Is Russian vaccine effective against the mutated virus? Russian Deputy PRIME Minister: No doubt

According to a report by Sputnik 28, regarding the question whether novel Coronavirus novel coronavirus vaccine made in Russia is effective, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Golikova recently gave the answer “yes” and stressed that there is no doubt about it.

File photo: Satellite-V, the first COVID-19 vaccine registered in Russia.
Photo by China News Service reporter Wang Xiujun

A new variant of the novel coronavirus, announced in the UK, may be 70 per cent more transmissible than the original virus.

In response to the new mutation, Golikova said, “We are studying this mutation very carefully now, because the British side published the genome.”

Asked if the COVID-19 vaccine developed in Russia was effective against the strain, she said in the affirmative, adding, “We have no reason to doubt that at the moment.”

Russia’s first COVID-19 vaccine, Sat-V, was registered on August 11.
The vaccine is a human adenovirus vector vaccine, administered in two doses three weeks apart.

On December 14, the official website of “Sat-V” novel coronavirus vaccine announced that the efficacy of the novel coronavirus vaccine was 91.4% and could prevent 100% novel Coronavirus severe infection.

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