A new vice President of south Sudan has been infected with novel coronavirus after two vice presidents were diagnosed with the disease

South Sudan’s vice President, wani, confirmed Monday that she tested positive for novel coronavirus.
He also called on the public to follow guidelines set by the ministry of health to contain the spread of the virus.

Earlier, south Sudan’s first vice President riek machar and vice President hishamuddin hussein were diagnosed with novel coronavirus.

Clinical trials of the vaccine will begin for nearly 400,000 covid-19 cases in Russia

Russia has confirmed 8952 new covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 396,575, according to the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters Wednesday.

In the past 24 hours, 181 new deaths were reported in Russia, bringing the total number of deaths to 4555.
A total of 8212 new cases were cured, and 167,469 cases were cured.

Russian health minister igor murashko said on the same day that the Russian vaccine will start clinical trials in about two weeks.
Volunteers have been recruited to participate in clinical trials.

The world health organization (who) has again sounded the alarm after the outbreak was lifted in many countries

As the covid-19 epidemic continues to stabilize, many countries have gradually lifted quarantine restrictions and eased some quarantine restrictions.
In the United States, with the coming of public holidays, people are flocking to the beach to enjoy the sun.
In France, empty streets are once again bustling, with people lining up to buy at perfumed bakeries.

At the same time, the pace of resumption of work and production is also accelerating.
Although the lifting of the blockade under the “new normal” is crucial to the economic well-being of many countries and regions, many countries reported a rebound in infection rates after the lifting of the blockade.
In response, the who warned that a second wave or peak could strike at any time, lifting the restrictions too quickly or causing the outbreak to rebound.

Vehicles on the champs-elysees in Paris, France, after the closure was gradually lifted on May 11, local time.
Photo credit: xinhuanet

Many countries are gradually lifting quarantine measures and boosting their economies

More than 1.87 million people have been infected in Europe since the outbreak began.
European countries that have survived the first wave of the epidemic have lifted their lockdowns in stages.
Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Greece were careful to impose sanctions in April.
Since may, more European countries hard hit by the outbreak, such as France, Spain and Italy, have begun to ease travel restrictions.

On May 11, French citizens who had ended an eight-week lockdown were able to go out for the first time without having to fill out an application, the BBC reported.
Other shops, leisure centers, barbershops, clothing shops, flower shops and bookstores have reopened, but cafes, restaurants, theaters and movie theaters remain closed.
French citizens, who had finally come out of their homes to celebrate the opening of the ban, rushed out of their homes as police chased away people who had been drinking on the Banks of the Seine in violation of social distancing rules.

Spain has been in the four stages of unsealing the epidemic since May 4, but in the more severely affected regions, such as Madrid and Barcelona, it has been unsealed since May 25.
People can buy drinks on the terrace, but the bar and restaurant will not be fully open until June 10, with capacity limited to 50 per cent, in addition to strict social isolation rules.
Cinemas, theatres and exhibition halls will open on May 26, but customer capacity needs to be limited to 30 per cent.
From July 1, entry into Spain will no longer require a 14-day quarantine.
Schools will not reopen fully until September.

Italy, once the worst affected country in Europe, imposed a more stringent and lengthy lockdown.
People were once banned from walking and exercising 200 metres from their homes.
In early may, restrictions were eased to allow people to visit relatives in smaller groups.
The bar and restaurant will reopen on May 18, but the tables will be separated from each other and separated by plastic plates.
Barbershops, shops, museums and libraries reopened on May 18.
But as in Spain, schools will not reopen until September.

Even Russia, which has one of Europe’s highest infection rates, has joined the ranks, with President vladimir putin announcing that the lockdown will be lifted on May 12th and workers will be allowed to return to work to prevent unemployment from rising further.

In Asia, Philippine officials say the lockdown has slowed the spread of the disease, but has cost 2.6 million people their jobs during the lockdown.
Thus, even with 539 new confirmed cases on 28 May, the Philippines opted for a gradual easing of the blockade.

After the release of the second wave of infection rate rebound epidemic worries emerged

As the ban has been gradually lifted and people have become more lax in their awareness of the epidemic, some countries have seen a rebound in infection rates.

In Germany, the outbreak bounced back rapidly after the release of the ban, with many outbreaks of collective infection and frantic “hitting the brakes” everywhere.
On May 6, German chancellor Angela merkel announced a gradual lifting of the lockdown, but people took to the streets to protest in hopes of a full lifting of the lockdown, according to the guardian.
A church service in Frankfurt on May 10 has infected about 200 people, German media reported Monday.
Local media cited a report that some worshippers did not wear masks as required.

In South Korea, according to South Korea central epidemic prevention countermeasures department of the ministry of May 26 notification, South Korea Seoul ri tai hospital nightclub cumulative cases of 255 cases, had to go to the club of a training class teacher conceal their occupation and activity track, causing novel coronavirus spread spread for many times, resulting in 51 people infected, a family of five in the stroke.
Kwon jun-yu, deputy head of the south Korean central government’s anti-epidemic response department, said the number of infected people was still increasing, and he urged the public to unite and remain vigilant.

In late January and early February, Singapore was considered a “model” for fighting the epidemic.
On March 29th only 844 people were infected in Singapore. Just two months later, the number was nearly 40-fold.
CNN reported that the secondary in Singapore outbreak related to low-income migrant workers, most of them are from south and southeast Asia countries, living in the dormitory of the crowded, usually not enough health, and the management of dormitory is the government of Singapore in the outbreak of a blind spot, Singapore has to pay a high price should be against the epidemic situation backwards.

The who has warned that a renewed outbreak should be prepared for a protracted battle

Although the number of covid-19 cases is decreasing in many countries, the number of cases is still increasing in Latin America, South Asia and Africa.
In fact, it is not the first time in history that countries around the world are engaged in a protracted war against the epidemic.

In the video released by the BBC on May 22, the possibility of a second outbreak of covid-19 was analyzed from both historical and practical perspectives.
Historically, the black death in the middle ages, the bubonic plague in London in 1665, the Spanish flu in 1918, and swine flu have all made a comeback.
Of course, humans have also defeated SARS and MERS through scientific means and successfully prevented their secondary outbreaks, but no two viruses are exactly the same.

In addition to the historical perspective, consider the following factors: first, the infection rate R value, when R < 1, the infectious disease will eventually die out, when R < 1, the infectious disease will continue to exist and expand, which is why it is necessary to maintain social distance and close contact tracing;
The second is how long immunity to the virus lasts;
Moreover, experts have warned that covid-19 is likely to return this winter, with seasonal variations in the spread of the virus, and they are watching closely to see if the virus mutates.

On May 25, Michael Ryan, head of who’s health emergency program, said that global pandemics usually last several waves, and we should be aware that the rate of covid-19 infection can rise suddenly at any time. We cannot assume that it continues to decline, and we still have a few months to prepare for a second wave.
He also warned that the arrival of a second wave or peak could overlap with the flu season, when containment would be “more complex”.

At present, China has achieved initial success in its fight against the epidemic.
But zhong warned that China should not be complacent, as the risk of a second wave of the epidemic remains high.
“The majority of Chinese people are still susceptible to novel coronavirus since they have not yet been immunized.”

Will the outbreak resume this time?
It’s hard to know for sure.
In response to the outbreak, the use of masks and social distancing may become the norm.
Prepare for a rainy day and continue to take precautions. No society should relax now.

The Australian people under the covid-19 outbreak: stick to their posts and contribute to the fight against the epidemic

According to data from the Australian department of health, as of May 27 local time, the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Australia reached 7,139, with a total of 6,566 cured.
As the outbreak continues to improve, with new confirmed cases falling sharply each day, work and production have resumed in many parts of Australia.
In the fight against the epidemic, people from many industries have stuck to their posts and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.
Reporters in Sydney interviewed several local people about their working and living conditions during the outbreak.

Supermarket staff: to ensure the safety of buyers

In the early days of the outbreak, there were large purchases and hoarding of daily supplies in Australia, as well as isolated incidents of violent fighting.
Australian supermarket chain woolworths employee olli told reporters that this led to the local supermarket staff work pressure doubled.

In the early days of the outbreak, Ms. Olli recalls, she and her colleagues had to work overtime every day to gather supplies.
With many items being snapped up as soon as they hit the shelves, supermarkets have shortened their opening hours to allow more time for restocking.
In addition, they also clean and disinfect the store to ensure the safety of customers.

Ms. Ori said she did not wear a mask because she was reassured by the government’s requirement that people keep a social distance of 1.5 meters.
There are also signs posted inside supermarkets asking people to keep their distance.
Although the situation is much better now, the security measures they have implemented in the store have not been lifted according to the regulations.

Local governments and aid organizations: focus on the international student community

OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food aid organization, recently organized two free distribution events to provide urgently needed food to international students and vulnerable groups affected by the outbreak.
The agency distributed thousands of food kits and more than 200 packed meals at the city’s reed town hall and the darling harbour waterfront shopping centre in Sydney.

According to OzHarvest, in order to support this charity activity and help foreign students to survive the epidemic, the Sydney city government allocated 1 million Australian dollars to the organization.

Sydney mayor crawford Moore also took part in the distribution.
Crawford Moore said foreign students are an important part of local society and contribute greatly to the city’s economic and cultural life.
The epidemic has led to the unemployment of many work-study students, and it is our duty to support and help them at critical moments.

The students who received the food packages said the recent outbreak has brought great psychological pressure to international students.
The local government has organized a joint relief organization to deliver food packages to international students, so that they can feel the support and warmth in a foreign country.

College teachers: help students adapt to the online course mode

Since march, as the number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Australia has soared, colleges and universities have stopped teaching offline face-to-face courses and started teaching online.

This new model poses great challenges to teachers.
Many teachers have never been exposed to online teaching before and are not familiar with teaching software.
Mr. Westbrook, a lecturer at the university of Sydney, said he was nervous at first because he had never used multi-person videoconferencing software to deliver a lecture.

Because online classes are less interactive than face-to-face lectures, Mr. Westbrook said that to make classes more interesting, he finds videos to discuss with students in class, making the topics more personal.
University of Sydney teacher kyle also organizes online group activities to increase student participation.

Boger, also from the university of Sydney, is teaching online journalism this semester. The course originally involved a lot of practical activities, requiring students to complete interviews, shooting and other exercises.
For now, pogue has to turn those activities into exercises that can be done online.
In addition to teaching assignments, pogue also advises students on how to respond to the outbreak, and helps them get counseling and financial support from their schools.

Although the epidemic has been contained, many universities in Australia will continue to carry out online teaching in the new semester.
Teachers also said they would continue to improve the online curriculum to make it a better learning experience for students.

Trump’s ‘China virus’ tweet comes under fire

The U.S. government has recently directed domestic pressure from the outbreak to China.
In his latest tweet on May 25, President Donald trump, in addition to calling novel coronavirus a “Chinese virus” again, also attacked democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for being “the weakest in 50 years” when it comes to dealing with China.

“Britt Hume was right,” the President tweeted.
I refuse to wear a mask against the Chinese virus!
Because they always fall!
That’s why I’ve never used a condom!
They always make them too big!
Very bad design!
Why was I the only one who noticed?

In a tweet on Tuesday, trump lashed out at biden, calling him “xenophobic” when he barred Chinese from entering the country in late January and saying biden had given them everything they wanted, including unfair trade. “I’m getting it all back!”

Then, trump point to China, with a tweet lay: “in the treatment will be coronavirus, sometimes called” China virus “, governor of the federal government to assist many get respirator, virus testing and distribution of medical supplies, we assist many governors, credit but not us, but most importantly, we helped a lot of great people!”

Trump’s “China virus theory” was criticized in March for manipulating racial discrimination and hatred, which led to an increase in the number of Asian americans attacked by the covid-19 outbreak.
Now it is being called the “China virus”, in addition to stirring up another wave of controversy, it is also thought to be using racism, America first and other slogans to win re-election in the us presidential election due at the end of the year.

| trump tweeted conspiracy theories

According to USA today, the husband of a deceased woman has asked twitter to delete a tweet in which President Donald trump tried to link his wife’s death in 2001 to Joe Scarborough, a prominent critic of trump.

Screenshot from USA today

Twitter inc. said Tuesday it is not taking any action against U.S. President Donald trump’s tweet about the death of a former congressional staffer for Joe scarborough in 2001.

Timothy Klausutis wrote to Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter: “I ask you to intervene because the President of the United States has taken things that do not belong to him — memories of my late wife — and distorted them for what he sees as political gain.”

Trump issued a new set of tweets defending himself, saying, “opening the unsolved case of psychopath Joe scarborough was not a brainchild of Donald trump. It’s been going on for years.”

The New York times published an opinion piece, “twitter must clean up the trump stain,” calling on twitter to act immediately. “deleting the original tweet would send a strong message that this behavior is not tolerated.”

Donald trump jr., the son of President Donald trump, retorted in a tweet, “the New York times is calling on twitter to censor the President of the United States.
If they can push it, who will they vet next?
You have to be very careful, given the leftwing tendencies in silicon valley, that they’re going after everybody.”

Twitter issued a statement saying it was “deeply sorry for the pain these comments and the attention they have caused the family” but did not answer questions about whether it would delete trump’s tweets.

“We have been working to extend our existing product features and policies to address these issues more effectively in the future, and we hope these changes will be in place as soon as possible,” the company said.

Lori Klausutis, 28, died in 2001 when she collapsed and hit her head while working in scarborough’s Florida regional office, where she was a Congressman at the time.
Scarborough is now the host of the MSNBC news program “Morning Joe.

Trump has often been the target of scarborough’s criticism, and in recent weeks he has taken to twitter to try to revive a false conspiracy theory linking scarborough to the death of lori klosters.

On May 12, trump wrote on twitter: “when will they open an unsolved case in Florida regarding ‘psycho Joe scarborough’?”

There was no evidence that scarborough was involved in the death, and authorities long ago concluded that the woman’s death was an accident.

Timothy Klausutis’s request to delete trump’s tweets was supported by scarborough and his co-host and spouse, Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough retweeted parts of Clausius’s letter: “since the day of her death, lies, half-truths, innuendoes and conspiracy theories have proliferated…
That’s why I struggled to move forward.”

On his show, scarborough said trump and his followers had attacked the Clausius family with “unspeakable brutality.”

In another tweet, brzezinski made a plea to jack dorsey: “jack, please delete those tweets.”

New York times: twitter must clean up trump’s mess

Here’s the full translation of the New York times opinion piece “twitter must clean up trump’s mess” :

Original headline: twitter must clean up trump stain

Original subtitle: the President is spreading evil conspiracy theories on the platform.
Maybe twitter should finally let him play by its own rules.

“Please delete those tweets,” the widowed husband pleaded in a letter to Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, last week.
“My wife deserves better.”

Yes, twitter.
Lori Klausutis certainly deserves better, nearly two decades after she died in a tragic accident that turned into a gruesome, ongoing nightmare for her husband, Timothy Klausutis.

The demon who left him and his late wife’s family with their worst memory holes was a conspiratorial, neurotic, often shameless tweeter who happened to be U.S. President Donald trump.

“On Tuesday, President trump suggested to his nearly 80 million followers on twitter that the lie about my wife’s murder by her boss, former U.S. representative Joe Scarborough, had been repeatedly debunked.
The President’s son followed, more directly attacking my wife by tweeting to his followers, to spread this vicious lie, “Mr. Clausius wrote in a letter to Mr. Dorsey on Thursday (May 21), which I obtained over the weekend.

“I am asking you to intervene because the President of the United States has taken something that does not belong to him — the remains of my late wife — and has distorted it for what I call political gain.”

Mr. Clausius deserves an answer from Mr. Dorsey, who has the enviable task of identifying what might not be classified, that is, the ugly minds of twitter’s most famous customers.
Sources close to the company say executives have been trying to figure out what to do over the weekend, but at the time of this writing, the company has been silent on the latest controversy involving Mr. Trump’s appalling and unconventional use of twitter.

The incident and other notorious stories circulating on the social media is no different, such as members of the democratic national committee Seth Ritchie (Seth Rich) the inhumane rumours of death, or about Sandy Hook (Sandy Hook) primary school children murdered a lot of unpleasant error messages, this leads to Alex Jones (Alex Jones, a right-wing host) had to give up several platforms.

But this chaos may be the culmination of a torrent of poison, as it has been relentlessly amplified by the leaders of the free world.

President trump has been promoting a lie about the death of a woman nearly 20 years ago.

Misinformation is nothing new to Mr. Trump, who has used the service as his political stick to manage, campaign, wage petty digital wars and, most recently, peddle dangerous medical advice about covid-19.
All this has been endorsed by twitter, which considers even the President’s most empty remarks “newsworthy”.

At least Mr Trump has consistently lowered the bar.
With the death toll from the coronavirus approaching 100,000 in the United States, the President refused to talk about the tragic cost of the virus, opting instead to continue a series of tweets about Mr. Clousotiz aimed at Mr. Scarborough, who is now a high-profile host on MSNBC.

Mr Trump and Mr Scarborough had been engaged in a fully public quarrel for a long time, but it turned ugly when the President decided to tweet about a despicable conspiracy theory that had been debunked about the death of ms claudius.
In fact, her husband wrote to twitter that she had an “undiagnosed heart condition, fell at work and hit her head on a desk,” but Mr. Trump ignored those facts.

When Mr. Scarborough’s co-host and wife, Mika Brzezinski, spoke on the radio and on twitter, calling for twitter to ban Mr. Trump from using the service, all hell broke break.
Some argue that the President has a first amendment right (though twitter is a private company, not a public square), while others rightly point out that twitter is often blocked or banned for much smaller infractions.
Others just hate Mr. Trump or Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski, and they use the situation to bash people they don’t like.

But whether you hate them or not, the trump-scarborough duo is less important here: they are both famous, and even if Mr Trump falsely accused Mr Scarborough of having an affair and murder, they will have to pay for it.

The real problem is that the fight has produced serious collateral damage, in the aftermath of ms Clausius’s death, and the pain that followed for her husband and family.
They are victims, victims of Mr. Trump and of twitter’s inability to manage its troubled relationship with him.

When trump controversies erupt, the company tends to sit on the sidelines, relying on the belief that trump is a public figure and that the company can’t tell what is truth and what isn’t, so it’s best to let its community argue.
This may work when it comes to some issues, but it doesn’t work here.

How to solve this problem is like a thorny problem in the cyber realm, except that there is no Alexander the great’s cyber sword to cut it in half.
Banning Mr Trump outright, the most extreme course of action, seems unlikely, because Mr Dorsey believes that when it comes to governing, it is better to be simple than complex.
While it worked when Mr. Jones was dumped, it would have been a different story if Mr. Dorsey, one of the social media titans, had come to the end and done the same thing to Mr. Trump.

Although I don’t think kicking Mr. Trump out of twitter is the worst idea — after all, what would the President do if he wasn’t addicted to twitter?
— I’ve come to believe that the ban on trump is pointless and too drastic.
The storm it triggered would be disastrous for twitter and could have serious financial consequences.
If you don’t think that’s a good enough reason, I invite you to see the vivid reality of the digital age as a public company.

Another solution being discussed inside twitter is to flag tweets as fake and link to a host of high-quality information and reports to refute their insidious innuendo.
People familiar with the matter told me that after initially balking at Mr. Trump’s tweets about Ms. Klosters, the company has stepped up its efforts to improve its identification and handling of such lies.

Similarly, top executives hope that this dichotomy between truth and lies will help remove the stain.
I think this is both naive and ineffective — most people’s experience follows the old principle that a lie may travel halfway around the world while the truth still wears its shoes.

Of course, in the digital age, there have been 347 trips to the moon and back in shoes, which is why I support the proposal in Mr. Clausoutis’s letter to simply delete offensive tweets.

While Mr. Dorsey, who is always thoughtful, has previously said he must abide by twitter’s principles and rules and that the company cannot spend all its time responding, so far this has only led to twitter’s governance being played by players like Mr. Trump in a shameless and totally unexpected way.

So why not respond unexpectedly to those who continue to abuse the system?
Taking truly valuable one-time actions is laudable because they serve as a warning to others about someone’s terrible behavior.
While it’s impossible to stop the endless Posting of screenshots of these tweets, deleting the original tweets would send a strong message that this behavior is not tolerated.

Or, if he must, Mr Dorsey could set up an independent content commission, as Facebook recently did, which could take on thorny issues like these and remove them from his remit.
This may seem like a cop-out, but raising these issues for a more deliberative debate could be a way for companies to focus on how to exit the rest of their businesses.

Perhaps such a board could include Mr Clausius, who probably knows better than most what all this costs.

“I have mourned for my wife every day since she died.
I have been trying to remember her and our marriage, “he wrote to Mr. Dorsey, with that dignity that he hopes to see more of in our leaders.
“Since the day she died, there has been a steady stream of lies, half-truths, innuendoes and conspiracy theories.
I realize this may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but unfortunately, it’s a proven fact.
That’s why I’ve been trying to move forward.”

It’s long overdue for him to do so, and most importantly, for lori Clausius to rest in peace.

Novel coronavirus positive breast milk test: transmission of lactation has not yet been determined

As is known to all, novel coronavirus is mainly spread by respiratory droplets and contact. Whether it can enter the breast milk and spread to the infant through lactation has been receiving much attention. Previous academic papers have not provided the evidence of novel coronavirus found in breast milk.However, a new study has found a novel coronavirus positive in breast milk.

Novel coronavirusRNA can be detected in breast milk, according to a new study published in the lancet by the university of ulm in Germany, but further research is needed on milk samples from nursing women and whether they might be transmitted through breastfeeding to develop recommendations on whether mothers of covid-19 should breastfeed, according to media reports.

In the study, the team tested the milk of two nursing mothers infected with novel coronavirus. After the mother fed and the nipple was sterilized, the milk was collected with a pump and stored in a sterile container at 4℃ or -20℃ until further analysis.They used rt-qpcr to detect the viral load of the novel coronavirusN gene and the orf1b-nsp14 gene in both whole and skim breast milk.

The researchers defined inpatient delivery as day 0, and all four milk samples collected from the first mother from admission to discharge were negative.By contrast, novel coronavirus RNA was detected in the milk of mother no. 2 on days 10 (left and right), 12 and 13.After that, all the breast milk samples collected by mother no. 2 were negative.

Since the composition of breast milk may affect the isolation and quantification of novel coronavirusRNA, the researchers determined the recovery rate of viral RNA from novel coronavirus breast milk that was continuously diluted.They observed an 89.2 percent reduction in the recovery of virus in full-fat breast milk and a 51.5 percent decrease in the recovery of skim milk, suggesting that the actual viral load in the full-fat breast milk of mother no.2 May have been higher than detected.

The researchers detected novel coronavirusRNA in a sample of no.2 mother’s milk for four days.While viral RNA was detected in the breast milk of mother no. 2, the newborn also developed mild covid-19 symptoms and was confirmed positive for novel coronavirus.

Mother no. 2 has been wearing a surgical mask since the onset of symptoms and has followed safety precautions when handling or feeding her newborn (including proper hand and breast disinfection, strict cleaning and disinfection of the milk pump and tube).But it remains unclear whether newborn no. 2 was infected through breastfeeding or other transmission.

In addition, it should be noted that novel coronavirus nucleic acid test positive does not necessarily mean that there is a complete novel coronavirus in the milk, but it may also be avirus fragment, so its infectivity also needs further study.

Out of proportion!Novel coronavirus is twice as lethal to African americans as it is to white people

As the epidemic continues to spread, many facts show that the deep-rooted injustice in American society has not been “balanced” and that vulnerable groups, such as minorities and the poor, are in a more dangerous and difficult situation than ever before.

Therefore, the novel coronavirus is not so much an equalizer as an amplifier of social injustice in the United States.

Some media even exclaimed that the covid-19 has killed twice as many African americans as white people. Three deep reasons reveal the harsh reality.

African americans are disproportionately ill

According to a CDC sample of 99 counties in 14 states, 45 percent of covid-19 hospitalizations were white, well below the 55 percent of whites in the community.In contrast, 33 per cent of hospital admissions for covid-19 were African americans, who made up only 18 per cent of the community.

A worker in protective clothing controls the number of customers at a supermarket in queens, New York, on May 18, 2008.Xinhua news agency/AFP

In New York, the epicenter of the outbreak, “novel coronavirus is twice as lethal to african-americans and latinos as it is to whites,” according to data released by the city government.

In New York, african-americans and latinos make up 22 percent and 29 percent of the city’s population, respectively, but account for 28 percent and 34 percent of covid-19 deaths.

A report in the New York times said the “imbalance” in New York was typical of the country as a whole, and that it was even worse elsewhere.

According to the city of Chicago, for example, more than half of confirmed cases and 72 percent of covid-19 related deaths occur in the city, even though blacks account for less than a third of the city’s population.

The Chicago sun-times commented in an editorial that health and medical conditions in the United States have never been equal, including in Chicago, and that rates of dangerous illness in the black community have remained high.In Chicago, where the difference in life expectancy between blacks and whites is already as high as nine years, covid-19 has once again made that inequality more pronounced.

The plight of America’s poor is no less dire.

Emergency rooms in low – and middle-income neighborhoods in New York City have seen a surge in flu-like symptoms.Of the 20 neighborhoods with the lowest positive test rates in the city, 19 were in affluent neighborhoods.

The large homeless population in the United States is also one of the most at risk.An earlier report in the journal nature said the epidemic had spread “silently” among this group for several months because of a lack of attention.

Because of the lack of testing and the high concentration of the population, the outbreak was “out of control” among the homeless when health workers began testing them, the report said.

African americans suffer from multiple injustices

Why are minorities, such as african-americans, more likely to develop covid-19 and more likely to develop into severe illness or death?According to the public opinion, this is closely related to their long-term weak position.

First, many ethnic minorities have basic jobs that require them to be on the job during the outbreak, and are therefore more likely to be exposed to dangerous conditions.

According to the city government, 75 percent of the city’s “front-line” workers are ethnic minorities, such as supermarket clerks, bus and subway drivers and cleaners.Many employers also do not offer paid sick leave, and low-income workers continue to work despite the outbreak.

Second, entrenched prejudice has long denied African americans equal access to health care.As New York mayor bill DE blasio said, the tragedy of covid-19 is a testament to decades of inequality in health.The New York times also reported that when patients of different RACES showed similar symptoms, doctors paid more attention to white patients.

Third, chronic diseases afflict many ethnic minorities because of chronic lack of access to good medical care.African-americans have higher rates of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes than whites, and these patients are especially at risk from novel coronavirus infections.One of the reasons for the high prevalence of chronic diseases among African americans is the psychological burden of living in polluted environment and being discriminated against.

New York governor cuomo also pointed out that novel coronavirus took advantage of inadequate medical treatment for low-income people with chronic diseases.

In addition, factors such as the high density of people living in communities far from supermarkets and medical facilities also make African americans extremely vulnerable when the epidemic strikes.

It’s worth noting that the U.S. meat processing industry, which employs a large number of African and Hispanic immigrants, had thousands of workers diagnosed in April, but because meatpacking is considered a “necessary industry” by the U.S. government, it still requires workers to work in high-risk environments.

Critics say U.S. law enforcement agencies have repeatedly “raided” food processing plants and deported “illegal immigrants” since trump took office, only to ask them to return to work during the outbreak regardless of their safety.The U.S. government has shown “unprecedented brutality and contempt” for immigrants and minorities.

Extended reading:

African americans die at twice the rate of whites!America is far more unequal than you might think

According to CNN, African americans account for 72% of covid-19 deaths in Chicago, though they make up only 30% of the city’s population.A similar pattern emerged in Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey and Michigan.This means that the death rate among infected African americans is several times higher than among whites.

For a more graphic example, more than 80 percent of the 17 covid-19 deaths reported in st. Louis, Missouri, were among African americans.Of those infected, 55% were black;But when it comes to demographics, African americans make up just 24.9 percent of the population.

Why are African americans disproportionately attacked when everyone should be equal before the virus?There are many factors.In general, African americans are poorer, have higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, live in more densely populated areas, work with larger Numbers of people, travel more on public transportation, and are at greater risk of infection.Once “hit the jackpot”, he had to accept the bleak “life” of “rich first, poor in line”, and missed the best opportunity for treatment in the long wait.

Cold data provide a stark picture of inequality in American society.Just as the proportion of African americans affected by the virus is shocking, so is the huge inequality in American society.While the median household income reached a new high, the income gap widened to its highest level in the past 50 years, the data showed.According to statistics, there are about 40 million people living in poverty in the United States, 18.5 million of whom are in “extreme poverty”.The minimum wage in the United States also lags far behind most European countries, although many states have raised it in recent years.

Some people describe the situation for African americans like this: when the first pay check is left out, the second pay check is in trouble, and the third pay check is in trouble, and they need to feed their families, you understand what it is that kills them.The combination of extreme poverty and inequality has led to human rights abuses against vulnerable groups in American society.The United Nations poverty and human rights monitor has accused U.S. leaders of trying to turn the country into a “world champion of extreme inequality.”

The gap between the rich and the poor and racial discrimination are the “stubborn historical diseases” in the United States, and the resulting inequality is manifested in education, work, health care and other aspects.This outbreak has exposed and exacerbated inequality.As the economy stagnated in the wake of the outbreak, the us lost 713,000 jobs in the private sector last month, with the leisure and hospitality sectors accounting for 64 per cent of the losses.In just three weeks, nearly 17 million people filed for unemployment benefits, and more are being filed.The guardian noted that while the United States is not the only country facing mass unemployment, American workers are relatively vulnerable because they lack the welfare safety nets of France or Germany, or the public health systems of Britain and Canada.

A federal reserve survey in 2019 found that 40 percent of workers nationwide could not afford $400 in an emergency, putting their resilience at risk.These are the first to be hit or even destroyed by the poor groups, in turn will become a social instability factors.

The researchers studied a state in the United States and found that the more unequal the distribution of income, the higher the unemployment rate and the higher the crime rate.However, even if serious inequality leads to many overlapping social problems, there is no sign that the authorities are making much progress. On the contrary, many current policies are still playing a role of solidifying.

Yale university professor Jacob hanke once pointed out that the current socioeconomic inequality in the United States is the result of favoring the privileged in the political decision-making process.Organizations representing the interests of the wealthy influence government policy making, and existing systems allow the powerful to take all the winners and perpetuate their privileges through favorable policies.To some extent, the inequality in American society has been institutionalized. The so-called equality of all people is just an illusory American dream. Those who have been in trouble for a long time try to live, only to meet the vicious circle of inequality.

Latest research: inactivated vaccine is effective, recombinant adenovirus vector covid-19 vaccine is ineffective!

A new study shows that all animals vaccinated with recombinant adenovirus vectors were infected, and that the inactivated vaccine provided immune protection.

The recombinant adenovirus vector covid-19 vaccine was ineffective

As for the immune protection effect of covid-19 vaccine, a new study shows that all animals vaccinated with recombinant adenovirus vector vaccine are infected, and the inactivated vaccine has immune protection effect.

The results of the study, conducted by the virology laboratory at the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, the national institutes of health and the jenner institute at the university of Oxford, are published in the May 13 preprint edition of BioRxiv.

The study focused on recombinant adenovirus vector vaccines and inactivated vaccines.Rhesus monkeys vaccinated with recombinant adenovirus vectors were infected with novel coronavirus, the researchers found.It can be seen that the recombinant adenovirus vector vaccine does not provide immunity to the virus attack and has no protective effect.

In stark contrast, another experiment was conducted at the same time.The inactivated vaccine, developed by sinovac biotech, was used by the researchers and showed a clear protective effect.Moreover, the titer of neutralizing antibody in the serum of inoculated animals was high, indicating that the vaccine was highly protective.

For the protection and safety of the inactivated vaccine, qinchuan team of Peking union medical college also published a paper on May 6 in the online Science.The study developed a purified inactivated novel coronavirus candidate vaccine that induces novel coronavirus specific neutralizing antibodies in mice, rats, and non-human primates.These antibodies effectively neutralized 10 representative novel coronavirus strains, indicating a potential for a broader neutralization of novel coronavirus strains in global circulation.

Notably, U.S. biomedical company Moderna extended premarket gains to 20 percent after it announced that its vaccine for covid-19, mrna-1273, is safe and well tolerated, with the final phase of vaccine trials expected to begin in July.

Chinese research teams have also made new breakthroughs

What is encouraging is that Chinese research teams have also made significant discoveries in the prevention and treatment of covid-19.

A Chinese research team has discovered two human monoclonal antibodies that block novel coronavirus infection and are expected to be used in the development of anti-coronavirus drugs and vaccines, according to a paper published online in the us journal science, xinhua reported Thursday.

Capital medical university of China, institute of microbiology, Chinese academy of sciences, tianjin institute of industrial biotechnology, Chinese academy of sciences, shenzhen third people’s hospital and other institutions were involved in the study.Four human monoclonal antibodies were isolated from peripheral blood monocytes of a covid-19 patient.Experiments showed that the four antibodies against novel coronavirus have the ability to neutralize.Among them, two antibodies named B38 and H4 block the binding domain of novel coronavirus spikes protein and its receptor “angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2)”.

Several previous studies that revealed the mechanism of novel coronavirus infection indicated that the virus was infected mainly by binding its surface spike protein receptor domain to ACE2 on human cells.Experiments showed that B38 and H4 recognized different epitopes of receptor binding domains respectively, and mouse experiments confirmed that these two antibodies could reduce the amount of virus infecting the lungs of mice, showing a therapeutic effect.The two antibodies can also be used in combination to more effectively inhibit viral infection.

The team further elucidated the complex structure of the novel coronavirus spike protein receptor binding region with B38, revealing the molecular mechanism by which B38 blocks viral infection.

The latest research shows that the two antibodies screened have the potential to be further developed into drugs to treat novel coronavirus infections and provide the basis for vaccine design, the researchers said.At present, the two antibodies have been transformed into products in relevant companies and are expected to be used in clinical treatment of patients with covid-19 in the future.

Even if we had a vaccine, we wouldn’t be able to save America…

An article titled “preparing for a vaccine information war” in the New York times on Tuesday pointed to a nonsensical but real problem: even if a novel coronavirus vaccine is developed, what if more than half of americans refuse to be vaccinated?

A screenshot of the New York times article

In the face of the surging epidemic, the phrase “having a vaccine but refusing to get it” is really hard for most Chinese people to understand.However, us media writers cite evidence that their fears are not imaginary.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Europe and the us, we have seen many local people burning down the so-called “virus-spreading” 5G signal towers because of rumors.Others mistakenly believe that they want to get a disinfectant injection.In addition to these sporadic individual behavior, the public opinion field also exists such some organized rumors.

Around May 9, a conspiracy theory video called “the great plan of the plague” went viral, in which a group of self-described “experts” narrators said the epidemic was a plot concocted by the American billionaire Bill Gates and the scientist fauci to take over the world.

Cover of the great plague plan

Contrary to popular speculation that conspiracy theorists are stupid, the video is quite professional in its narration, shooting and score, which is obviously not for ordinary people.

It is also because of “excellent production” that the video went viral among netizens in Europe and the United States as soon as it was posted.So much so that the major social platforms will go out of their way to delete posts, but will still be video supporters do everything possible to exploit the loophole to re-issued.

“They [conspiracy theorists] are much more organized and strategic than many critics think,” the author of the New York times article was banned on video.They are savvy media manipulators, effective communicators, and adept at exploiting the weaknesses of social media platforms.”

In addition to the “efficiency” the author mentions, I also find that the conspiracy theories that have spread widely in this outbreak tend to have strong political leanings.For example, in the cartoon below, “leading the public opinion to accuse trump” is called the fourth step of Bill Gates “running the world”.

In many comments, the fear of being “manipulated by a conspiratorial force” is one reason why many netizens have rallied behind Mr Trump, dismissing criticism of some of his missteps as “aspirant conspiracies”.

One social media post, for example, said: “Bill Gates will put a tracker in the vaccine to monitor everyone, and we trump supporters will not be fooled.”

What is more worrying is that even before this outbreak, “anti-vaccine” rhetoric had developed into “conventional wisdom” in western societies, especially in the United States.

A long-running anti-vaccine cartoon depicts vaccines as manipulated venomous snakes

According to a study published in the prestigious academic journal nature, there were about three times as many anti-vaccine groups on social media during the 2019 measles outbreak as there were pro-vaccine groups.In addition, the interest of the anti-vaccine community is rising much faster than that of the scientific community.

A study of the anti-vaccine network on the website of the journal nature

And a study released this month found that trump supporters were more likely than other americans to agree with the idea of “anti-vaccination.”

An article on the academic journal website Elsevier

Trump’s previous tweet thumb up on “anti-vaccine” made anti-vaccine supporters feel like “the President is on my side,” which made them more convinced of their misconceptions.

Trump has made anti-vaccine comments

As a result, many in the media, including the author of the New York times, fear a “battle” against conspiracy theories to push a vaccine to protect people from novel coronavirus infection after a huge human and financial effort has been spent to develop one.

The virus caused the Vatican to have little income, and the pope who is good at “theology” can no longer sustain it

The Vatican has long been something of a rich country, because it can easily pay for its daily operations on the basis of income from tourism, papal public events and so on, since most of its citizens are clerics and church-related service workers.But covid-19 has cut off the Vatican’s main source of income, and the Pope’s family, which specializes in “theology”, is running out of money.

The Pope has been so worried recently that his main source of income, “Peter’s penny”, also known as the “holy see endowment”, is voluntary money given by catholics to the church in Rome. But this year’s service has been postponed until October, so the money has not yet come in.

There is also a larger income from tourism, especially the Vatican museums and various souvenirs, which is a large wallet for the Pope. However, Rome, which has not yet resumed tourism, makes the Vatican’s tourism income completely zero, leaving the Pope’s wallet empty.According to insiders, the church is now dipping into its reserves.

There is no hope of raising revenue, and the Vatican’s governing body is also discussing ways to reduce it, mainly by reducing the salaries of clergy, who will see their salaries cut by 25-45 percent, while it remains unclear when those salaries will be restored.But according to the church, the clergy’s job is an iron one, so their income is reduced, but they can keep their jobs.But it’s very stressful for the church.

Even at the current forecast, the Vatican may open again in autumn, but Treasury official said the Vatican is not optimistic, because in the absence of effective vaccines, after opening more strict security measures, the requirement of social distance, the new health laws and regulations as well as the expectations and the reduce of international tourists in the next few years affected the sale of tickets and souvenirs.The Vatican may not be able to return to its former income levels.That means the Pope has no choice but to save money and donate to the faithful.