Data showed that the severe protection rate of the new crown vaccine with adenovirus vector was more than 90%

China’s first new crown vaccine for adenovirus vectors was approved for conditional marketing yesterday, the first in the world to enter the clinic after more than a year of research and development.
How safe is the vaccine?
How should the public choose?
In the second phase of Bai Yansong’s new media live program “Bai · Ask”, he spoke with Chen Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to analyze and answer questions about the process of developing vaccines.

When the vaccine is conditionally marketed, how effective is it?
In the program, Chen Wei said that the biggest effect of vaccines is to prevent severe diseases, and the current observation data show that the protection rate of vaccines against severe diseases has reached more than 90 percent.

Chen Wei: Vaccines are for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, and the new crown vaccine is the most important technological means for the prevention and control of new crown.
For us, the greatest effect of vaccines is to prevent severe illness, and the theory is no severe illness, no death.
So, if a vaccine can reduce the incidence of severe disease, it will reduce the death rate, and the vaccine is the most critical data, so the data on the protection rate of severe disease, this is the first thing to pay attention to.
Now we intensive protection can achieve full protection in Pakistan, which is critical in the placebo group vaccine a all have no, we did Pakistan (observed), more than eighteen thousand people around the world all people inside our intensive protection ratio can reach more than 90%, so for me this data is my first concern, especially welcome a data.

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