alert! Multiple countries have found mutated new coronavirus infection

Following the confirmation of a mutated new coronavirus in the UK on the 14th of this month, many countries have recently announced the presence of confirmed cases of the mutated new coronavirus in their own borders.


On the evening of the 25th local time, the French Health Administration issued an announcement stating that the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection was confirmed in France on the same day, a French male living in the UK. The man returned to France from London, England, on the 19th of this month, and was diagnosed with the infection at the University Medical Center in Tours in the midwestern city of France on the 21st. It is reported that the man is asymptomatic and is currently isolated at home and is in good condition.


The Minister of Health of the Lebanese Caretaker Government, Hamad Hassan, said on the 25th local time that Lebanon had found the first case of infection with the mutated new crown virus. The case was a passenger who flew to Lebanon from the UK. Hamad Hassan called on passengers on the same plane to be vigilant, take all necessary precautions and be tested for the new crown virus as soon as possible.


On the 25th local time, Ireland confirmed that the country had detected the mutant new coronavirus that had previously appeared in the UK. Experts said that Ireland will do further testing in the next few days or weeks to determine the extent of the mutated virus in the country.


The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan announced on the 25th that for the first time in Japan, a virus with the same genetic sequence as the mutant new coronavirus discovered in the United Kingdom has been confirmed. There are currently 5 people infected with this virus. It is understood that the five infected people arrived in Japan from the United Kingdom between December 18 and 21, and four of them were asymptomatic.

On the 26th, the Japanese government decided to further tighten border controls. Starting at 0:00 on the 26th, all passengers arriving in Japan from the United Kingdom and South Africa must undergo 14-day quarantine observation after entry, and those who need to go abroad must also be tested for the new coronavirus within 72 hours before departure and submit a certificate.


According to news from the Ministry of Health of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany on the 24th local time, the state has seen the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection in Germany. The confirmed case is a woman who returned to Baden-Württemberg via Frankfurt Airport on December 20th. Currently in home isolation.


On the evening of the 23rd local time, the Ministry of Health of Singapore announced that a 17-year-old female citizen who had returned from the United Kingdom was carrying the mutant new coronavirus. The patient went to the UK to study in August this year and returned to Singapore on December 6. He developed fever during isolation.

△Singapore National Center for Infectious Diseases

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South Africa: Another mutant new coronavirus is found, which is more infectious

Recently, South Africa also reported the discovery of a variant strain of the new coronavirus. It is said that the mutant virus found in South Africa is different from the mutant virus found in the UK. South Africa’s Health Minister Mukez said that this virus is more contagious and has become the most important virus confirmed in the country.

The second wave of the epidemic has put heavy pressure on the South African medical system. Many hospitals are facing a shortage of beds. The shortage of beds in intensive care units is particularly serious. For this reason, the hospital had to temporarily adjust the beds and medical staff, and postponed a large number of non-emergency operations.

The director of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ken Gesong, announced on the 24th that after South Africa, Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has also detected a new variant of a suspected new coronavirus, but it needs more time for further verification. If confirmed, it will be the latest variant discovered following the discovery of the new coronavirus mutant in the UK and South Africa.

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