The new coronavirus appeared earlier in Beijing’s new place, and on the 4th of the confirmed patients

The new corona virus appeared earlier in the Xinfadi wholesale market in Fengtai District, Beijing. According to the current official announcement, four out of the diagnosed patients developed the disease.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on June 13, Beijing newly reported 36 local confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infected person, with no new suspected cases. A total of 43 cases were diagnosed.

The Beijing New Crown Outbreak Prevention and Control Leading Group announced that Beijing has entered an extraordinary period.

How this epidemic was triggered is still under investigation, but at the 115th regular press conference of the Beijing Municipal Government on June 14, the epidemic prevention and control revealed more information.

At the press conference, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced 36 new cases. Of the 36 confirmed cases, 1 positive tester was all related to the new market, of which 27 were in the new market, and 9 were directly or indirectly exposed to the new market; through active medical treatment Eleven cases were found, and 25 cases were actively discovered by the epidemic situation traceability screening.

The first financial reporter found out from the cases notified by Pang Xinghuo that the working units of case 12 and case 21 were the new market, and the self-employed person had symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, and muscle soreness on the 4th. And no medical treatment. The nucleic acid test was found to be positive in the “Sampling and Testing for Epidemic Traceability” on the 12th, and the diagnosis was confirmed by experts.

“From the case history of clinical cases, it can be seen that the earliest infected person has already developed the disease on the 4th and is infectious. The market spread of the new place has begun.” An epidemic expert said.

And it happens that among the non-new-site staff, case 4 is on the 4th, case 5 is on the 4th, case 11 is on the 28th and 11th of May, case 17 is on the 3rd, and case 24 is on the 6th, the case 35 went to Xinfadi Market on June 5 to purchase, including the first confirmed case in Xicheng District, and went to Xinfadi Market on June 3 or 4.

This shows that the spread of the epidemic in Beijing earlier than June 11. In order to better control the epidemic, Beijing has fully initiated the nucleic acid testing of personnel related to the new location.

Beijing requires that people who have been in close contact with the Xinfadi market since May 30 should take the initiative to report to the unit and conduct nucleic acid testing.

How did this epidemic in Beijing trigger? It has not yet traced to its destination. However, on the evening of June 12, Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, said that the relevant department detected the new coronavirus from the cutting board of imported salmon, and the source of the product came from the Beijing-Shenzhen seafood market.

Did the salmon cause the epidemic? Or is salmon infected with humans after being contaminated with new coronavirus in the environment?

Zhong Kai, deputy director of the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center and former researcher of the National Food Safety Risk Research Center, said in an interview with China Business News that salmon “carrying” coronavirus and bat “carrying” coronavirus are two different things. The “carrying” of salmon is precisely contaminated and contaminated. The “carrying” of bats is a symbiotic host. At present, the known hosts of coronavirus are all mammals, and the possibility of carrying coronavirus in salmon is almost zero.

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