Bad news from Finland about the discovery of a mutated virus that is more difficult to fight

, according to media reports, Finnish foreign revealed a message that the “vita” laboratory located in Helsinki last week found that there is a new variation will be coronavirus, Finland will variant will be coronavirus known as Fin – 796 – h, the mutant viruses have some British and characteristics of the external reports of strains in South Africa, but it is different from these countries reported to who the variation of the virus, because through the study found that the sequence of the virus is unique, and Finland, according to the current will be coronavirus detection methods, not be able to detect the mutation of the virus,
As soon as the news broke, it caught the world’s attention, and it was clear that everyone’s worst fears had been realized.

Although authorities in Finland immediately stressed that they should not worry too much about the new mutant virus, many people were in a panic.
Mutated virus there for all to see the impact of the outside world, have to mention is the mutated virus reported to who, the discovery of a kind of transmission speed, infectious or fatality rate is higher than the ordinary will be coronavirus mutated virus, the virus, the epidemic worse at the speed of visible to the naked eye, and open the floodgates, still hasn’t seen better, in addition the mutation after the virus appears, also has made great influence in other countries, now many countries have claimed to have found that the virus, the United States is the worst, the mutant virus spread to more than 40 states.

Beyond the UK, there are a lot of countries have declared found mutation, even lead to some strains in the new vaccine failure, under this big background that almost everyone is heard mutation, after all, to deal with will be coronavirus has been very difficult, now also appears more difficult to deal with the variation of the virus, this means that countries all over the world to get rid of the difficulty of the outbreak of the new champions league became larger.

In front of the report of these mutated viruses still can be found, and now the Finnish side found novel coronavirus, may even nucleic acid can not be detected, once in a large range of proliferation, the consequences are unthinkable.

Experts at the Finnish laboratory where the virus was discovered have said only when it was discovered. No conclusions have been reached as to how the patient became infected or how transmissible or resistant the virus is. Experts do not know whether the virus has spread outside Finland.

Most eyes are now on Finland, where studies of the new mutated virus have begun to find out more about whether the virus’s ability to spread could make the new vaccine ineffective.

In fact immediately after the discovery of the new strains in Finland, told the news for the world is a good thing, because Britain found earlier after mutation, because there is no alarm, the first time make Britain itself is not only a heavy price, more in other countries should all be missed the best opportunity, British mutated virus spread around the world.

The timely sound of the Finnish alarm is undoubtedly a wake-up call to all countries, so that countries around the world can respond quickly, take measures to deal with, which can greatly reduce the emergence of a new mutation of the virus to the global losses.

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