control, and whether the vaccine can play a role has aroused concern again. This further reminds people that they should be more active in fighting against the epidemic and should not relax the relevant epidemic prevention measures. This kind of mutant virus also has the risk of infection to people who have been infected with the epidemic situation and produced antibodies. In addition, according to experts, if this kind of virus is widely spread, the effect of the vaccine will be lower and lower, and finally even invalid.
U.S. researchers say the virus may lead the U.S. into another wave of outbreaks. In the current situation that the epidemic situation in the United States is not under control, the virus will bring greater difficulty to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the United States. This will also have an impact on Biden’s epidemic prevention and control plan. Whether the United States can control the epidemic in the summer is even more uncertain. Before the end of the epidemic, wear masks, keep personal hygiene clean, still can’t relax.

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