The virus caused the Vatican to have little income, and the pope who is good at “theology” can no longer sustain it

The Vatican has long been something of a rich country, because it can easily pay for its daily operations on the basis of income from tourism, papal public events and so on, since most of its citizens are clerics and church-related service workers.But covid-19 has cut off the Vatican’s main source of income, and the Pope’s family, which specializes in “theology”, is running out of money.

The Pope has been so worried recently that his main source of income, “Peter’s penny”, also known as the “holy see endowment”, is voluntary money given by catholics to the church in Rome. But this year’s service has been postponed until October, so the money has not yet come in.

There is also a larger income from tourism, especially the Vatican museums and various souvenirs, which is a large wallet for the Pope. However, Rome, which has not yet resumed tourism, makes the Vatican’s tourism income completely zero, leaving the Pope’s wallet empty.According to insiders, the church is now dipping into its reserves.

There is no hope of raising revenue, and the Vatican’s governing body is also discussing ways to reduce it, mainly by reducing the salaries of clergy, who will see their salaries cut by 25-45 percent, while it remains unclear when those salaries will be restored.But according to the church, the clergy’s job is an iron one, so their income is reduced, but they can keep their jobs.But it’s very stressful for the church.

Even at the current forecast, the Vatican may open again in autumn, but Treasury official said the Vatican is not optimistic, because in the absence of effective vaccines, after opening more strict security measures, the requirement of social distance, the new health laws and regulations as well as the expectations and the reduce of international tourists in the next few years affected the sale of tickets and souvenirs.The Vatican may not be able to return to its former income levels.That means the Pope has no choice but to save money and donate to the faithful.

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