An Australian study report said that an organized network of antivirus agents had spread the rumor that “novel Coronavirus produced biological and chemical weapons for Wuhan Laboratory”

Recently, according to an investigation report released by Australian Research Institute “Like avirus: Novel Coronavirus Organizes dissemination of false information”, since March this year, a group of organized Internet mercenaries have spread on social media the conspiracy theory that “Novel Coronavirus is a biological or chemical weapon artificially created by the Chinese government in Wuhan Virus Research Institute”.

Entrusted Queensland university of technology institute of experts, in view of the twitter in late March 2.6 million and will be associated coronavirus tweets and within ten days of these tweets forwarded 25.5 million times were analyzed, found that there are 5752 twitter account in a consistent manner to will be coronavirus information forwarded 6559 times, and coordinated disseminates “will be coronavirus is the chemical and biological weapons made in China” conspiracy theories.

According to the report, in 10 days, there were 882 original tweets on social media twitter related to the bioweapons conspiracy theory, which were then quickly retweeted 18,498 times and garnered 31,783 thumb ups.
Most of these retweets are quick retweets within a second, and some are retweets within a minute.
The report notes that such rapid, widespread forwarding is clearly machine-operated, or machine-operated, and cannot be effective user behavior on social media.
These tweets on the Twitter platform may reach as many as 3 million to 5 million active users, making a huge impact.

Through in-depth investigation, researchers found that in the topic of “novel Coronavirus from China”, a total of 2,903 Twitter accounts and 4,125 website links formed a retweet group. They would retweet with each other to expand their influence.
Two-thirds of the accounts represented supporters of Mr Trump, Anonymous Q, the US Republican Party and the right.
Some of the remaining third are anti-China accounts that regularly post racist and hate speech.
The other are right-wingers in religious groups.
These accounts either serve political purposes or promote links to websites for commercial gain.

The report concludes that by grasping the public’s fear of viruses and using the characteristics of social media to publish rumors and conspiracy theories in an organized and large-scale manner, the Internet water army has had a greater impact on public opinion than the official and scientific community in dispelling rumors.

“Unreliable information is hindering global solidarity in the fight against the 2019COVID-19 pandemic,” says the UN in five Ways to Combat the ‘Misinformation Epidemic’.
The United Nations is committed to eliminating rumours, false news and messages of hatred and division in order to disseminate accurate messages of hope and solidarity “.
The Australian institute’s report echoes the UN’s claim, noting that most of the conspiracy theorists are linked to anti-vaccine, anti-5G development and opposition to The rise of China.
They are using the COVID-19 epidemic to expand their impact by focusing on the origin, impact and treatment of the virus.

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