Zhong Nanshan on the mutation of the virus leading to stronger infectivity

The key mutation of novel coronavirus is in the receptor binding site of the spiking protein, which easily opens the door for the virus to infect people, making it easy for the virus to invade the body and cause disease. This is the reason why novel coronavirus has become more infectious, said Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
So we have to keep track of the mutated virus, but we also have to think about which strain of the virus to use as a vaccine.
Is it possible that the virulence of novel coronavirus will change slowly, and become something like influenza, which changes from year to year?
The flu vaccine we use every year, the WHO looks at the three strains that are likely next year, and then makes the vaccine.
In the future, whether the novel coronavirus will be the same, we need to follow up closely.

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