When the person is in anaesthetic, what can you do inscrutable thing?

You never know

Before and after anesthesia

What incredible things do people do?

Some of them do affect surgery

Yeah, hahaha, it’s really funny

The following story is from the clinic

Being funny is serious

Popularization of science is a must


Hemp drunk before

I drank just a little bit.

For a period of time promoted by Rapid Rehabilitation Surgery (ERAS), our doctors and nurses carefully taught the patients to drink qing drinks before surgery, and the patient compliance was good, until one day…

I asked the patient, “Have you had a drink?
What time was it?”

Patient answer: “drank, the milk tea that drinks a little bit of the home, the milk green of big pig, I do not feel hungry at all.”

I was annoyed: “who let you drink a little ah?”

The patient is grievance very: “yesterday the doctor say, before 9 o ‘clock can drink, to recover good, I still confirmed, what the doctor say is — drink a little bit!”

Originally, “drink a little water” sounds like “drink a little” (some milk tea brand), this is how experienced milk tea lovers ah?

I am angry again funny: “you can’t even inside of the bully all eat clean, that can only go back to digest a bully to come to the operation again.”

Ma Xiaopang nianzhuan: an important part of the rapid rehabilitation surgery, is to perform elective surgery in clinical patients before the operation of oral moderate amount of carbohydrates beverages, so that patients from the state of fasting to eating.
In recent years, studies have shown that the move can not only supplement patients lost moisture and energy, improve the preoperative patients with postoperative thirst and hunger, discomfort, and reduce the incidence of postoperative chills, improve patients perioperative metabolic changes and stress reaction, reduce the postoperative insulin resistance, shorten hospitalization time, in short, is to improve postoperative patients with fast recovery, to improve the prognosis of important role.
The safety of oral administration of 300-400 ml clear liquid 2 h before surgery (drunk within 0.5 h) has also been confirmed by many studies.

Underline the key points. After drinking the clear drink, the operation could not start for more than 2 hours.

Please do give me imported medicine

Before surgery, a certain American female patient repeatedly stressed: “The doctor I want to use analgesia pump, please be sure to give me with an imported analgesia pump and imported anesthetic!”

Me: “Well, the pain relievers in any pump are the same, so they’re all equally good.
Anesthetics, too, have the same mechanism and effect.
And we use the medicine according to the actual demand, does not only use the import medicine to say oh.”

Beauty: “that affirmation import of good, skin care products you affirmation also use foreign brand ah ~~~”

She was right. What else can I say?

The nurse mm next to take out the domestic hand cream that carry: “look, we are to support domestic goods high-quality goods!
We can’t just go after imported brands. People like us who wash our hands N times a day have the best say in hand cream.”

Then it was over.

Hemp small fat grind read aloud: the skin care that suits oneself is the best, anaesthetic also is such.
In clinical anesthesia, we will give drugs according to the operation process as needed, in order to achieve the most suitable anesthesia state!

I dreamed Daniel was giving me anesthesia

One day routinely sign the woman who is about to have a cesarean section.
Just walked to the bedside, the woman asked me, “Doctor, do you know which doctor gave me anesthesia?
I had a dream last night that Daniel gave me anesthesia.”

I close good anaesthesia agreement: “that arrange a male doctor to you!
Who opened that knife for you? Did you dream?

“It should be Wang Luodan.

At that time I tell this matter to the colleague listen to, somebody make fun of: “you why didn’t ask her to dream of the baby like who?”

Then I did meet a woman who had just given birth.


Anesthesia convalescence

One of the interesting things that happens when patients are recovering from anesthesia is that most of them have no memory of it.

I dreamed of a stock rally

Some painless abortion patient woke up and kept repeating the Numbers. I think she was an accountant?
A workaholic?
She called her name to wake her up, she said: Doctor, I just dreamed a stock rose ah, must remember the code ah.

But when I fully woke up, I couldn’t remember. I joked that If I had known I had taken notes, I wouldn’t have missed my chance to become rich.

Doctor I’ve been shot

One patient woke up with a brief disturbance of consciousness and kept saying, “Doctor!
I’ve been shot, come and save me ~~~~ doctor, tell my husband to run, the enemy is coming.

Restore indoor people call explanation failed repeatedly, consider to don’t give her calm processing, then a senior nurse anesthetists (party) held her hand: “comrade, rest assured, has been out of bullets, you are safe now, your husband, family also moved to a safe place, other comrades to continue to fight with the enemy, you have a good rest ~”

And then the world went quiet.
Such is the consciousness of party members.

After the operation, due to the residual effect of anesthetic has not disappeared, the body has not fully recovered the protective reflex, there is the risk of respiratory circulation inhibition, the patient to enter the anesthesia recovery room for observation.
The above funny situation is called the disturbance of consciousness during the waking period. The anesthetic is not completely metabolized, but the consciousness is partially active. It is a dream-like state.
At this time, we will also help the patient to wake up smoothly.


Hemp drunken

Is not my image like a thousand seals?

This is a double cesarean section, after big treasure is taken out, the mother is very excited to say with me: “doctor, quick help me see, like Jackson?”

Me: “Oh?
Daddy looks like Jackson?”

I looked at it and it didn’t look like it.

When both babies checked her gender and looked at her face.
The mother sighed: “ah, two look not like Jackson, I like him most, pregnant every day to see his picture, good disappointed like their father!”

Here, here, here. This is the law of nature.

Ma xiaoban: after ten years of work, I watched my patients change from like Daniel wu to like Jackson. Everyone has different expressions of anxiety and tension, some are restrained, some are very chatty.
I fully understand the anxiety and tension of patients, and I can cooperate with all kinds of chat topics that can make them relax. Therefore, I must be an old anesthetized aunt who keeps pace with The Times.

Well, I laughed too

The explanation explains it

Are you less afraid of surgery and anesthesia?

Just listen to the doctor!

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