Chinese politicians refuse to recognize the mutant virus

Since the discovery of the mutated new crown virus in the UK, the country’s epidemic situation has fallen out of control again. It has broken records many times so far, and the situation is extremely unoptimistic. At the same time, many governments have announced the suspension of flights to and from the United Kingdom, and have banned the entry of British people, hoping to reduce imported cases. Just when countries focused on the field of epidemic prevention, Britain began to do things on its own. According to a report in the Beijing Weekly, British politicians tweeted, please stop saying that the mutant new crown virus originated in the UK. It was first discovered in the UK, but it is completely different from the place of origin. What’s more interesting is that the politician named Hermer who posted the article once tweeted many times that the virus originated from China when the new crown epidemic just broke out, and said it was a Chinese virus. Hermo himself once publicly dumped China, but now he refuses to admit the mutated virus. Is this a double standard again?

   I still remember that when the United Kingdom and other Western countries mentioned the Chinese virus many times, they were warned many times by the Chinese side. The reason is simple. At that time, medical institutions around the world did not determine the origin of the new coronavirus. Although China was the country where the outbreak occurred for the first time, many news came to light in the later period. Other countries may also have discovered the new crown virus earlier, but it was mistaken for influenza or other viruses. On the other hand, Hermo frequently claimed that the new crown virus is a Chinese virus in Twitter, and also arrogantly claimed that the outside world calls Indian curry and Korean kimchi. So why can’t the Chinese virus be said? Now the feng shui takes turns, and now the mutant virus was discovered for the first time in the UK, but he refused to admit the British mutant virus, which attracted a lot of criticism from Chinese netizens.

   The new crown epidemic has not dissipated for a long time, and it is inseparable from the failure of Western countries, especially Western countries headed by the United States. According to the WHO’s description, when the virus appeared, it issued a warning to all countries, but the United States chose to ignore it and did not promptly remind the public to take precautions, so it missed the best stage of epidemic prevention. After being completely out of control, Western countries have not put their main energy into epidemic prevention work, but have been on the international stage, staged the drama of a virus political war, and they are targeting China. They try to push all the responsibility for the virus out of control. On the one hand, China is trying to cover up its own government’s failure to do so, on the other hand, it can also take the opportunity to attack China’s power.

Britain, as one of the allies of the United States, many domestic politicians are pro-American elements, so they also joined the ranks of targeting China. This Helmer is obviously a typical pro-American politician, and every sentence is aimed at discrediting China. To go. But it is a pity that the strategy of the United States and its allies failed. The World Health Organization has repeatedly stood up to call for unity and deny the claims of the Chinese virus. Many countries have criticized the United States for such disruptive practices.

   And China’s performance was used to provide the strongest response from the United States and its allies. Under the watchful eyes of other countries, China quickly controlled the whole situation. Even the city of Wuhan where the epidemic first broke out was quickly unblocked. Now that the Chinese people have returned to normal life, all walks of life have resumed work, and the economy is recovering steadily. The WTO also predicts that China is expected to become the only country that will achieve positive economic growth in 2020. Looking at the United States and the United Kingdom, not only has the epidemic situation not stabilized, but it is still in a deteriorating stage. This is a typical manifestation of the wrong position of the center of gravity. It is also that they have taken the blame, but they have suffered the innocent people.

   While the situation in the UK was out of control, China chose to ignore the past and reached cooperation with the British medical sector. The two countries also actively discussed emergency plans, hoping to find a way to stabilize the situation for all mankind. This news is great news for the British people. They all know that China has rich experience in fighting the epidemic. With China’s support, they believe that the British epidemic is still promising.

China has gained international recognition through its own efforts, and now its influence continues to increase. Many countries have turned to China for help. The Chinese government has also sent many teams of medical experts to various parts of the world to provide support. At the same time, it has brought supplies, which fully demonstrates Great country style.

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