Novel coronavirus was the main cause of local epidemic

The mayor of Dunkirk, a coastal town in northern France, had an urgent telephone conversation with French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Castet and Health Minister Jean-Claude Verand about the new outbreak, confirming that they would study the upgrading of prevention and control measures in the region as soon as possible. Verand himself would also go to Dunkirk on 24 local time to consult with the town officials, the report said.

Media map of Dunkirk, France

In the past 7 days, 901 people per 100,000 population in Dunkirk were infected with the novel coronavirus, the highest infection rate in the country, local health authorities said Monday.
The novel coronavirus variant found in the UK is believed to be the main cause of the high infection rate in Dunkirk.
In response, local lawmakers called for compulsory wearing of masks in public places to prevent people from gathering, or “city closures” if necessary, on the basis of continuing to promote virus testing and vaccination.

More than 60 towns along the southeastern coast of France, which are also affected by the outbreak, decided to close them for the next two weekends, setting a precedent for local prevention and control in France.
In western France, where the disease has been relatively mild, local councillors have called for an easing of curfews.
French President Emmanuel Macron said it would be better to regionalize the prevention and control measures when he visited local agricultural projects.
French media also believe that this may become the main strategy of the French government to control the epidemic.

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