People of this blood type should be careful! Experts have confirmed: particularly vulnerable to virus infection

As researchers around the world work to identify and address risk factors for individuals with severe new crowns, they have found evidence that certain blood types may be associated with an increased risk of the disease. This study shows that the new coronavirus is particularly attracted by the type a blood antigen found in respiratory cells.
In this study, the researchers evaluated a protein on the surface of the new coronavirus called receptor binding domain, or RBD. RBD is a part of the virus binding with host cells, which makes it an important research target to understand how infection occurs. The team evaluated synthetic blood group antigens on type A, B and O red blood cells and individual respiratory tract cells, and analyzed how the RBD of the new coronavirus interacts with each unique blood group.
They found that RBD had a strong preference for binding type a blood in respiratory cells. This is probably how the virus enters most patients and infects them.
Although we can’t change the blood type, the researchers said. But if we can better understand how the virus interacts with people’s blood groups, we may be able to find new drugs or preventive methods.

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