The source of the virus was found? American expert: the virus spread from them to the world!

The source of the virus was found?
American expert: the virus spread from them to the world!
As of March 3, the world will be coronavirus infection is still very difficult, the United States as the first big outbreak, total 29.37 million cases of confirmed cases, accumulative total deaths of nearly 530000, to make matters worse, at the same time, the mutant viruses also swept by, although for now, the United States in a single new cases has decreased, but health experts say, this does not mean that the United States has successful escape, only strengthening ego to protect consciousness, people will be wearing a mask and keep a safe distance view as a habit, is likely to contain the spread of the virus, in addition, the vaccine promotion is urgent,
After all, the only thing that protects against the virus is the COVID-19 vaccine!

In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries are also infected, even in Asia, Japan, South Korea is not optimistic about the situation, so where is the virus sweeping the world from?
Pompeo, known as the “public enemy of mankind”, did everything he could to smear China. He even claimed that the Wuhan Virus Laboratory had created and spread the virus. It was not until a WHO expert team came to China to investigate that the truth finally came to light!

Hill shortly before an Indian experts reveal the secrets of fort detrick, biological laboratories, the original will be coronavirus even the laboratory synthetic products, and at that time, the international community, many countries want the who travel to the United States, however, America’s defence secretary, to prevent the who came and openly will large Numbers of troops deployed around the laboratory, harms the cover-up to fort detrick, biological laboratories, experts at a time when the United States a fact make public outcry again…

It is learned that the experts foreign exposes the spread of the virus worldwide truth, had held a conference in Boston in the United States, the meeting is more than 200 experts from around the world, due to the seal, meeting place and the participants did not wear masks, 200 experts after the meeting became spreaders, will will be coronavirus spread to all over the world, that is to say, the meeting in Boston is led to the fall of the world’s other, and the Chinese side has always been wronged.

With the continuous progress of tracing the source, it is obviously impossible for the United States to continue to conceal the facts. However, some American officials who are not dead in their conscience have been selectively blind and insist on pinning the blame on us. This despicable method is disgusting!
In fact, novel coronavirus appeared and spread the truth has been revealed, the next world health must personally come forward to thoroughly investigate the United States, the global public need an explanation, and the United States as the biggest suspect must unconditionally cooperate with the world health investigation, this is beyond doubt!

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