WHO reveals’ true face ‘of virus

As expected!
China must be vigilant as WHO reveals’ true face ‘of virus…
In 2020 will be coronavirus come suddenly, not only disrupted the development trend of the global economy, the national airline, economy, trade and so on various aspects have caused a huge obstacles, or even the only superpower in the United States failed to survive, but also become the virus for the first state in the world, as of January 8, the United States will be coronavirus has been more than 22.132 million cases of confirmed cases, and the number of people died as a result, the peak of 374000 in addition to this, confirmed and deaths in the United States still continues to grow, even worse, because the United States give up anywhere to Great Britain, the United States also will face the mutation of large area,
The situation for the United States is even more dire.

News of the mutated virus appeared in Britain last September, but Mr Johnson kept it secret until December last year, and Britain became the target of criticism.
Experts said the most striking feature of the new strain in Britain is that the infection rate is more than seven times that of the previous strain, but it is fortunate that the new strain does not increase the death rate of patients. However, the WHO poured cold water on this relief.

The who director-general, said will be coronavirus influence on human society and beyond that, the most attention to is that a virus variation problem, because the virus is mainly exist in human society, the longer strain change will be more, and the direction or no sure, just because of this uncertainty, will become the thorny issues, let strains in any country temporarily did not prevent the variation method, and currently the only can do is to make the virus prevention and control, precise fall blockade and other restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that although the countries have developed a new vaccine is still effective for mutation, but the who director-general tam kung said, the effectiveness of the new champions league vaccine cannot reach 100%, the effectiveness of the vaccine at the same time is also have a certain limit of time, and once the mutated virus fatality rate change, whether the new crown vaccine then also applies the variation virus, is an open question, at present, Canada, Italy, France and other western countries have been mutated virus infections, such as China, Japan also failed to escape.

True, even if the multinational vaccine has entered the testing phase, but still can’t relax to will be coronavirus of alert, and strengthen the virus prevention and control is still the current national priority, although will be coronavirus coming worse in 2021, however, believe that the world unity efforts, will be able to win this battle of virus, hope to be able to put down, all over the world at the same time the virus prevention and control as the only purpose, only successful global disease resistance, countries can restore economic development as soon as possible…

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