WHO: Experts have reached consensus ona summary report on the origin of novel coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that the international expert group on novel coronavirus traceability has reached a consensus with its Chinese counterpart ona joint traceability summary report.
Peter Embarek, the panel leader, stressed that further research is needed to gather more evidence to explore all hypotheses about the origin of novel coronavirus.

Embarek said at a press conference that the panel had reached an agreement with its Chinese counterparts on the final report, especially the key contents of the report, including its main conclusions, findings and recommendations.
In the next few days, the expert group will work with their Chinese counterparts to first complete the interim report, followed by a detailed report in the next few weeks, including the technical details, background, research methods and other descriptive parts of the report.

Embarek stressed that the report was a joint report by the international panel of experts and their Chinese counterparts, not a judgment on the conclusions of the other side, but a reflection of the consensus reached by the two sides on the main findings, conclusions and recommendations.

He also said the panel is not ruling out any hypotheses about the origin of the novel coronavirus and will review them regularly in the future based on new evidence and research.

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