The source of a novel Japanese variant novel coronavirus has been found

Four Japanese nationals who returned from Brazil have been diagnosed with Covid-19, a variant of the virus, according to important news recently reported by Japanese media.
Through the study of this case, we can basically confirm that the source of the novel variant novel coronavirus from Japan has been found, that is, it comes from Brazil.
A new strain of novel coronavirus, the same type of mutant virus detected in Japan, has been discovered in Brazil’s Amazonian state, the Global Times reported.

Mutant virus found in Brazil, Japan

Since the UK confirmed the first mutated virus, many countries around the world have detected stronger mutated virus, in the space of a month, more than 50 countries found the same mutation found in the UK virus.
Following the discovery of the mutated virus in the UK, another mutated virus was detected in South Africa, then in Brazil and then in the United States.
The speed and invisibility of the mutated virus is more frightening than the original virus, and it is also more dangerous.

Status of epidemic prevention and control in Japan

Since last year, the outbreak has been severe in Japan, and the country has been banned several times to contain the epidemic, but the situation has quickly deteriorated after being relaxed.
This time, the mutation of the Brazilian virus is the same. After the mutation virus spread to Japan, the number of infected people in Japan rose rapidly, and the situation also deteriorated rapidly. The indicators all exceeded the previous, and even broke records.

And according to Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the mutated virus could spread within the Japanese community.
In this context, the prime minister of Japan decisively issued a blockade of the state of instruction, the serious counties have been isolated, into the state of emergency, in order to deal with the serious epidemic again.

Japan has also restricted travel and entry to 11 countries and regions, related personnel are prohibited from traveling, and the review of Japanese people entering and leaving the country is more strict. In order to protect Japan’s own environment and contain the epidemic situation in Japan, such a decision was made.
Facts have proved that the adoption of such a decision is conducive to Japan’s epidemic prevention work, which can reduce the number of foreign cases and focus more on the domestic epidemic control.

Be careful with mutated viruses

In the international community, the epidemic is still serious, the epidemic does not know what kind of variation will occur.
In the case of the Brazilian variant, it has yet to be identified, but the emergence of the virus has proved more difficult in the Amazonian state of Brazil, which has sought international help.

With the frequent occurrence of mutated viruses around the world, China has attracted the world’s attention as one of the few countries in the world that has excelled in combating the epidemic.
As a country across the sea from Japan, China should also pay attention to the epidemic in Japan, strengthen entry audit, and prevent the aggravation of the domestic epidemic.

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